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September 2012  

The Atlantic hurricane season began June 1 and runs through November 30. Experts predict that 2012 will be busier-than-usual, calling for 12-17 named storms and eight major hurricanes. If you own pets, the likelihood that you and your animals will survive a natural disaster depends largely on being prepared to vacate at a moment's notice. The American Kennel ClubŪ (AKC) offers the following tips on how prepare for an evacuation in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster.

Don't leave your pet at home. Most evacuations last only a few days, but there are times that you may not be able to return to your home quickly. The safest place for your pets is with you. Be prepared to take your pets with you in an evacuation by having a sturdy, safe, comfortable crate or carrier ready for transporting.

If you plan to go to a hotel, call ahead to make sure your animals are welcome. Most hotels relax their pet policies during times of crises, but do not assume that will happen. Information concerning hotel pet-friendly policies is typically found on their website.

Animal-related businesses often offer shelter for people, family members and animals in the event of an emergency. If you belong to a dog club, contact members outside of the affected area by telephone or email to coordinate shelter and transportation for those in need.

Additional tips on how to prepare your pets for emergencies and natural disasters.


Agile Newfoundlands Excel in the Ring
Holly CPE FullHouse Agility at Boomtowne
Learn more about training your Newfoundland for Agility  
Planning for National Specialty 2013 Gets Rolling
Chairperson needed for the following committees:
BANQUET - looking for people to donate their time to set up the Saturday banquet with the table decorations and centerpieces.

FINE ARTS AUCTION - we have split the fine arts and brown bag into two. We need an ambitious person(s) to head up the fine arts. We had a chairperson and she had to step down due to work.

JUDGES HOSPITALITY - taking care of judges needs at specialty. Getting them to lunch from the ring, taking them to dinner and just overall making their experience pleasant. Does come with a golf cart :)

LOGO WEARABLES - at this time we have not had a club or person(s) step up to this role. If we don't find someone VERY SOON we will have PRE ORDER ONLY wearables.

NEWSLETTER - this job requires a computer at the National and usually late night hours to get the daily newsletter completed. The hotel prints and delivers.

RAFFLE / BASKET SALES - solicit attendees to purchase tickets for our raffle and baskets. You can sell them ringside while you watch.

RINGSIDE HOSPITALITY - making sure the ring stewards and judges have water, coffee, soda throughout the day and any snack or candy they request. Also paper towel, hand wipes etc.

PLEASE consider taking on one of these jobs in order to make this National another great event. We need your help. If you cannot chair the committee but wish to help please email Amy  to be put on the volunteer list.
TROPHY SPONSORSHIPS for the National - please contact David or Jennifer Hansen to inquire about classes available for sponsorship.  Sweepstakes, Regular Classes, Obedience and Rally.  We need your support!!!  There will be a trophy form in the next Newf Tide also.  We will try to post the entire list of classes to sponsor in a document on the 2013 NCA National Specialty Facebook page and keep it updated weekly.
TOP 20/10 Wearables will be coming out shortly.  Their logo for the 2013 Top 20/10 event is awesome and is promised to be a spectacular and fun event at the specialty.  Watch for the Top 20/10 information on the NCA National Specialty website and on the 2013 NCA National Specialty Facebook page.
Be Your Dog's Hero
Dog First Aid (Red Cross Ready Safety)
by American National Red Cross by Staywell Co
List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $50.70
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Knowing the basics of first aid for your dog can mean the difference between life and death. Learn what you need to know to to help your dog today. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of this DVD will help insure a safe and healthy future for all Newfoundlands through the NCA Charitable Trust.

UC Davis Seeks Samples for Research
Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease where the immune system attacks receptors that control muscle contraction. This results in generalized muscle weakness, which may lead to an inability to walk and swallow, and many dogs with MG develop pneumonia. The good news is that Myasthenia Gravis is treatable and some dogs may even go into remission over time.

However, due to the large size of Newfoundlands, proper treatment and nursing care is costly and can be difficult. As a result, Newfoundlands are often euthanized when diagnosed.

The researchers at UC Davis are investigating the genetic cause for Myasthenia Gravis in the Newfoundland and are in need of DNA samples from affected dogs of any age. They are hoping to collect adequate numbers of samples from unaffected (control) dogs over 5 years of age at the upcoming Newf Club of Northern California regional specialty.

If anyone has or knows of a Newf with MG, it would be great if they are willing to donate a blood sample to help with this project. A purple top tube can be sent chilled to UC Davis (2 tubes would be even better!). Providing a pedigree is also ideal.

More information on the disease 
 If you are interested in sample submission or have questions, please contact Zena Wolf

NCA/OFA Health Survey  Update
OFA Over 2600 Newfoundlands have been entered in the OFA/NCA Health Survey. This survey will provide invaluable information regarding the current state of health in our breed and where we need to focus our efforts at improving health and education for the future. Be part of this important initiative and get your dogs entered in the survey today!
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1498 Newfoundlands have DNA stored in the OFA/CHIC Bank, providing  opportunities for researchers nationwide. Is your dog helping to support this effort?

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e-Notes Offers Ad Space
Are you an artist with a flair for capturing the personality of a Newfoundland? Are your dog treats the envy of every canine on the block? Are you the go-to business for gear that every Newf needs? Now you can reach out to over 2500 Newfoundland fanciers with your business information. e-Notes will begin publishing small paid advertisements in our next issue. Check out all the details on the NCA website.


Heroism comes in many forms. There is the classic version of heroism- racing into a burning building or plunging into a raging river to grasp someone from the very jaws of certain death. There are also quieter types of heroism, the service dog who allows their owner to live independently or the therapy dog who breaches the invisible wall surrounding a comatose patient. There are even heroes helping other species - working to help relocate endangered species of turtles in the south or using their fantastic scenting skills to track pods of rare marine mammals. Do you know a Newfoundland hero? The NCA is looking for nominees for the 2012 Heroic Newfoundland award. Owners of the dog do not need to be members of the NCA. Please send a photo and description of the dog's heroic actions to Ingrid Lyden, NCA awards chair by October 20 for consideration of this prestigious award.

The NCA Board will be holding its Fall Face-to-Face Meeting in St. Louis from Friday, November 16 through Sunday afternoon, November 18.  As they are for all face-to-face meetings, NCA members are invited to attend. Either Friday or Saturday (date and time not yet established), the Board will be taking a brief recess to visit the AKC Museum of the Dog since the NCA has been a patron of the museum and has made in-kind donations of art over the years.  If you live in the area, please feel free to join us on this fun side-trip.

Pam Saunders,
NCA President

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