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The Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) is recognized by the American Kennel Club as the "Parent Club" for the Newfoundland breed.  A "parent club" is responsible for the preservation, protection and welfare of that particular breed.  It is also responsible for the Breed Standard (a written description of the ideal Newfoundland), the education of breed owners on the nuances of the breed and overseeing the breed's health and welfare.

puppy 1The NCA provides education for everyone interested in the Newfoundland breed, from the prospective puppy buyer to veteran breeders and AKC judges. A wealth of information for new puppy owners and buyers can be found at our Newfoundland Puppy Information Center.

Judges and breeders can find breed specifics, health information and mentoring contacts at the Newfoundland Club of America Website.

The NCA produces a quarterly magazine called NewfTide (subscribe), and a monthly electronic newsletter called NCA e-notes.
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