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September 2011  

 Are you looking for a Newfoundland puppy? Are you asked about where to get a pup when you are out walking your Newf? The NCA offers some great resources for the prospective puppy buyer. First off is the Puppy Information Center Online. The site has articles and information to help find a responsible breeder as well as tips and suggestions for bringing home that new little ball of fluff. The NCA also has a referral hotline - 1-866-NCA-NEWF. Staffed by the incomparable Naomi Young-Meyer, the hotline provides one on one coaching for new puppy buyers to find just the right dog for their family. Also available is the newly revised NCA Breeder's List, featuring 126 NCA Breeders who are committed to education, helping the new buyer and producing beautiful, responsibly bred companions. Keep these references handy the next time someone asks you  "Where can I get a Newf?"


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AKC Provides Continuing Education for Breeders
Get Hitched! Beginning Draft Work Video Online
Great Read - New for Fall
AKC Modifying Judging Approval - Have Your Say
Tip for Teaching a Reliable Retrieve
Seeking Nominees for Annual Awards
New Committee seeks volunteers
Breeder Education Seminar
Date: November 5 2011          St. Paul, Minnesota
Title: AKC-AKCCHF Breeders Symposium
Sponsoring Club: The American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation    Contact Information:  Ron Rella
Hosted at The University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine In St. Paul, MN. You may also contact Rita Young Gardner at 1-888-682-9696.

Draft Work Video Online
NESBC, Working Dog Demonstration Part 1
Get your dog ready for pulling pumpkins and Christmas trees this holiday season.

New in the Newfoundland Dog Library
The Anne Marie (Volume 1)
by Israel J. Parker by CreateSpace
List Price: $11.99
Our Price: $9.93
Buy Now

Review - What a great story - I'm a dog lover and bought this to read on a cross country flight - I expected to go through a couple of chapters and pick it up later but wound up reading it in the cab to the hotel and finished it that night. The story catches you right off the bat and doesn't let you go!

AKC Seeks to Modify Judging Approval Process
nickThe Board of Directors of the American Kennel Club is seeking feedback from the fancy regarding the Judging Approval Process proposal recommended by the ad hoc Committee appointed by Board of Directors Chairman Ron Menaker consisting of Dr. Robert D. Smith Chair, Mr. Darrell Hayes, Mr. James S. Corbett, Dr. Thomas M. Davies, Mr. Robert S. Forsyth, Mrs. Rosalind Kraus Kramer, Mr. Edd E. Bivin, and Mr. James W. Smith.

Those who wish to offer their opinion of this proposal may do so via email. All feedback must be received by Wednesday, October 5, 2011.

To view the Smith Committee proposal, please click on the following link: Judging Approval Proposal

To view FAQ's regarding the Proposal please click on the following link: Judging Approval Q & A
Teaching A Good Retrieve by Cheryl Dondino
play ballAs with many other areas of dog training, there are many ways of teaching a dog to retrieve. I'm providing one method that works for teaching an obedience CDX hopeful, as well as for water rescue work.  
If you have a little puppy, play retrieving games where the puppy doesn't always have to give up the toy. Sometimes, just hold onto the toy with the puppy and use your other hand to stroke and pat the puppy for "getting" it and for "holding" it. This should continue through your dog's adult life and results in dogs who like having you a part of the retrieve, like to hold onto things and carry them around, and like to show you what they have in their mouths. READ MORE

Good Sports and Heroes Wanted
Do you know a heroic Newfoundland? Do you know a fancier who is the consummate "good sport"?  The NCA is seeking nominations for the Heroic Newfoundland Award, a dog who has been instrumental in warning others about potential danger or rescuing someone from danger.  October 15 is also the deadline for the NCA Good Sportsmanship Award given to an NCA member who exemplifies good sportsmanship in all avenues and who works diligently on behalf of others and Newfoundlands without concern for personal gain. For more information, or to submit a nomination, please contact Ingrid Lyden.
Help Wanted
The newly formed Performance & Companion Event Committee is seeking enthusiastic trainers, educators and writers to work on articles for NewfTide, e-Notes and the NCA website about working with Newfoundlands in these activities. Please contact Pam Saunders if you would like to pitch in.

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Disaster Preparedness

Evaluating A Breeder's Website


Researching A Breeder Online

New Water Test Judge
Congratulations to
Celia Gebhardt of CA
new NCA Provisional Water Test Judge. She may now accept judging assignments.

Full List of Water test Judges
Want your ad here next month?  Check out all the details on the NCA website.

The Nominating Committee of Joyce Echon-Butler, Carla Gengler, Betty McDonnell, Mary Lou Roberts and Stacy Roderick have submitted a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors. Mary Lou Cuddy, Barbara Finch, Sandy Gabel, Laura Gallagher, Maredith Reggie and Pam Rubio have been nominated. In accordance with NCA By-laws, additional nominations may be made by petition and must be received by the Recording Secretary by November 1, 2011. Each candidate must submit a written acceptance statement along with a personal profile and also an election statement on any matter(s) pertaining to the NCA, the Newfoundland Breed , or purebred dogs.

Download a Petition form & Acceptance Letter

Send completed forms to Mary Lou Cuddy, Recording Secretary

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