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September 2010
Greetings! ,

September signals back-to-school for many families. One of the most rewarding things you can do with your Newf is school visitations. Being part of a Responsible Dog Ownership or Bite - Prevention Program, a Reading Education Assistance Program or a Lewis and Clark educational visit are some of the many ways a Newfoundland can contribute to a classroom visit. Your local Regional Club may have a group that visits local schools already, contact them for more information. If you do not have a Regional Club nearby, contact your local school district and see if you can connect with students and teachers near you.

As always, we want to hear from you. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions.

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Legislative Call to Action
Support NCA Charities - Donate Today!
CHIC DNA Bank Update
Nominees needed for Heroic Newfoundland and Good Sportsmanship Awards
Time to harness up for Fall
Legislative Alerts Posted for Many States
legislative alertThink legislation doesn't affect you? Think again.

Today your rights as a dog owner and breeder are threatened by unjust limit laws, breed-spe- cific bills, and breeding restrictions. AKC works for responsible dog ownership and respon- sible legislation. Each year we monitor more than 850 state and national bills to protect the rights of dogs and their owners. We can't imagine a world without dogs - can you?

Visit the NCA Legislative Action Center today- Get Involved!
Remember to Support NCA Charities with Your Holiday Shopping
Giving to NCA Charities can be an easy and quick addition to your holiday shopping this year. Any purchases made at will generate referral fees to Health Challenge and Rescue if you visit The Newfoundland Dog Library first - just visit and enter what you're shopping for in the search box.
NCA Charities is also partnered with eBay, you can buy and sell items with a portion or all of the proceeds going to Health Challenge or Rescue or you can designate NCA Charities as a "Favorite Charity" and include a $1 donation with your purchases. Learn more here.
National DNA Collection Update

Many, many thanks to everyone that helped and had their dog's blood drawn.  As some may have noticed, there has been a delay in getting the samples to OFA/CHIC.  This year, the Van Andel Research Institute/Canine Hereditary Cancer Consortium provided the DNA banking.  They are a research group in Grand Rapids, MI working with support from OFA and the AKC Canine Health Foundation on malignant melanoma, lymphoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma and malignant histiocytosis.  Four of these five cancers occur with some frequency in Newfoundlands and CHCC is recruiting samples from dogs with confirmed disease.  VARI/CHCC provided supplies for the clinic, paid for shipping the samples and then extracted the DNA from the samples.  OFA charges owners twenty dollars per sample to process the samples and paperwork when samples are sent directly to OFA.  VARI/CHCC's "fee" for free processing is keeping a small portion of the DNA for control samples in their research.  The rest of the DNA will be sent to the CHIC DNA Repository and should be at OFA within a matter of weeks.   The clinic was very successful with 185 new dogs added to the database.  This compares to 141 done last year in the same location when the cost was $10 per dog.  The success of the clinic was no doubt mainly because the DNA processing was free this year but we were also prominently located at the front of the grooming building. We also had "aggressive marketing" in place.   The cost to NCA was hiring technicians to draw blood and man the clinic.

For more information on VAI/CHCC or to send tumor samples, please visit:


Jennifer Zablotny, DVM

Chair, Health and Longevity Committee

Award Nominations Due October 20
small logoDo you know a heroic Newfoundland? Do you know a fancier who is the consummate "good sport"?  The NCA is seeking nominations for the Heroic Newfoundland Award, a dog who has been instrumental in warning others about potential danger or rescuing someone from danger.  October 20 is also the deadline for the NCA Good Sportsmanship Award given to an NCA member who exemplifies good sportsmanship in all avenues and who works diligently on behalf of others and Newfoundlands without concern for personal gain. For more information, or to submit a nomination, please contact Ingrid Lyden.

National Specialty Photo Contest Launches
An exciting NEW photo contest open to everyone. Photos submitted in 6 different categories, winners will be featured in a beautiful 2012 Calendar. All photos submitted will be on display at the 2011 National Specialty.
Entries open October 1 2010 - March 1 2011.
For all the details visit the 2011 National Specialty Website.

October is the month for Draft Tests
Many Regional Clubs have draft tests planned for October. If you have been hard at work training, make sure you get your entries in. If you are looking for a place to see Newfs in action, check out these events!

South Central Newf Club
Northland Newf Club
Penn Ohio Newf Club
Newf Club of Seattle
North Central Newf Club
New Pen Del Newf Club
High Country Newf Club

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New Provisional Judges
Joyce Arivella and Susan G. Zientera have been approved as a provisional Water test judges. They may now accept judging assignments.

The Nominating Committee has submitted a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors.  Additional nominations may be made by petition and must be received by the Recording Secretary by November 1, 2010. Each candidate must submit a written acceptance statement along with a personal profile and also an election statement on any matter(s) pertaining to the NCA, the Newfoundland Breed , or purebred dogs.

Download a Petition form & Acceptance Letter

Send completed forms to Mary Lou Cuddy, Recording Secretary.

The Board has scheduled its fall face-to-face meeting for November 19-21 in Chicago. We hope that many area mebers will be able to join us for all or any portion of the meeting. Members in the area should consider joining us for lunch or dinner on Saturday. More detail will be included in the October issue of e-Notes.


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America