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January 2009

February always brings one of the highlights of the dog fanciers year, the annual broadcast of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  We always see a jump in visits to the NCA Website, along with an increase in phone calls and inquiries to breeders and Regional Clubs.  Are you prepared to answer the questions that will follow a TV appearance by a Newf?  The NCA has a number of brochures available to you to download for free. Flyers about health issues, along with brochures Introducing the Newfoundland, and The Most Commonly Asked Questions can help you promote responsible dog ownership and provide education about our breed.

As always, we want to hear from you. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions.


In This Issue
Early Water Work Slideshow debuts online
Great Winter Read - Chasing Stanley
Taking Care of Dogs in Tough Financial Times
Art Auction Brunch for Charity
History of NCA Water Tests Web Exhibit
old wt imageSince 1972, water work enthusiasts in the NCA have worked to develop tests that showcase the historical work of the Newfoundland and highlight the unique working instincts of the breed. The NCA website is hosting a slideshow exhibit of early water test pictures compliments of Claire Carr and Mary Jane Spackman. Read about the development of today's Water Tests and see some of the early water rescue dogs in action.
Newf featured in Romance novel
Chasing Stanley (New York Blades)
by Deirdre Martin by Berkley
List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $2.00
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From Booklist - Jason Mitchell has landed his dream job--on the New York Blades hockey team. He is young, rich, and thrilled to be in the Big Apple. He has just one small problem, his dog, a large Newfoundland named Stanley who is used to large open spaces, not cramped city sidewalks. Fortunately, Jason meets Delilah Gould, dog walker, boarder, and trainer extraordinaire. Delilah knows all about dogs and can discuss their care and management with ease. Ask her to speak about anything else in front of more than one person, however, and she has serious social problems. Her parents' constant fighting taught her to fade into the woodwork, so when Jason shows interest in her, she is out of her league. In fact, Jason and Delilah are almost polar opposites, and their differences threaten to be almost insurmountable. But Martin has a way of bringing her dissimilar characters together that rings true, and fans and curious new readers won't want to miss her latest hockey-themed romance.

Abandoned Pets and Home Foreclosures

small logoAbandonment and homelessness due to foreclosures have been on the rise this year, leaving many pets in bad situations. REACt has added an article to the NCA website with tips and ideas if you are facing tough financial times and are concerned about how to care for your Newfoundland.
Painting of Newfoundland featured in Bonham's Auction
auction paintingThe yearly Dog Art Auction held at Bonham's in New York in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club will feature a painting after Sir Edwin Henry Landseer' "A Distinguished Member" by A. Palmer painted in 1887. You can track the bidding and read more about this painting on the Bonham's site. You can read more about Sir Edwin Henry Landseer and his impact on painting and on the Newfoundland Breed at the online at the NCA Website. You can also see this painting at the Barkfest at Bonhams, a charity brunch that benefits the AKC Humane Fund held on Sunday February 9.
Getting Started on eBay

Are you getting ready for some spring cleaning? One great way to re-purpose those unwanted items is to sell them on eBay.  When you list an item to sell you can also designate that a portion of the proceeds be donated to the NCA Charitable Trust. This gives you a tax deduction at the click of a mouse - eBay takes care of sending the donation and issuing the tax receipt. You get to feel good about clearing out the clutter in your house and supporting a great cause. If you are new to eBay, you can get step by step instructions for getting started here.
See what's for sale to support NCA Charities
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In Closing,

This is an important time in our club. I urge you to take a moment today to complete your ballot for the 2009-2011 Board of Directors positions. Remember that because the February 1 deadline is on a Sunday ALL ballots must be received no later than Saturday January 31. Please mail your ballot to allow plenty of time to arrive. If you need to review the candidates biographies you can read them online. If you have any questions about the election procedure, please contact our Recording Secretary, Mary Lou Cuddy


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America