NCA e-notes   Monthly Electronic Newsletter of the Newfoundland Club of America
February 2008

Here's the latest issue of NCA e-Notes, designed to keep  you up to date on what's happening in the NCA.  This new communication vehicle is being enthusiastically accepted by the community of Newfoundland lovers.  From an initial mailing of 1050 subscribers, our list has grown to over 1200.  As always, we value your comments and contributions. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions. NCA committees, especially, should contact us whenever you have news to share with the membership.

The NCA is accepting applications for the new Working Achievement Award, and the TOD/TOD-D designations. Remember these are not automatic awards, you will need to submit an application for each one.

In This Issue
NCA Board Election Results
Book Review from the Newfoundland Dog Library
2007 Annual of Titlists Seeking Submissions
Breeders List Applications Available
New Dannyquest to be Unveiled Soon
NCA Board of Directors Election Results
small logoThe ballots have been counted and the six Directors elected to serve for the next two years on the NCA Board have been chosen. The "Class of 2010" are:
Mary Lou Cuddy                    Maredith Reggie
Roger Frey                          Mary Lou Roberts
Pat Randall                          Pam Rubio
These Directors will assume their positions on the Board following the Annual Membership Meeting at this year's National Specialty.
New Title Featured on Newfoundland Dog Library
Each Little Bird That Sings
by Deborah Wiles by Harcourt Paperbacks
List Price: $5.95 Price: $2.06
Buy Now
Death is a way of life for the Snowberger family, since they run a funeral parlor out of their Mississippi home with the motto "We live to serve." Still, when 94-year-old Great-great-aunt Florentine Snowberger dies in the vegetable garden, no one can truly be prepared, even though she'd been bidding "good night and good-bye" to the family every night since she turned 90. Florentine's death is hard on 10-year-old Comfort, since the two were so close, even co-writing the Fantastic (and Fun) Funeral Food for Family and Friends. It's no surprise, then, when the annoyingly overwrought emotional displays of her young cousin Peach Shuggars and the sudden iciness of her alleged best friend Declaration Johnson send Comfort over the edge. Thank goodness for her shaggy "feel-good" dog Dismay who can eradicate all bad feelings with a single slobbery lick. - from the review by Karin Snelson for  Find More Books in the Newfoundland Dog Library

Remember that purchases made through the Newfoundland Dog Library benefit the NCA Charitable Trust.
Honor the New Titlists in Your Family
Take A LineHas your Newf earned a new title in 2007? Honor them with a listing in the NCA 2007 Annual of Titlists. If your dog has earned an NCA Water or Draft title, or an AKC  conformation, obedience, rally-o, tracking or agility title, then you may submit your dog's information and photograph for publication. Submissions must be received by March 31st 2008.

Get More Details and Download an Application
Breeders List Application Available Online
puppy 10 Have you bred 2 AKC Litters?
Have you put a working or conformation title on a dog that you have bred?
Have you been an NCA member for 5 years? 

If you answered yes to these questions then you are eligible to join the NCA Breeders' List. Breeders List members provide education and information to interested puppy buyers. This list is a valuable link between buyers and knowledgeable NCA member-breeders. 
In addition to serving as a possible source for puppies, breeders on the Breeders List help to educate puppy buyers about what they should expect and insist upon when buying a puppy. Every educated puppy buyer armed with knowledge, who refuses to subscribe to poor breeding practices, helps to improve the health of the breed, as well as potentially preventing dogs from entering the rescue system.  

Download a Breeders' List Application Today - Deadline for submissions is April 15, 2008.
Newsflash from the Charitable Trust Management Board
A new limited edition Dannyquest statue will be available this spring! The initial statue, "Double Dare" has been officially retired, and the mold destroyed. Dannyquest has been commissioned to create the second statue in the series with a planned release at the 2008 National.  Watch for more information coming soon.

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The NCA wants to be able to keep you informed of important issues. NewfTide does not automatically forward when you move, and it costs extra in postage to remail your NewfTide if there is not a current address on file.

There is now an information update form available on the website - remember to use it to keep your contact information current

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DNA Blood Banking Clinic
Tuesday, April 29, 2008 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Cost: $10.00 per submission
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The National Specialty is fast approaching, many deadlines occur in March, so mark your calendar so you are sure not to miss out on a moment of the fun!

March 1 ....... Earliest accepted postmark for Draft Test entries
    Deadline for receipt of Catalog Advertising,
    Honors Parade entries,
    Commemorative and Logo Item orders,
    Obedience/Rally and Conformation Steward Volunteer forms,
    Breeders' Class Donations
March 10 ..... Entries close for Breeders' Class
March 21 .... Deadline for receipt of Special Awards and Fine Arts Auction pledges
    Cardiac Clinic appointments
    Meeting Room Reservations
March 28 ..... Last day to change Room Reservation dates
    Deadline for Vendor Booth Space, RV, Prime Handler Parking, & Grooming Space reservations;
    Registration, Clambake and Banquet reservations, Top Twenty Tickets

For more information on these events and all the National happenings, be sure to visit the National Specialty website.


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America