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June 2013  

June 21 was national Take Your Dog to Work Day. Did your Newf spend the day at the office? Newfoundlands love nothing more than to spend time with their people, and today's workplaces are more and more welcoming to our furry friends. Share how you celebrated Take Your Dog to Work Day, and check out some awesome jobs for Newfs on our Pinterest Page

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Updates from the Working Dog Committee
draft The WDC will be reviewing the requirements for all working event judging levels (observational through mentor). Please send your suggestions or comments about the judging requirements to: Andre Lapeyre or by mail to Andre Lapeyre, 3231 County View Ct SW, Rochester, MN 55902 by October 1, 2013.We appreciate your input.

The NCA Board recently approved updates to the NCA Draft Test Regulations as of June 2013. These will take effect for the fall NCA Draft Tests. Judges, committees and entrants please familiarize yourself with the changes that have been made. The changes will be printed in RED. The updated Regulations will be posted on the NCA website within the next few weeks.
LifeStages launches- puppy owner news
The Rescue Prevention Committee is pleased to announce that the Board has approved the launch of the LifeStages newsletters project.  These newsletters will be available to anyone who signs up electronically for the subscription.  Each issue is written to provide information that is age-appropriate, along with articles that are intended to generate interest and goals for activities with adults.  The distribution is based on the age of the puppy for ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 months.  The information for subscribing will be published on the Newf Tide coupon of the breed information flyer that is included in AKC's registration packet and on the NCA web site.

AKC Breeder of Merit
The AKC Breeder of Merit program was designed to recognize breeders who take an active part in AKC events, health test their breeding stock, and encourage registration of the puppies they produce. According to the AKC, an AKC Breeder of Merit has "the power to influence, guide and teach future breeders, exhibitors and all purebred dog owners."

John Lyons, Chief Operating Officer of the AKC, notes "Our Breeders of Merit are committed to both improving their breed through health testing and selective breeding programs, and proving their breed through achievements in the show ring. They are special and will be emulated by new breeders entering the sport. Being a successful breeder in the Fancy does not come easy. Years of hard work, vision, and a willingness to do the right thing are required to be successful. Our Breeders of Merit have these qualities and deserve to be recognized."

You can search for Breeder of Merit status when you are looking for a responsible breeder.
Preserve and Protect
ygtf You have heard the NCA discuss stewardship in the context of preserving and protecting our gentle giants, but have you considered that financial stewardship also extends to managing and sharing resources from our overall estates, for the benefit of our Newfoundlands and the future of our breed?

It is important for every family to have a will and thoughtful estate plans.   Without a will, state laws go into effect that distribute our estates in a very impersonal way.  But when we choose to write our own will, we can intentionally determine how to share our assets for the care of present and future needs of our families, our friends, and our dogs.  In particular, please consider remembering the NCA Charitable Trust Endowment Fund in your will as a visible witness of your commitment to the Newfs of today and tomorrow.

A bequest to the NCA Charitable Trust can take many forms. You can leave a specific item or amount of cash. You can leave a "residuary" gift, distributing to the Trust part of what's left over after all your other bequests have been distributed. Or you may leave a percentage of your estate to NCA Charities. If you would like more information on bequests and planned giving, please contact Andy Zinsmeyer or visit the planned giving center at the NCA Charities website today.

NCA Membership Renewal
Membership Renewals are due 7/1/13. If you have not received your renewal packet from Mary Lou Cuddy, please contact her as soon as possible.

Check out our website for more information on becoming and NCA member.

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Newf Tide
July 1, 2013


It's now officially summer, and many of you will be spending your time in the water with your Newfs, either training for a title or just plain having fun. For those of you who may be new to water work, many regional clubs have water training workshops and other events that you can attend to get started.  Visit the web site of the regional club near you to find out about events and water tests that may be taking place in your area.  There's lots of good information about water training in the Working Dog section of the web site as well.
Be sure to take a moment out of your busy summer to send in your NCA membership renewal. If you are a current member of the NCA you should send in your renewal by July 1. If you are not yet a member of the NCA, you can get membership information here.

Pam Saunders,
NCA President

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