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August 2008

Summer is winding down, and across the country the dogs and handlers who have been working hard training for water tests are demonstrating the fruits of their labors. In many areas these events draw large crowds of spectators and media attention, just recently the Colonial Newf Club water test was featured on the CBS and Fox local affiliates.

If you have the chance to observe or, better yet, participate in a water test, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity. Seeing our Newfoundlands demonstrate their working instinct and perform the tasks they have been bred for centuries to do is an event not to be missed. Check the NCA Calendar to locate the dates and places of upcoming water tests in your area.

As always, we want to hear from you. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions.


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Podcasts Debut on AKC Website
NewfTide Information
Working Requalifications Formally Recognized
WRDX Updates
AKC Debuts Educational Podcasts
podcast banner
Looking to learn more? Listen to Genome Barks, a selection of outstanding podcasts covering a wide range of topics. These podcasts include presentations by experts from a wide range of fields and cover up-to-date topics related to the current state of canine health research, advances in veterinary healthcare, and best practices in breeding management. New podcasts will be added every month.
NewfTide Updates
The First Quarter 2009 issue of Newf Tide will carry stories about NCA members working with their Newfoundlands in unusual and unique therapy settings.  If you have such a story you would like to have considered for publication, please send it to Maredith Reggie, NewfTide editor.

NCA members may submit a picture of a beloved Newf who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge for the In Memoriam column. Copy is limited to the dog's registered name, call name, owner's name, date of birth and date of death. There is no charge.

NCA members may submit pictures of their new champions and titlists, as well as Group, Best in Show and High in Trial placements. Costs are $30 for new champions and titlists and $40 for Group, Best in Show and High in Trial. Read Submission details here.

Deadline for the next issue is October 1st. All deadlines are posted on the NCA Calendar and in Newf Tide.
Working Requalifications Formally Recognized

The day you and your dog earn that working title doesn't have to be the end of the fun and the partnership you've built.  Many working dog enthusiasts enjoy requalifying their dogs for years to come--to keep them in shape, to fortify their working partnership, and--just to have fun.
The NCA will now be recognizing requalifications of NCA working titles by designating a number following the title.  For example, a dog that has earned his DD title and has requalified twice will now be designated as DD2.  In addition to recognizing the dog's continuing achievements, this new numbering system will also help us to keep track of requalifications that would apply for the Working Achievement Award.
Working Dog Update - WRDX
Starting with the 2009 water test season the WRDX level of water work will again be considered a separate test.It will have a separate application form, separate fee and separate judging panel. It may be held on the same day as a WD/WRD test but will be handled as a separate test. This is to allow clubs to have someone judge their WRDX test but also enter the WD/WRD test. Some clubs have had trouble finding judges for their WRDX test because local people want to enter the WD/WRD test and it is costly to fly in two judging panels. We hope this alleviates some of these problems for clubs wanting to hold WRDX tests.

Partner-level water test judges who have put a WRDX title on a dog will now be allowed to judge WRDX. By training for WRDX and putting the title on a dog these judges have acquired sufficient knowledge of the rulesto judge the WRDX level.
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AKC Canine Health Foundation Needs Study Participants
Chronic degenerative valve disease is the most common heart disease that affects dogs.  To date, the cause of this disease has remained elusive.  It is known that the collagen that provides much of the support in the valve is damaged in diseased valves.  One popular theory is the existence of an imbalance between the proteins that break down collagen and those that prevent collagen breakdown. The proposed study will determine the difference in the balance between these proteins in normal cultured valve cells and valve cells cultured from diseased leaflets.  Differences that exist between normal and diseased valve cells will help target future research projects and aid in determining the cause of this prevalent disease process. READ MORE
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small logoAnyone interested in being considered for appointment to the Steering Committee is requested to submit a brief biography to:
Kathy Mc Iver, Committee Liaison.  Please visit the committee openings page to find out more specifics.


The NCA Board will be holding its Fall Face-to-Face Meeting in St. Louis from Friday, October 31 through Sunday afternoon, November 2.  As they are for all face-to-face meetings, NCA members are invited to attend. Either Friday or Saturday (date and time not yet established), the Board will be taking a brief recess to visit the AKC Museum of the Dog where the AKC has promised to provide us with a special exhibit of the art there that represents our breed.  If you live in the area, please feel free to join us on this fun side-trip.
As the days grow shorter and the weather turns cooler, remember it's time to get out the carts and harnesses and hook up those Newfies -- whether it's just for fun (cleaning up the yard and hauling leaves, pumpkin picking, or participating in a parade) or preparing for a draft test,  If you're new to draft work, try to attend a regional club draft test or a club fun day.  You'll meet plenty of people there who can help you get started.

Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America