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National Specialty 2012
Electronic Newsletter of the Newfoundland Club of America
Greetings! ,  

The National is almost here. We wanted to take a moment to give you lots of last minute details before all the packing and traveling begins. We are looking forward to a busy and exciting week.  


Some Notes:  

The Top Twenty Event is sold out - please check the bulletin board in hospitality for single tickets that might become available.

The Breeder Education Seminar with Dr Caludia Orlandi is sold out - if you would like to be on the wait list if there are cancellations please email Kathy McIver with your name and cell phone number.   

The time and date for the Rescue Parade have been changed - This event will now take place Thursday afternoon in the main ring at approx. 3PM. 



In This Issue
The Commandments of the Specialty
Last Chance Raffle Tickets- Online Purchase Available
Annual Meeting Agenda
Clean Up at The Draft Test Raffle
Tips for New (and some not so new) Attendees
Thou shall watch, applaud and cheer all Junior Showmanship classes. They are the future of our breed and our club.

Thou shall remind those who appear stressed to breathe.

Thou shall keep your grooming area clean.

Thou shall keep your dog by your side and under control at all times.

Thou shall pick up after your dog at all times.

Thou shall know and follow any Show Committee rules or requests. Thou shall particularly pay attention to whether or not flexi-leads are allowed at the show site. If allowed, thou shall know how to properly use a flexi-lead, and shall only do so in a space appropriate location.

Thou shall bid as much money as possible at the auctions supporting the club, rescue and the Health Challenge.

Thou shall applaud every winner (individual classes, Winners, Best in whatever, High in whatever, etc.).

Thou shall applaud for every entrant in the Veterans classes.

In any class where a cut is made, thou shall applaud as the excused dogs leave the ring.

Thou shall watch obedience and other performance events.

Thou shall stay, watch and applaud for classes held after Best of Breed is named.

Thou shall congratulate all winners.

If thou cannot say something nice, thou shall not say anything at all. This applies to any dog or any person for the duration of the show.

Thou shall welcome all newcomers to your breed. You never know who will later be a puppy buyer, mentor, best friend or judge.

Thou shall strike up a friendly conversation with the pet owner who drops by with their overweight, ungroomed Newfoundland. This shall also apply to owners of ILP'ed dogs who look nothing like a Newf.

Thou shall thank the Committee Members and event workers who are hosting and working at the current year's Specialty. Thou shall also help the show committee when asked or when an opportunity presents itself.

Thou shall be courteous to your fellow exhibitors at all times.

Thou shall enjoy the fact that you are with the breed you love - and are going home with the best dog there - - - your own.
(reprinted with thanks to the Canaan Dog Club of America)
Go Green Raffle- Last Chance
raffle ticketsWINNER TAKES ALL! Retail value over $1500! Winner will be drawn after Best of Breed judging at the Independent NCA Regional Specialty, Monday April 30, 2012 in Carlisle, PA. Prize will be on display and ready for pick-up at the 2012 National Specialty, "Simply The Best". Winner need not be present to win. Winner responsible for any shipping costs. Tickets are $10 each, 3 for $25 See the full prize list and purchase your tickets online NOW!

Annual Membership Meeting -Tuesday, May 1, 2012
8:00 p.m. Hotel Carlisle & Embers Convention Center
small logo Agenda -
Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions -President, Pat Randall
Approval of the minutes of the last meeting (May 3, 2011)
(Published in the Third Quarter 2011 Newf Tide)

Report of the Officers

President - Pat Randall
First Vice-President - Roger Frey
Second Vice-President - Pam Saunders
Corresponding Secretary - Lynne Anderson-Powell
Recording Secretary - Mary Lou Cuddy
Treasurer - Mary L. Price
AKC Delegate - Mary W. Price
Report of the Charitable Trust
Committee Reports
Awards Committee - Ingrid Lyden
Top Obedience Dog - Top Show Dog - Top Show Bitch
Top Sire - Top Dam
Register of Merit
Oldest Living Newfoundland
Heroic Newfoundland Award
Juniors - Cissy Sullivan
Versatile Newfoundlands - Bethany Karger
Working Achievement Awards - Brian Hodges
TOD/TODD - Joan Locker-Thuring
NCA Good Sportsmanship Award
Member of the Year Award
Isabel Kurth Award
Newf Tide Policy Committee - Aura Ellen Dean
New Business
(Topics for discussion as submitted by NCA members)
* Lynne Rutenberg - Megaesophagus: prevalence in the breed and the genetic factors involved (see attachment)
* Margaret Wilmott - Distemper vaccinations: to report the deaths of three more puppies from neurological distemper following their booster vaccinations. DNA proved the vaccine caused their distemper. Ten have died that I know of; most from their first shot. Also, to discuss the findings and which vaccines are safe.
* Kathleen S. Grim - Dog Legislation: the importance of the membership's participation.
* Roger Frey - That our NCA members from other countries who are approved to judge Newfoundlands in their own countries be automatically placed on the NCA approved judges' list as are our American NCA member judges.


Download the Complete Agenda


Simply The Best Vacuum Cleaner
Feeling lucky? You could win Simply THE BEST vacuum and shampooer for any Newfoundland owner! Simply the best...Simplicity & Rug Doctor Raffle. With a 2nd Drawing of a handcrafted wood draft cart.  In support of the National Draft Test and the Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club. Be sure to visit the Draft Test site at the National for tickets!

National Video
ShowDogVideoPro has programmed their site for our Newf National.  Here are the links:

 Video on DVD and General Info

 On-Demand Streaming Video

The On-Demand Streaming Video links will become active each night at the show, after judging is over.
registrationRegistration will open at 9 AM on Sunday. For your convenience, registered participants can pick up welcome packets at the following times: Sunday, April 29, Monday, April 30, and Tuesday, May 1, from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. in the rear lobby of the hotel.

Beginning Wednesday 2, welcome packets can be picked up in the indoor hospitality area.
Find us on Facebook
Like last year, we are  creating individual pages for each event at the National on Facebook - anyone can post photos on these pages, so this is a great way to share your images with the Newf world - you do not need to belong to Facebook to view the photos. Click the button above and the click on the Events button.
Packing Suggestions

Concerned about forgetting something at home? Not sure what to bring along just in case? The NCA has provided a fairly comprehensive packing list for the National Specialty, compliments of Patti McDowell - check it out.
Chiropractic Appointments
Dr. Sue Ann Lesser DVM, ACAC, CVSMT who is presenting the Educational Seminar - Preventing ACLs: The Functional Neurology Approach at the 2012 National Specialty will be offering a limited schedule of chiropractic adjustment appointments on Sunday evening, April 29 from 6:00 to 9:00. The clinic will be held at the Hotel Carlisle and the cost is $50.00 per dog. If you would like to schedule an appointment please email Mary Jane Spackman please put Dr Lesser- National in the subject line. All appointments are first come, first served.
Please make it a point to attend our Annual Meeting Tuesday evening at 8 PM. The full agenda is available through the link above to download. The success of the meeting depends on the entire membership. Also, don't forget that the Board meeting at the National Specialty is open to the membership. You are welcome at all sessions (except executive session).  Our schedule is a bit more complicated this year than usual with the Regional Specialty. The meeting start times are :  Sunday April 29 at 3 PM, Monday April 30 at approximately 4:30 PM and Tuesday morning at approximately 8:30 AM.  Please feel free to attend.

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Pat Randall
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America