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September 2013  

September signals back-to-school for many families. One of the most rewarding things you can do with your Newf is school visitations. Being part of a Responsible Dog Ownership or Bite - Prevention Program, or a Reading Education Assistance Program are some of the ways a Newfoundland can contribute to a classroom visit. Your local Regional Club may have a group that visits local schools already, contact them for more information. If you do not have a Regional Club nearby, contact your local school district and see if you can connect with students and teachers near you.

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Health Challenge Takes the Lead
nhc logo The NCA Newfoundland Health Challenge supports many studies working on solving the riddles of health problems that beset our beloved gentle giants. From being a lead sponsor of the AKC CHF Canine Bloat Initiative to funding studies through the Morris Animal Foundation and AKC Canine Health Foundation, the Health Challenge has put the health of our breed at the forefront of veterinary research. Your donation to the NCA Health Challenge helps us to continue this vital work in the future.
Help Shape the Future of the NCA
small logo Attention NCA Members - - Summer's over - time to roll up your sleeves

Are you a newly minted MBA just waiting to get some real life experience? Has you work life made you an expert at business justifications, technical analysis and product evaluation? Help the NCA embrace the technology age by joining the Technical Advisory Committee. We are seeking several new committee members to assist in seeking out, researching and recommending technology solutions for the NCA on a long term planning basis. Put your skills to work solving real world problems and helping our organization work more effectively and efficiently to preserve and protect the Newfoundlands we love.

Interested NCA Members should contact Lynne Anderson, Committee Liaison with a letter of interest.
Newfs Go Off to War
When Johnny Reb and Billy Yank marched off to war, chances are that a four-footed or winged creature went with them. Wartime animal mascots demonstrated bravery and loyalty, and earned the affections of their human counterparts. Dogs and horses were most commonly mascots for regiments, but a dignified eagle, a lumbering bear, and a sheep also had their place in camp and on the battlefield. Some Civil War mascots were an inspiration for the troops, while others were a reminder of beloved pets at home. Mascots brought loyalty and enthusiasm, and for soldiers, the act of nurturing animals also offset boredom in camp. READ MORE

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Dogs in Politics Day Takes a Turn
September 23 was "Dogs in Politics Day" and as evidenced by this recent announcement by the AKC, responsible dog owners are getting more active in advocating for their rights to own and responsibly breed purebred dogs.
"AKC Staff led by Chris Walker along with Bob Amen have been working with Edelman, our new public outreach partner, on the plan that will change the current conversation, as demonstrated in that Facebook post, by confronting the prejudice and telling the truth about purebred dogs and their responsible breeders.

We will focus our efforts on two key audiences - families with kids 8-12 and empty nesters. These groups represent the critical inflection points for dog ownership and hold our best opportunities to correctly educate the public about purebred dogs and responsible dog breeding.

An additional audience will be federal and local legislators. Our experience makes it clear that once legislators know the truth, the legislative outcome is positive. READ MORE
Award Nominations due October 15
Do you know a heroic Newfoundland? Do you know a fancier who is the consummate "good sport"?  The NCA is seeking nominations for the Heroic Newfoundland Award, a dog who has been instrumental in warning others about potential danger or rescuing someone from danger.  October 15 is also the deadline for the NCA Good Sportsmanship Award given to an NCA member who exemplifies good sportsmanship in all avenues and who works diligently on behalf of others and Newfoundlands without concern for personal gain. For more information, or to submit a nomination, please contact Ingrid Lyden.
CTMB Launches Rescue Survey
  rescueMembers of the Newfoundland Club of America and many other donors provide generous donations, sales revenues and in-kind services which support the Newfoundland Club of America Charitable Trust Rescue work.

Newfoundlands are surrendered to Regional Clubs' Rescues or NCA Rescue and often receive veterinary treatment, along with other care, prior to placement. To help guide this Rescue effort and most effectively utilize funds dedicated for this important purpose, the NCA Charitable Trust is requesting your feedback on the some Rescue questions.

Please take this short survey (you do not need to be an NCA member to participate) and share your thoughts about Newfoundland Rescue.
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The Nominating Committee has submitted a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors. John Cornell, Mary Lou Cuddy, Sandy Gabel, Maredith Reggie and Pam Rubio have been nominated. Additional nominations may be made by petition and must be received by the Recording Secretary by November 1, 2013. Each candidate must submit a written acceptance statement along with a personal profile and also an election statement on any matter(s) pertaining to the NCA, the Newfoundland Breed, or purebred dogs; and include a head shot for inclusion in the election packet.

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NCA President

Newfoundland Club of America
Your NCA Board of Directors recognizes the value and prevalence of social networking systems, such as Facebook™, email lists, and blogs. Sometimes the rise of this entirely new class of communication has been accompanied by what has come to be viewed as cyber-harassment. Those engaged in cyber-harassment post negative comments and half or fabricated truths, often in a sarcastic manner, about individuals who cannot defend themselves. Members of the Newfoundland Club of America should consider social networking communication as public and, as such, understand that their comments reflect on themselves and the NCA. Members should consider carefully what and how they write and are encouraged to stress positive aspects of education rather than negative or sarcastic comments about owners, breeders, and/or Newfoundland fanciers.