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August 2011  

As summer is winding down, many of us are starting to look for more indoor activities to occupy our Newfoundlands now that swimming season is over. One great activity that is tailor-made for a Newf temperament is therapy dog work. As this recent article in the news highlights, providing comfort and support with your dog is rewarding for everyone involved and a great outlet for your dog's natural compassion. Many organizations will help you on the road towards a therapy dog certification - check out the therapy dog section of the NCA website for more information on this great activity for our gentle giants.


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Raffle to Support 2012 National Specialty
AKC Does Good Things
Help Finding a Breeder Online
SAR Teams Honored for 9/11 Work
Advanced Working Titles Under Scrutiny
BEC Looking for Committee Member
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2012 logoWINNER TAKES ALL! Retail value over $1500! Winner will be drawn after Best of Breed judging at the Independent NCA Regional Specialty, Monday April 30, 2012 in Carlisle, PA. Prize will be on display and ready for pick-up at the 2012 National Specialty, "Simply The Best". Winner need not be present to win. Winner responsible for any shipping costs. Tickets are $10 each, 3 for $25 Please make checks payable to "NPD 2012 National Specialty" Download a ticket order form. For more information and to view a full list of the prizes visit the 2012 Specialty Site.

AKC Raises Awareness of Activities
The AKC has developed a campaign to build awareness of the not-for-profit status of the AKC and the good things the AKC and its affiliates do to support dogs everywhere, such as: Kennel Inspections; Canine Health Research; Lost Dog Recovery and Canine Search & Rescue. This is a very powerful message for dog owners. Once they become aware of the enormity of what the AKC does, their interest to register their dog dramatically increases. They are looking for your support! All dog owners should register their purebred with the AKC, even if they have no intention of breeding or showing their dog. Their registration helps the AKC do even more things for the betterment of dogs everywhere. Be part of the "Good Things We Do" campaign by clicking here and downloading the "Good Things We Do" screen saver.
Deciphering Online Breeder Websites
puppy 3

The NCA has posted 2 great articles to help prospective puppy buyers. "Evaluating A Breeder Website" takes you step by step on what to look for on a breeder's website, and red flags to watch out for. "Researching A Breeder Online" reviews the online data that is available to verify information on dogs and breeders to make a more informed purchase. Both of the articles are available at the Newfoundland Puppy Information Center, your best stop for information on finding a happy healthy Newfoundland puppy to share your life. 

9/11 Ceremony to honor SAR Teams
SAROn September 11, all working dog teams, veterinarians and veterinary medical assistance teams who served in response to the 9/11 attacks will be honored at Liberty State Park in New Jersey. The sponsoring organization, Finding One Another: Courage Beyond Measure (FAO) has identified over 950 teams (civilian, government, law enforcement and military) involved in diverse efforts at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, Shanksville and the Fresh Kills Landfill recovery site. This is the first time that these incredible dogs have been fully recognized.

Finding One Another (FOA) seeks to support the needs of the SAR (Search and Rescue) field, the individual canines and their first responder human partners, by contributing to the establishment of standards of practice, care and research needed to safeguard all those engaged in this work. To read about Newfoundlands working in SAR and Crisis Response visit the Working Dog section of the NCA website.
Working Dog Updates
draftThe Working Dog Committee is accepting comments on the proposed WRDX Changes until October 1. Please send your comments to Sue Marino.

The Working Dog Committee is also beginning to investigate an advanced draft title. There is an online survey available to share your thoughts and suggestions. Please take a few moments and take the online survey now.

Advanced Draft Work Survey
Committee Openings
The Breeder Education Committee (BEC) has an opening for a qualified candidate. To read the job requirements and committee description, please visit the NCA website.

Member Renewals
NCA members who have not yet paid their renewal dues will be receiving a second notice in the mail within a few days.  Renewals must be received by the Membership Chair BEFORE September 30th.  The deadline for members to have their contact information listed in the NCA Directory is October 1st.  Please contact the Membership Chair with any concerns.
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The Newfoundland world was rocked recently by the unfortunate incident in Oxford CT. that involved multiple Newfoundland dogs getting away from their handlers and mauling a Labrador Retriever resulting in the Lab's death and injury to the dog's owner. Many unfortunate choices by the owner of these dogs led to this situation. This incident makes it even more important for all of us as owners of very large, powerful dogs to make a commitment to training, responsible handling and vigilance when our dogs are in public. Please take the time to insure that your dog is a model citizen and a good reflection of the breed whereever you take your dog. Training classes abound, opportunities for proper socialization are all around us, and by making the choice to own the gentle giants of the dog world we also choose to protect them and their reputation as a breed. If you need assistance and advice in training your Newfoundland, do not hesitate to contact the Regional Club closest to you for referrals and information.

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Pat Randall
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America