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January 2014  

Every 18 minutes a car accident occurs due to a pet loose in a vehicle. 98% of dogs travel unrestrained in moving vehicles. Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents every years. January 2 was National Pet Travel Safety Day, designed to highlight the dangers of unrestrained pets traveling in cars. A crate or kennel is one of the safer ways for your dog to travel, provided the crate is very sturdy and secured in place. Make sure that you and your Newfoundland are safe on the road by always restraining your dog in a moving vehicle. Read More.  


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Foundation Decisions Shape the Future of the Breed
In the early 20th century, 2 World Wars and the Great Depression took their toll on the Newfoundland breed in the United States. Registrations declined, and entries at dog shows were at an all time low. Several dedicated breeders committed themselves to reviving the breed in this country through the importation of exceptional stock and breeding carefully planned litters. One of these early influential kennels was Oquaga in New York, their foundation stud Shelton King of V and many of the dogs they produced can be found in the pedigrees of the wonderful Newfoundlands who share our lives today. Read more about the history of Oquaga Kennels.
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Becoming a Sustaining Donor is a wonderful, simple thing to do for NCA
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. Convenience - Choose an amount that fits easily into your monthly budget. It will automatically be deducted from your credit or debit card and get to us safely and on time-saving you the hassle of writing multiple checks.

. Efficiency  - Sustaining Donor gifts mean less paperwork and postage, reducing our expenses and increasing our efficiency. That means more of your gift goes to caring for rescued newfs and supporting innovative research.

. Control - Because we hope you're with NCA Charities for the long haul, we don't set an end-date for your sustaining Donor giving. You're in complete control! If you need to make changes.

Become a Sustaining Donor in 4 easy steps:
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NCA Honors Longevity
13 year old
Each year the NCA recognizes the oldest living Newfoundland. This program will recognize any Newfoundland who has reached the age of 14, with a special honor and recognition at the Annual Meeting for the oldest dog during 2013.
If you would like to apply for this recognition the deadline is February 15, 2014. Please email nominations to Ingrid Lyden, Awards Chair.
You must include:
-copy of AKC registration
-letter from veterinarian stipulating that the dog is still alive or providing date of passing information
-all owners' names (at least one must be a NCA member)
Winner will be notified after via mail, and recognized at the Annual Meeting. All qualifying 14 year old Newfoundlands will receive a personalized commemorative certificate.
Looking for some tips on living with your living legend? Check out Elizabeth Heath's article on Squidoo.


Why NCA?
Are you a member of the NCA? Have you chosen not to join?  Are you a new Newfoundland owner just learning about the breed and the club? We want to hear from you! The NCA Steering Committee is interested in understanding why Newfoundland owners do, or do not, choose to belong to the Newfoundland Cub of America (NCA). This survey is open to NCA members and non-members alike; it is not an anonymous survey, nor is it scientific. The goal is to obtain first-hand information from Newfoundland owners just like you - please take a few moments to share your comments in this short survey today! Thank You.



Newfoundland Therapy Dogs- A Natural Fit
Maggie the Therapy Dog--West Tennessee Healthcare
Maggie the Therapy Dog--West Tennessee Healthcare
Every Newfoundland owner is keenly aware of the calming influence Newfs have on people, young or old, at home, hospitalized or in an institutional setting. This incredible furry-coated dog presents a naturally unassuming, reassuring invitation to those in need. It is not hard to understand then why so many of our members have gotten into the world of therapy with their special companions.  Read about some innovative and inspiring therapy dogs on our site.


Westminster Kennel Club Just Around the Corner
The Westminster Kennel Club's Annual All Breed Dog show, the sport's most famous and prestigious event, will be bigger than ever in 2014 with its largest entry since 1990 and the addition of America's most popular canine sport to its activities.

Westminster's 138th show, scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 10-11, drew an entry of 2,845 as America's Dog Show extends its standing as the second-longest continuously-held sporting event in this country, a streak that began in 1877. READ MORE and watch live-stream breed judging from the Westminster Kennel Club website and live broadcast of groups on February 11 and 12 on CNBC and USA network.

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The NCA has more than 40 committees that work hard for the welfare of our dogs. Their annual reports will be published in the upcoming 1st Quarter 2014 issue of NewfTide, so you'll have an opportunity to see what they've been up to for the past year and, in some cases, what their plans are for 2014.  

Also keep in mind that each year at the National Specialty, the NCA Board appoints the chairs of these committees and the members of all Board-appointed committees.  If you have an interest in serving the club and wish to be considered for a particular appointment, please contact Lynne Anderson, NCA 2nd Vice President and Committee Liaison.  We'll definitely find a way to put you to work!

Reminder to NCA Members- the Board of Director Elections close February 1. Ballots are due Monday February 1. If you have not received your ballot and candidate statements, please contact Mary Lou Cuddy, recording secretary. Ballots MUST be received before Feb. 1st. Ballots received on or after Feb 1st will not be counted.

Pam Saunders,
NCA President

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