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July 2011  


Many of you recently received your 2nd Quarter Issue of Newf Tide, the official print publication of the NCA. The current issue contains articles about recognition including ROMs and VNs; and many other great features. If you do not already receive Newf Tide, you can subscribe online .

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In This Issue
Seaman Gets Rescued from Missouri River Flooding
Summer Heat Hampers Coat Growth
New Picture Book Debuts with Newfoundland Star
WRDX Proposal Seeking Comments
Therapy Dogs Recognized by AKC
NCA Supports Seaman Statue Restoration
Ft Mandan Flooding forced the relocation of the Seaman Statue from Seaman's Overlook at Ft Mandan to the Interpretive Center 2 miles away. Funds are being raised to return Seaman to his overlook. The NCA has donated $1000.00 to the restoration. Read More to find out how you can help Seaman get home to his overlook.


Hints for Caring for Coat in the Heat
brushTrying to hold a year-round coat when it's 105 in the shade is no easy task. Some exhibitors keep their dogs in air-conditioned garages whenever it is hot. Others use misters to lower the temperature (by as much as 15 degrees) and add humidity. Some use the "Hair on Doorknobs" recipe. Another well-known exhibitor swears by a rainwater finishing spray, others just let nature take its course.

Read a few Californians' secrets for growing specialty-winning coat. Joanne Givens and Diane Price, long-time Newfoundland breeders and exhibitors, and Jayne Crouch, well known Newfoundland handler and groomer, and Kathy McIver chair of the BEC and member of the Board of Directors were kind enough to answer the question, "What do you do to help grow and hold show coat?" READ MORE in the Conformation Corner.

New for Summer Reading
by Rob Adamowski by OctiRam Publishing Inc.
Our Price: $16.99
Buy Now

An award winning hardcover children's picture book. Bernice is a big brown dog who is mistaken for a bear wherever she goes. In this heartwarming real-life inspired story she learns a thing or two about bears and how it feels to be different. Her enormous size and unique appearance compel folks to "crowd, smile and stare." It's safe to say that nearly everyone that sees Bernice will say the very same thing; "Oh my gosh it's a bear!"
Working Dog Updates
waterdogThe proposed changes/updates to the WRDX test are posted on the NCA web site working dog pages . Please read this proposal and send us your comments, better yet, try the proposed exercises and let us know how they worked for you. Please send your comments to Sue Marino by September 1, 2011.

Also, watch for a survey, coming soon, to send us your opinions for an advanced draft title.
AKC Offers Therapy Dog Title
There is exciting news this month for owners of therapy dogs or therapy-dogs-to-be. As of June 27, the AKC is rewarding therapy dog teams for their unselfish volunteerism. The AKC Therapy Dog title (THD) can be earned by dogs that have been certified by AKC-recognized therapy dog organizations and have performed 50 or more community visits. The title is available to ALL dogs, including mixed-breeds and rare breeds, as long as they are registered or listed with AKC. Read more information about the AKC Therapy Dog Recognition program.
Cleaning Up
No one can argue that Newfs can be hard on a house. They are certainly not the best breed for someone who is "house-proud" or fond of collecting figurines. What is your best solution for cleaning up the walls from a slobbery Newf? Take our quick poll and share your secrets!

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Are you an artist with a flair for capturing the personality of a Newfoundland? Are your dog treats the envy of every canine on the block? Are you the go-to business for gear that every Newf needs? Now you can reach out to over 2500 Newfoundland fanciers with your business information. e-Notes will begin publishing small paid advertisements in our next issue. Check out all the details on the NCA website.

If you and your Newf haven't been to the water yet this year, there's still time.  Beginners should contact their local regional clubs to learn the dates of any upcoming water training workshops and water tests.  And, as the kids prepare to go back to school, this might be a great time to locate and sign up for an obedience training class with your Newf.  Even if you don't plan to participate actively in obedience competition, these classes are great fun and offer a wonderful socialization experience for your dog -- especially puppies.

Don't forget to submit your pictures to the Newf Tide Photo Contest-deadline is August 31st. Rules and submission form found on  the NCA website in the Membership Section .

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