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July 2012  

Summer is in full swing, and in many areas of the country, record temperatures continue to spike. Summer can be a dangerous time for our dogs. You do not have to be around dogs long, if you are observant at all, to be able to recognize signs of stress.  They get a look on their faces and in their eyes, that shows it. The tongue seems to hang out further.  An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure, but things do happen sometimes. Robin Smith, DVM shares some of her experiences and advice on heat stroke: "Heat stroke is unfortunately a common occurrence seen in the emergency room during the summer months. Unless very prompt and aggressive treatment is obtained, many of these dogs will die. Personally, having been a veterinarian for many years and seeing all kinds of dogs affected by heat stoke, I must say that I believe our giant breeds are more prone to heat stroke due to their size." Read Robin's complete article on the NCA Health Information pages.


Special Birthday Wishes
13 year oldThis column is a tribute to every Newfoundland who has made it to that time of life when the body may be slowing down, while richer traits ripen and a dog develops special sort of dignity and a charm. Please join the NCA Board of Directors in sending best wishes to the following thirteen year old Newfoundlands and their owners:

Dryad's Baby Lulu Call name: Lulu DOB:  June 24, l999 Owner(s): Judy and Bart Cohen

Kaydens Topself Highland Bear  Call name: Socks DOB:  August 15, 1999 Owner(s):  Laurence Didier- Roland

Am. Int. Ch. Capriccio's Jeepers Creepers TDD TDI Call name:  Joey DOB: August 20, 1999 Owner(s):  John & Nancy Bynes

Cappricio's Autumn Leaves Call name: Autumn DOB: August 20, 1999 Owner(s): Linda Maggy

In order to give our wonderful older Newfoundlands the attention they deserve, the NCA Board of Directors has approved this monthly eNotes column to acknowledge Newfoundlands at least thirteen years of age or older. Any NCA member wishing to honor their grand older Newfoundland(s)  should provide the the date of birth, registered name, owner(s) and call name for each honoree submitted to Kathy McIver.
Annual Newfoundland Club of America Photo Contest
lighthouse Calling all NCA members: the Annual Newfoundland Club of America Photo Contest closes on August 31, 2012. First and second place winners will be featured as the front and back covers of the 4th quarter issue of Newf Tide. Honorable Mention photos will be displayed in color on interior pages.  

Entries for the 2012 Newfoundland Club of America Photo Contest must be postmarked on or before August 31, 2012.  Visit the NCA website and download an entry form-one entry form for each picture-and submit up to 5 pictures.

 Please review the rules which are on the website or check them out in the First Quarter issue of Newf Tide 2012.

Juniors remember there is a separate category just for you .

Here's your chance to have your photo on the cover of Newf Tide.  Celebrate your Newf and enter up to five (5) of  your clear, crisp,  endearing photos of your Newfoundland at work, at play or at rest.

Jeannette Voss is waiting for your entries at 24061 SW Baker Road Sherwood, OR 97140-9007. Do you have questions? Contact Jeannette.

Seize the Opportunity! Get your photos in the mail today-August 31st is right around the corner.
Water Training Season
If you and your Newf haven't been to the water yet this year, there's still time.  Beginners should contact their local regional clubs to learn the dates of any upcoming water training workshops and water tests.  And, as the kids prepare to go back to school, this might be a great time to locate and sign up for an obedience training class with your Newf.  Even if you don't plan to participate actively in obedience competition, these classes are great fun and offer a wonderful socialization experience for your dog -- especially puppies. If you have a great working Newf, you may want to try training all the way through a WRDX - Watch this great video of a dog qualifying for a WRDX at a Newfoundland Club of New England water test, and read about how she was clicker trained for water work. 
WRDX-VN. Ch. Kilyka's Queen Maya Snowhaven CD RE WRDX TDD1 CGC TDI
WRDX-VN. Ch. Kilyka's Queen Maya Snowhaven CD RE WRDX TDD1 CGC TDI

2013 National Seek  Volunteers
2012 National Specialty Committee IS SEEKING VOLUNTEERS in the following positions: Logo sales and orders, Saturday Banquet set up, Newsletter, Ringside Hospitality and Club Baskets. MOST IMPORTANT is Logo Sales/orders and Newsletter. We are really hoping that a Regional Club will step up and take on one of these bigger tasks. If we can't find the help these things may not be available. Please email Amy Lane for further information if you are interested in helping in these areas.
Test Committees and Entrants should review the current Water Test Regulations (amended 2/12). There are significant changes at all levels.
Download Regs

New Versions of Water Test Forms have been posted online - please download the most recent versions to use at tests this summer.
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Are you an artist with a flair for capturing the personality of a Newfoundland? Are your dog treats the envy of every canine on the block? Are you the go-to business for gear that every Newf needs? Now you can reach out to over 2500 Newfoundland fanciers with your business information. e-Notes will begin publishing small paid advertisements in our next issue. Check out all the details on the NCA website.


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