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February 2013  

Spring is almost upon us, and with it comes spring cleaning. If you have collectibles, artwork, and memorabilia that are gathering dust, please consider donating to one of the worthy silent auctions or raffles being held at the National Specialty.

Ringside silent auctions will be held to benefit the NCA Newfoundland Health Challenge and the NCA Rescue Fund. Contact Mary Jane Spackman (Health Challenge) or Sue Miller (Rescue) with your donations.

The National Specialty will also present a Fine Arts auction and Brown Bag Raffle to raise funds to offset the cost of the specialty. You can send items to Stacy Roderick (Fine Arts) or Brook Moore-Beck (Brown Bag).

You can also sell items via eBay to benefit the NCA Charitable Trust anytime - just visit our eBay page, decide what portion of the proceeds you wish to donate, list your items- and watch the bids start rolling in.

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National Specialty Updates
The National Specialty is coming up soon- here are some updates of time sensitive information and new additions:

Premium List  is available on Roy Jones website
Draft Test Premium list is available on NCA Specialty website
Hotel Room Confirmations will be mailed out in the coming weeks.
The Grooming Building is full and there is now a wait list, if you have questions contact Steve Britton.
Keep those volunteer forms coming in
A few handler parking spaces still available in the lower lot
NEW- Education Evening! The Health and Longevity Committee will present Dr. Joshua Stern speaking on SAS - Wednesday at 6:30 and a seminar by Frank Lousy will be offered by the Legislative Committee on Wednesday at 8pm
Remember to get your Opening Ceremonies "float" planned.  Encourage your Regional Club or participate!
Top Twenty - consider becoming a sponsor for this spectacular event and don't forget to order your Top Twenty tickets and merchandise.
Contact Lynne Anderson Powell  to order your bottled water.
THANK YOU to all who have volunteered their time to help make this National Specialty another wonderful event.
Celebrate Versatility
Take A Line Main Entry: ver·sa·tile  
1 : embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills; also : turning with ease from one thing to another

Many hours of hard work, training and dedication go into earning AKC championship and obedience titles and NCA Water Dog, Water Rescue Dog, and Draft Dog titles to earn Versatile Newfoundland award. The NCA is pleased to announce the following 2012 Versatile Newfoundland candidates who earned all of their qualifying titles prior to 12/31/12. These dogs and handlers will be honored at this year's Annual Meeting and featured in the 2nd Quarter of Newf Tide.

Sunniside Weeknd On Hatteras      
Bruin's Onyxbay Premonition
Saltydog's Sofia Cane Salato     
Tempest's Bella Donna
Nakiska's For Kicks Pouch Cove    
Misty Mtn's Lord Of The Seas
Nakiska's Lord Of The Ring     
Timberknoll Maiden Of The Sea
Bee Creek's Makin Music     
Pouch Cove's Rainbow Over Nakiska
Top Shelf Barenjager Ala Dejon     
Careless Whisper Des Oursons Du Vent
Rocky Harbour's Phoenix Rising Of Amity     
Pouch Cove's Victorian Rose
Yosemite's Simply A Star          
Nitestar Special Agent Jethro Gibbs
Rowens Lost In This Moment           
Timberknoll Takes The Slopes
Yosemite's White And Black Blues         
Top Shelf Bottoms Up Brenrich

If your dog has earned the required titles to become a VN (American Championship, CD, NCA WRD and DD) prior to 12/31/12 and is not included in this list, please contact Joan Locker-Thuring, chair of the Recognition committee .
NCA Breeder's List Members - referrals and more!
puppy 3 The members of the NCA Breeder's List provide education and information to prospective puppy buyers. This list is a valuable link between buyers and knowledgeable NCA member-breeders. 
In addition to serving as a possible source for puppies, breeders on the Breeders List help to educate puppy buyers about what they should expect and insist upon when buying a puppy. Every educated puppy buyer armed with knowledge, who refuses to subscribe to poor breeding practices, helps to improve the health of the breed, as well as potentially preventing dogs from entering the rescue system.  

If you meet the requirements to be a part of the NCA Breeder's List, please submit your application to join for the 2013-2014 listing.

Download a Breeders' List Application Today - Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2013.
Register of Merit
mom and  pup image The Newfoundland Club of America Registry of Merit (ROM) system was designed in 1986 to honor those Newfoundlands proven to be exceptional producers of Champions and Working dogs. ROMs have been awarded retroactively to all Newfoundlands meeting the requirements and to date less than 500 Newfoundlands have earned this prestigious designation.

There are 8 candidates to be inducted into the Register of Merit based on 2012 titled get. These dogs and their owners will be honored at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Frankenmuth and featured in an article in the 2nd Quarter Newf Tide.

Avalon Bey's Lady Of The Lake        
Capriccio's Sumthin' T' Tlk About
Cypress Bays Ya-Ya Princess      
Dryad Blackwatch Terra Fare

Milano N Bearbrook At Longship     
Old Bay's Hellfrozover Topshelf

Seabrook's Best Man At Pouch Cove     
Shadrack Carries On At Council Cup

If your dog has met the requirements to become part of the Registry of Merit prior to 12/31/12 and it is not listed above, please contact Barbara Finch as soon as possible.
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Annual of Titlists

Submissions to the Annual of Titlists for recognition of titles earned in 2012 are due 3/31/13. 

Download a submission form


Next NewfTide Deadline

articles- 4/1/13

advertising - 3/15/13

Congratulations to the following candidates who were elected to serve 2 year terms on the NCA Board of Directors beginning this May. (alpha order)

Lynne Anderson-Powell
Steve McAdams
Mary L. Price
Pat Randall
Pam Saunders
Donna Thibault

A copy of the complete election results report is available here

Information about the current Board, contact links, meeting summaries, minutes and future meeting agendas are always available on the Board page of the NCA website.

Pam Saunders,
NCA President

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