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August 2010
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Has your Newf been working on earning one of the new AKC Titles? Beginner Novice is now offered in obedience, and Grand Champions are being earned in conformation. Celebrate your titles and share the news in Newf Tide. NCA members may submit pictures of their new champions and titlists, as well as Group, Best in Show and High in Trial placements. Costs are $30 for new champions and titlists and $40 for Group, Best in Show, High in Trial and Best Junior Showmanship.  NCA members may also submit a picture of a beloved Newf who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge for the In Memoriam column. Copy is limited to the dog's registered name, call name, owner's name, date of birth and date of death. There is no charge. Read Submission details here.

Deadline for the next issue is October 1st. All deadlines are posted on the NCA Calendar and in Newf Tide. For more information you can always contact Maredith Reggie, Newf Tide editor.

As always, we want to hear from you. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions.

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In This Issue
VN Candidate Info Form Online
BEC Lending Library
Fill Out Your Newfoundland Library
Family Activities for Every Dog
Get Wet this September!
Versatile Newfoundland Candidates Take Note!
Take A LineHas your dog completed the requirements for a Versatile Newfoundland Award in 2010? Please fill out a VN Candidate Information form so that we have your most current contact information and title verification. You can completed and submit the form online!

NCA Versatile Newfoundlands have earned their AKC Championship, AKC Novice Obedience (CD), NCA Draft Dog, and NCA Water Rescue Dog (WRD) titles.
BEC Library has Information to Share
small logoHave you ever seen a book or DVD on breeding or puppy rearing advertised but you didn't want to purchase it or have the money to purchase it? There is an answer to this conundrum! The Breeder Education Committee (BEC) has assembled a library of books, DVDs, and CDs, all devoted to genetics, breeding, movement, puppy rearing, etc.

These materials are available to NCA Regional Clubs and NCA members in good standing. There is a $10.00 mailing fee for most items shipped within the United States. For your convenience, a self addressed, prepaid return envelope will accompany your order. For destinations outside the United States, please contact us for a shipping fee quote.
New and Notable for Readers and History Buffs
Seaman's Adventures with Lewis and Clark (Adventures in History)
by Duncan Brown by History Compass
List Price: $5.95
Our Price: $3.29
Buy Now

Do More With Your Dog: Activities Designed to Get the Entire Family Involved
Owning a dog can be a great way to bring your family together, get exercise and become involved in activities that are enriching for both you and your canine.  To get you started, the American Kennel Club (AKC) suggests the following things you and your family can do with your dog.

Travel "canine" style: Pile your family into the car for a daytrip and visit dog-friendly parks, or beaches, (most parks indicate whether dogs are allowed on their web sites). Or if you're up for a bigger excursion, consider a vacation with your four-legged friend.  Check ahead for lodging that accepts dogs. If flying, ask about travel accommodations for your dog when you make your reservations.  A summary of pet travel policies for major airlines can be found on the AKC website.
Enroll in canine training classes: Puppy kindergarten, agility, obedience, rally or performance courses are great ways to train your dog, and if your entire family attends, all will be on the same page in regard to training techniques.
Encourage breed behavior:  Find activities that will encourage your dog to fulfill her breed's purpose - take a Hound on a hike in the wilderness or designate a safe area of the yard for a Terrier to dig.
Responsibilities don't have to be "ruff": Assigning roles and responsibilities to care for your new four-legged friend can help you and your family work together. Decide who will be responsible for feeding, walking, grooming, etc. Prepare a schedule before bringing your puppy home and assign each family member a task. Be sure to rotate tasks each week so that training is consistent and to make sure that everyone gets a chance to bond with the dog in a variety of situations.
Make the annual vet visit a family affair: A trip to the veterinarian can be a good learning experience for the entire family.  Routine check-ups will help keep your dog in top form and can also help teach the children a thing or two about the importance of health and well-being.
Additional bonding activities and information on responsible dog ownership can be found on the American Kennel Club Web site at

The American Kennel Club, Inc.

September Water Tests Fill the Calendar
Many Regional Clubs have water tests planned for September. If you have been hard at work training, make sure you get your entries in. If you are looking for a place to see Newfs in action, check out these events!

South Central Newf Club
Southeastern Newf Club
Penn Ohio Newf Club
Pacific Northwest Newf Club
Old West Newf Club
North Central Newf Club
Newf Club of SoCalifornia
Newf Club San Diego
Newf Club of Northen California
New Pen Del Newf Club
High Country Newf Club
Heart of America Newf Club
Great Lakes Newf Club
Genesee Region Newf Club
Bear Mountain Newf Club

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New Provisional Judge
Alexandra Hoops has been approved as a provisional Water test judge. She may now accept judging assignments.

The primary roles in the Newfoundland Club of America is to protect and preserve the breed. One of the ways we do this is to provide advice and education to those people seeking to add a Newfoundland to their family.  The NCA takes a multifaceted approach to this endeavor by providing online rescources like the Newfoundland Puppy Information Center and REACt Learning Tools. The NCA also places paid ads in dog publications through out the year, uses online advertising like Google AdWords™ and provides a toll-free 800 number for breeder referrals (1-866-NCA-NEWF). If you are thinking of adding a Newfoundland to your family this fall, please make use of these tools to make the best choice you can.


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
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