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February 2012  

On March 18th, Newf-FLA will host their 5th Annual "Droolapalooza" a Bowling and "Meet & Greet" extravaganza. This annual event has raised over $1000 for the club's rescue program. As dedicated as the many volunteers who work in rescue are, they will all agree that it also takes financial resources to rehabilitate and re-home Newfoundlands in need. What novel ways has your club or group devised to assist rescue financially? Share your ideas and help other clubs and maybe you can gain some new ideas as well.

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Committee Openings
Specialty Updates
Election Results
New Children's Book Debuts


Emily and Carlo
by Marty Rhodes Figley by Charlesbridge Publishing
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"You ask of my companions. Hills, sir, and the sundown, and a dog as large as myself that my father bought me. They are better than human beings, because they know but do not tell."

Emily Dickinson, responding to Thomas Wentworth Higginson question in a letter, April 25, 1862: "Who are your companions?" She became a recluse when only 32, preferring her Newfoundland's company to that of humans. Learn more about Emily and Carlo


Water Test Regulations Updated

jumpThe WDC and NCA Board approved the final revisions to the WRDX test in February 2012.

The WRDX regulations are now part of the regular water test regulations. Due to adding WRDX into the regulations the WDC had to make some changes and updates to the general water test regulations. Also, the NCA Board had recently directed the WDC to update and clarify some sections of the water test regulations. Therefore, since so many changes had to be made to the general water test regulations all of the changes, updates and clarifications to WRDX and the general water test regulations have been left in red so that the changes are more obvious. They will remain in red for one year.

The WDC thanks the membership for their input and patience on this long project and hopes that they will be pleased with the changes and updates that have been made to clarify the water tests.

Download the new Water Test Regulations
Also- please note- Water Test Applications should now be sent to Dwight Gorsuch

Help Wanted
small logoThere are openings for committee members on the Working Dog, Legislative Liaison and Rescue Prevention Committees. To find out more information about the work of these groups please visit the Committee Directory. If you are interested in joining one of these committees or would like more information please contact Pam Saunders, 2nd Vice President.
National Specialty Updates
The 2012 National Specialty is rapidly approaching - Rescue Ceremony, CGC Testing, Meal Reservation, Parking, Grooming Space and Seminar registration deadlines are all on the horizon. To get the most up to date information about the National be sure to bookmark the Specialty website and check in often.

Don't forget to purchase your tickets for the "Go Green" raffle - lots of prizes- winner takes all - buy your tickets now.

Volunteers are always an integral part of every successful event- raise your hand to day to help out! Volunteer Form
Board of Directors Elections
The results of the NCA Board election are as follows:

Mary Lou Cuddy - 618
Roger Frey - 578
Pam Rubio - 524
Maredith Reggie - 508
John Cornell - 488
Sandy Gabel - 441

These six directors will take office following the Annual Meeting at the National Specialty this May and will serve for a term of 2 years.

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Main Entry: ver·sa·tile  
1 : embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills; also : turning with ease from one thing to another

Many hours of hard work, training and dedication go into earning AKC championship and obedience titles and NCA Water Dog, Water Rescue Dog, and Draft Dog titles to earn the title of Versatile Newfoundland. The NCA is pleased to announce the following 2011 Versatile Newfoundlands. These dogs and handlers will be honored at this year's Annual Meeting and featured in the 2nd Quarter of Newf Tide.   

JEHAJ ADAM                    Blackwatch Ladyhawk At Ph            Tempest's The Sky's The Limit
Kevaura's SaltyDog                Oceano's Bene Bene Molto Bene        Jolly Roger's Darktown Strutter
TRESORS STAR OF LOGY BAY    Starboards Yankee Doodle Dandy        Top Shelf's Legacy Of Ark Angel 

If your dog has earned the required titles to become a VN (American Championship, CD, NCA WRD and DD) and is not included in this list, please contact Bethany Karger as soon as possible.

Pat Signature
Pat Randall, NCA President
Newfoundland Club of America