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September 2008

September signals back-to-school for many families. One of the most rewarding things you can do with your Newf is school visitations. Being part of a Responsible Dog Ownership or Bite - Prevention Program, a Reading Education Assistance Program  or a Lewis and Clark educational visit are some of the many ways a Newfoundland can contribute to a classroom visit. Your local Regional Club may have a group that visits local schools already, contact them for more information. If you do not have a Regional Club nearby, contact your local school district and see if you can connect with students and teachers near you.

As always, we want to hear from you. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions.


In This Issue
National Specialty Planning
New Entry Guidelines for Working Events
Award Nomination Deadline Approaching
Save Weight Cirlces- Support the Health Challenge!
Breeder Education Seminar in North Carolina
2010 National Specialty
You're invited to join with other NCA members, nationwide, in planning the National Specialty Show for 2010.  The site will be the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, MI (same site as the 2009 National), and the dates for the show will be May 5th - 8th.

Share your ideas, interests, and expertise to benefit our Newfoundlands and the success of the 2010 National.  Can you suggest a theme?  Design a logo?  Think of an interesting educational program to offer?

Are you willing to chair or serve as a member of one of the many committees?  Some of these include the following:  catalog advertising, catalog sales, grounds, hospitality, publicity, trophies, working dog events, educational seminars, health clinics, obedience/rally, Juniors program, daily newsletter, special needs, registration packet, fine arts auction, brown bag raffle, ways and means, rescue parade, and international liaison.  The committees are being formed now, and many volunteers are needed.  It will be fun to work together in planning all these pieces that fit together to make a great show.

It's YOUR National Specialty.  We hope to hear your ideas and how you would like to be involved!
                                      Sandee Lovett, Show Chair
                                      and the NCA National Specialty Committee
                                      Robin Seaman, Chair
Working Dog Updates
postageStarting October 1, new guidelines for accepting entries to working events will go into effect. All test committees should review these guidelines. These changes apply to both draft and water tests.If you have questions or comments about these updates, please contact Sue Marino chair, Working Dog Committee
Award Nominations Due October 1

Do you know a heroic Newfoundland? Do you know a fancier who is the consummate "good sport"?  The NCA is seeking nominations for the Heroic Newfoundland Award, a dog who has been instrumental in warning others about potential danger or rescuing someone from danger.  October 1 is also the deadline for the NCA Good Sportsmanship Award given to an NCA member who exemplifies good sportsmanship in all avenues and who works diligently on behalf of others and Newfoundlands without concern for personal gain. For more information, or to submit a nomination, please contact Ingrid Lyden.
Purina Parent Club Partnership Update
purina parent club
As of July 31, 2008, the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. has 514 members declared for the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program. From January 1, 2008 through July 31, 2008, 142 members have submitted weight circles resulting in a total of $3,038.16 accumulated thus far for the 2008 Program. Purina donates half of the earnings to the AKC CHF Donor Advised Fund, and half goes to the NCA Health Challenge. Find out how you can participate.
He'd Save Your Life. Can You Save His?
Protecting your dog's health begins with an understanding of basic first aid techniques. The Michigan Veterinary Specialists Charitable Foundation is offering a Pet First Aid and CPR DVD. This informative one- and-a-half hour video, presented by a board-certified veterinarian and specialist in internal medicine, will equip pet owners with emergency action plans and hands-on techniques from how to clean and bandage a wound to what to do if your dog is choking. Heat stroke, eye injuries, poisoning and even how to stop the bleeding of a nail with common household items will be covered. CPR techniques are demonstrated and pet owners' most frequently asked questions are answered. Available for a donation of $20, proceeds benefit veterinary care for police and SAR Dogs. Learn more about Newfs working as SAR dogs.
AKC News
puppy 3
The American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation will be presenting a Canine Breeders' Symposium hosted by the University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine located in Athens, Georgia on November 8 & 9, 2008. The Symposium is open to all breeders, experienced and novice, plus anyone with a true dedication to dogs. The program will include topics relevant to a modern and responsible approach to canine breeding and medicine. The symposium will offer dog breeders a forum to meet, learn, and share ideas, concerns and expertise.

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Seeking volunteers to manage the TOD (Health Tested Open Database) and TODD (Health Tested Open Database, with DNA submitted to the AKC DNA Repository) awards.  Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to receiving award applications, mailing TOD/TODD pins, and  annually downloading a list of honorees to be published in Newf Tide.  Apply now.

In closing,

The NCA Board is gearing up for our Fall Face-to-Face Meeting in St. Louis from Friday, October 31 through Sunday afternoon, November 2.  As they are for all face-to-face meetings, NCA members are invited to attend.

Petitions for the 2009-2011 Board of Directors Elections are now being accepted. If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, you can download a petition form with instructions at the NCA website.


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America