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April 2011  
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 As the guardians of this wonderful breed, Newf fanciers often find themselves in a position of providing breed education to prospective puppy owners, and the general public. A great source to keep on hand is the Newfoundland Puppy Information Center - and the NCA Breeder Referral Hotline at 1-866-NCA-NEWF (1-866-622-6393). Both of these resources are great ways to steer new fanciers to a wealth of information available from the NCA.



In This Issue
Grooming Tips
DNA Collection - Every Newf Needed
Deadly Plant Warning from AKC CHF
National Specialty Information and Updates
Working Dog News
Legislative Alert
Cardiac Testing AVailable at National Specialty
Warming Days Highlights Need for Grooming
brushAs the weather gets warmer, our Newfs are all blowing coat. It is important to provide effective grooming to keep dead undercoat from matting, and our dogs' skin in tip-top shape to avoid a summer plagued with hot spots. Handler and trainer Pauline Baldwin shares coat maintenance tips for dogs getting ready for the obedience or show ring, but these important grooming habits will benefit all our Newfs. Read More here.
DNA Collection for Research
DNADid you know that currently 1130 Newfoundland dogs have DNA stored in the DNA Databank with the OFA. This amazing number represents the hard work of breeders, owners and Newfoundland fanciers throughout the country. Are your Newfoundlands represented in this research repository? The more dogs that are in the DNA bank, the more attractive our breed is to researchers, this can lead to many advances for the health of our breed.
Read More about the DNA Bank and download the application forms to get your dog entered.
A Warning from the Canine Health Foundation
donatoAnother harbinger of warmer weather is the appearance of many plants that our Newfs like to sniff and sometimes ingest on their daily rambles.  The AKC CHF is sharing the story of Donato a six month old Bernese Mountain Dog who died 60 hours after ingesting a Death's Cap Mushroom - read his story for information about where and when these fungii can be found and what to do if you see them growing in your yard or dog park.  READ MORE 
National Specialty Updates- BEC Forum Change
2011 National LogoDue to a scheduling conflict, the announced panel for the BEC Forum on Wednesday evening will be modified. Ann Parsons of Mastaway Newfoundlands will be taking the place of Manlio Massa. Please make sure to join us for an informative and educational evening beginning at 8 PM in the Composers Room at the Lodge.  This event will give you an opportunity to ask our panel of breeder experts any questions you might have about their breeding practices.  The other panel members this year are Peggy Helming (Pouch Cove), Suzanne Jones (Mooncusser), Betty McDonnell (Kilyka), and Robin Seaman (Southwind).  If you would like to submit questions ahead of time, you may email your questions to Kathy McIver by April 29th or fill out cards that will be provided in the Hospitality Room at the Lodge.  The Forum will be videotaped so that DVDs will be available to purchase at a later date for those unable to attend.  This will be an informational and fun event for all those interested in breeding, from novices to experienced breeders.  There will be refreshments and door prizes.  The BEC looks forward to seeing you there.

News from the Working Dog Committee
waterdogThe WDC has finalized its new proposal for the WRDX test. The WDC is now taking comments on this proposal- please download a copy and send your comments to Sue Marino.

The NCA Board and the WDC have decided to try a pilot program this year which will allow regional clubs to hold a water test for WRD requalifiers only. Most clubs that are interested in this test will be holding it as a half day test following a WRDX test. It must be stated on the premium list that it is a test for WRD requalifiers only and must follow the current NCA regulations for a WRD test. Clubs will not be held to the four month deadline to apply for
a requalification test this year due to the late notice. If your club is interested in holding such a test contact Virginia Kelly, the WDC water test applications person.
If You Think "High Volume Breeder" Isn't You, Think Again
legislative alertDid you know that many states have introduced legislation whose stated purpose is to increase regulation of high-volume breeders?  Did you also know that, according to the definitions provided in most of those bills, many of the NCA's top breeders would be considered high-volume breeders?  These bills apply arbitrary numerical thresholds, propose onerous kennel inspection criteria, and in some cases limit the number of intact females that a breeder can own or co-own.
Surprised?  It may be even more surprising that a bill is underway at the federal level (HR 835).  Over 101 representatives from 25 states have signed on to the bill.  Your representatives are signing on because they hear phrases like "puppy protection and safety" and mistakenly believe these bills should be passed.
As responsible Newfoundland breeders and owners, our breed needs your help.  Get involved in the legislative process today.
Cardiac Testing Available at National
Heart clinic-auscultation and echos performed by Dr Richard Kienle Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-5  Contact Linda Maggy for more information and to set up a time. Pre-registration is not required, but is suggested to get the time that you prefer.
 Cost-$40 for auscultation, $180 for echocardiograms and a $50 rebate is available through the NCA Charitable Trust.
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Some people have already started their journey to Frankenmuth, Michigan to participate in this year's National Specialty, others are busy with packing and planning.  Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings in Michigan on the National Specialty website. The NCA Board will be meeting Monday of the Specialty week, as always our meetings are open to all NCA members and we encourage you to sit in. The Annual Membership Meeting will be held Tuesday evening, please make sure not to miss out.


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
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