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October 2012  

Jackson at halloween It's October and fall is in full swing, and many Newf fanciers look forward to Draft Tests, Pumpkin Pulls, and Halloween costume contests. Here we see Joanne Givens' Jackson dressed as a rodeo bull, complete with cowboy bull rider. Remember that community events are always a good time for us to be ambassadors for the breed and provide us with opportunities to educate the public about our Newfoundlands.  If you are looking for resources to share for public education, you can download a number of informative brochures from the NCA website.

As always, we want to hear from you. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions.


NCA Charities Partner with eBay to Raise Funds
eBay NCA Charities is part of the eBay Giving Works program. So, you can support our mission when you buy and sell on eBay. Here's how:
You can find whatever you're looking for on eBay - from baseball cards to new cars and more. When you do, shop for items that benefit us. You can get a great deal and support Health Challenge, and Rescue at the same time! Sell
You can also support NCA Charities when you sell on eBay. Just designate our organization to receive 10-100% of your final sale price the next time you list something great. Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings? Boost your sales and support our critical work while you're at it! Plus eBay gives back to you too, with a fee credit on your basic selling fees. Sell now to support NCA Charities.

Together with your help we have already raised $1320.69 to help ensure a safe and healthy future for every Newf!

Newf Ambassador Program Seeks Recruits
rescue dog The NCA Newf Ambassador Program is designed to provide a knowledgeable and local person to talk with anyone who wants to learn more about Newfoundlands.  NCA Newf Ambassadors help potential owners to determine if a Newfoundland might be the right dog for them, as well as people who currently own Newfoundlands and are interested in some additional help (for example, training, grooming, becoming involved with water or draft training, or simply having fun with their dogs). Newf Ambassadors are experienced in and knowledgeable about the breed, the regional clubs and NCA, and are willing to spend time meeting with people face to face and providing an introduction to their dogs, when appropriate.
The NCA is on Pinterest™

pinterest Follow the NCA as we find the latest and greatest images of Newfoundland dogs from all around the web - Pinterest™is a social platform that uses "boards" to highlight and sort images from websites with great information for you! The NCA has boards about our busy Regional Clubs, the nationwide Newfoundland Rescue Network, lots of adorable puppy pictures and important causes that we support and more.

AKC Launches New Look
The AKC is excited to share an online experience designed for dog lovers, breeders, owners, delegates, club members, and exhibitors who have one thing in common: A passion for dogs. AKC knows that dogs are an integral part of our lives and understands that the ways we enjoy canine companionship are endless.

Their site is designed to let you experience more than 125 years of dog breed expertise, training knowledge, and all things dog firsthand. You'll discover news, find information, explore events, and be inspired to learn. Whether you are new to the AKC or a longstanding dog lover, you'll find intuitive and easy to navigate what matters most to you. The focus of this site is you. Here you'll find all the tools, information, and inspiration you need to share in our passion for dogs.

Newfoundland Wows Crowd at World Dog Show
Dog Show
This beautiful team put on a charming show in Salzburg - if you would like to learn about doing freestyle with your Newf and to see more videos of this fun activity check out the Freestyle page on the NCA website.

National Specialty on Facebook

Interested in helping out with the 2013 National Specialty? There is a Facebook group where you can find all the latest details and get involved -
join today!

Trophy Sponsorships - Sponsor a class or a placement in memory of a Newf or person or in your name or kennel name.  We need your help getting the classes all sponsored for this National.  Please contact Jennifer Hansen 

RV's will be allowed to stay on the show grounds this year.  The City of Frankenmuth has allowed us up to 20 RVs on property.  Details will follow soon.
The following Committee's still need VOLUNTEERS:
Banquet Decorations
Logo Wearables
Ringside Hospitality
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Looking for a Breeder? - Contact the NCA Breeder Referral Hotline

call 1-866-NCA-NEWF (1-866-622-6393)
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Bath Day for Your Newf

Caring for Your Older Newf

Coming When Called-or Not

Evaluating A Breeder's Website 


Researching A Breeder Online  




This year the NCA Board's Fall Face-to-Face meeting will be held November 16th, 17th and 18th in Saint Louis, MO.  The host hotel is the Crowne Plaza - St. Louis Airport, 11228 Lone Eagle Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044;  314-291-6700.

We have negotiated a fantastic rate of $92.00 + tax w/breakfast!!!  The reservation code is NCA.  Committee chairs, NCA members or other visitors can call 314-291-6700 and make their own reservations using the code NCA.
While the NCA does not reimburse expenses unless requested to present information to the Board, if you are in the area and would like to meet the Board and sit in some of the meetings, the Board will welcome you.

On Saturday afternoon the Board will be taking a brief recess to visit the AKC Museum of the Dog. NCA is a patron of the museum and has made in-kind donations of art over the years.  If you live in the area, please feel free to join us on this fun side-trip.

Pam Saunders,
NCA President

Newfoundland Club of America
Your NCA Board of Directors recognizes the value and prevalence of social networking systems, such as Facebook™, email lists, and blogs. Sometimes the rise of this entirely new class of communication has been accompanied by what has come to be viewed as cyber-harassment. Those engaged in cyber-harassment post negative comments and half or fabricated truths, often in a sarcastic manner, about individuals who cannot defend themselves. Members of the Newfoundland Club of America should consider social networking communication as public and, as such, understand that their comments reflect on themselves and the NCA. Members should consider carefully what and how they write and are encouraged to stress positive aspects of education rather than negative or sarcastic comments about owners, breeders, and/or Newfoundland fanciers.