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June 2015 

NCA members: It is has come to our attention that there was an error in the printing of the NCA renewal forms for our US members. The printer inadvertently used last year's file and mailing list. They have apologized profusely for the error. They have corrected this mistake and the proper renewal form have been sent to US members. This does not affect our international members or the Canadian/Mexican members.

If you had already sent your renewal form, you do not need to do anything else and you may disregard the second mailing. If you have any questions, you may contact the Membership Chair.

We thank you for your understanding.
Endowment Fund Grows Secure Futures
Our endowment fund welcome's your gifts!  Did you know your annual financial donations to NCA Charities can continue in perpetuity through a gift to our endowment fund?  By supporting the endowment fund you have the opportunity to create a legacy that will positively impact our Newfoundlands long after your lifetime. Gifts through bequests and memorials, as well as donations of assets, can help the Charitable Trust support its mission both today and for generations to come.  These funds open new horizons for our rescue volunteers to reach even more dogs in need, allow new research programs to be funded as veterinary medicine advances.   Thank you for helping us plant seeds today that will bear fruits for a safe and healthy future for every Newfoundland.
To learn more about the endowment fund and how your legacy can support it, please contact: Andy Zinsmeyer.  
Working Test Entry Information
The NCA board voted that anyone whose NCA membership is pending and has at least been voted on by the board may send an entry to an NCA working event as an NCA member for the calendar year of 2015 only.
Take Your Dog to Work Day
Dogs across America celebrated "Take your Dog to Work Day" on June 26. Here are some of the hard working Newfs that shared their pictures with us on Facebook.
Hot Off the Press
Free Days With George: Learning Life's Little Lessons from One Very Big Dog
by Colin Campbell by Doubleday Canada
Hardcover ~ Release Date: 2015-05-12
Our Price: $30.95
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Free Days with George is an uplifting, inspirational story about the healing power of animals, and about leaving the past behind to embrace love, hope and happiness.

Water Work Season in Full Swing

Here is a peek at some water training activity down under. If you are looking for a training group near you - contact
AKC Breeder of Merit Program
The purpose of the AKC Breeder of Merit Program is to identify and honor those breeders who consistently meet the high standards of the AKC and who actively promote the sport of purebred dogs.
AKC Breeder of Merit Participants demonstrate a commitment to the AKC community, dedication to improving their breed, along with breeding dogs who are title winners.  

Specific requirements include:
Must have history of at least 5 years involvement with AKC events.
Must have earned AKC Conformation, Performance or Companion event titles on a minimum of 4 dogs from AKC litters they bred/co-bred.
Must be a member of an AKC licensed club.
Must certify that applicable health screens are performed on their breeding stock as recommended by the Parent Club. Be prepared to supply proof upon request.
Currently in good standing with the AKC.
Must demonstrate a commitment to ensure 100% of the puppies produced are AKC registered.
Do You Believe That Children are the Future?
Can you teach them well and let them lead the way? Show them all the beauty they possess inside? Give them a sense of pride?

The the NCA wants you!

We are actively seeking a chair for the Juniors committee, previous experience as a junior handler, or as the parent of a junior is a big plus. You should be  enthusiastic, organized, creative, and to be able to spend significant time at Nationals and other venues with and promoting Juniors.

Email Lynne Anderson for more information.


Seeking Newf Tide Editor
Interested in applying for the Newf Tide Editor's position?

Email to request a bid package starting July 6,2015. Completed bids must be returned in the requested format with appropriate work samples on or before August 6, 2015.

Want to know more? Please email us at


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Membership renewals for the 2015-2016 year have been mailed. Renewals are payable on or before July 1. Members renewing after July 31, 2015 are assessed a late fee. If you have not received your membership renewal form, please contact Mary Lou Cuddy as soon as possible.

Remember that you can include your yearly gifts to the NCA Health Challenge and NCA Rescue with your renewal form, please complete the appropriate section of the form if you wish to have your donation acknowledged in Newf Tide.

Remember to keep your Newf safe and sound during 4th of July festivities, plan for heat and fireworks so that you and your Newf are prepared.

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