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October 20, 2009

The Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. Board of Directors and the Technical Resources Committee are very pleased to bring to you the NCA online  database. Although long in happening, we are extremely pleased that the database as it now exists. Containing over 33,000 records and encompassing dogs from the turn of the century to the present day the database makes a wonderful tool not only for NCA members but for Newf lovers everywhere.

Important Information
Database Contents
Assistance Needed
The Future
Accessing the Database
What You Will Find in the Database
gref Pedigrees: (in two formats) the normal pedigree format with background colors for each generation and a format used for downloading the pedigree into different publications. This format is used for the Annual of Titlists and Newf Tide
Information: the following information is available for all dogs:
Registered Name and Registering Body,
Call Name, Country of Origin
Owner, Breeder, Date of Birth, Sire, Dam
Titles, including title date and registering body
Health data, clearances available through OFA

The database is easy to navigate. Every dog in the database has a dog id #. You might want to write your dogs id#'s down and keep them for reference. Otherwise you can access a dog by registration name, registration number, call name or even by Date of Birth. You do not need to enter all the dogs registered name, just a portion will do. I have found that it is easier not to pull up a dog by their kennel name because of the apostrophe used and then sometimes not used in registered names. For the hypothetical dog name "Brook's Baby Doll Bear", I would use Baby Doll. If you have any problem navigating through the database, please let us know.
We Need Your Help!
duchess Our data is not complete. You will find that some award dates are missing, also, owner names and breeder names are missing in some cases. Some pedigrees are not complete through four generations. There also may be data that is incorrect. We will accept corrections and missing data from the owner or breeder of the dog. Corrections and missing data must have confirmation attached. A copy of the dog's registration or a copy of the dog's award certificate is the best item to send. The confirmation must include the data you are correcting or inserting. If you are able to help supply missing data or correct existing data go to "Contact Us" and select the form that relates to the data you are correcting or sending. A "New Dog Form" is for a dog that is not in the database. But, please remember that only dogs that have received an award such as a Championship or an Obedience or Working Title are included in the database. This will also follow for dogs in their pedigree.
The Future
oscar This is the launch of Phase I of the NCA Database. We will move on to Phase II when the existing data is as robust and error-free as possible.

The features of Phase II are still being finalized, so it would be very helpful to us for you to go to the Comments section of the database site or email us and let us know what you would like to see included in future releases.
How To Access the Database
Go to your web browser and type in or click on this link and you will be there. The information stored in the database is available to the public and does not require a log-in or a password.

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I would like to say thank you to Ascent Systems and especially Mike Cioletti who has worked with us throughout the last year. Also, I want to thank the members of the Technical Resources Committee and the NCA Board for their advice and continued help with this project.

If you encounter any problems in our database other than the missing data or incorrect data described above, please do not hesitate to let me know.

It has been a pleasure to serve the NCA and the Newfoundland breed in the development of this database.

Barbara A. Finch
Chairman, Technical Resources Committee
Newfoundland Club of America