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April 2013  

brush As the weather gets warmer, our Newfs are all blowing coat. It is important to provide effective grooming to keep dead undercoat from matting, and our dogs' skin in tip-top shape to avoid a summer plagued with hot spots. Handler and trainer Pauline Baldwin shares coat maintenance tips for dogs getting ready for the obedience or show ring, but these important grooming habits will benefit all our Newfs. Read More here.

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National Specialty Updates
Volunteer Opportunities are still available for shifts in logo sales, handing out ring favors and fine arts auction - contact Amy Lane if you are able to help out.

The video website for the show is now LIVE! Take advantage of significant discount pricing, and of course, the streaming video. Order early to get your passwords, and your discount video pricing.

HEALTH CLINIC UPDATE - The cystinuria swabs are going to be $48 if turned in at the show and coat color with cystinuria will be an additional $20.

AKC Awards for Canine Excellence
In 1999, The American Kennel Club took action to express its time-honored respect for the extraordinary canine-human bond, as well as its appreciation for the innumerable ways in which dogs meaningfully contribute to our lives. That initiative gave rise to The AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE), which celebrated its first presentation year in 2000.

To qualify, the dog must have performed some exemplary act, whether large or seemingly small, that has significantly benefited a community or individual. The dog can be AKC registered, able to be registered, or a mixed breed. One award will be given every year in each of the following five categories: Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Therapy, Service, and Exemplary Companion Dog. Learn More.

National Pet ID Week
Do you know where your pets are right now, and could you find them if they were lost? It's National Pet Identification week, and we're sharing important reminders of how to protect your pets from being lost.
In the event your pet is lost, stolen or involved in an emergency situation, identification and tracking can be an important factor in the pet's recovery.The best ways to identify your pet are:

Collar with updated and easily readable tags
Microchipping with updated owner information

You should also keep a recent photo of your pet available to make lost/found flyers and make sure that your yard has secure fencing and regularly check all gates and latches for wear and tear. According to HomeAgain™ 1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime, and without proper ID, 90% never return home, don't let your Newf be one of these statistics.

Agility With a Newfoundland- Why Not?
newfoundland dog doing agility weavesRowens Another Day In Paradise, CD, WRD, TDD
Rowens Another Day In Paradise, CD, WRD, TDD "Kozmo" shows Mark Iken just how much he likes to do weave poles.
by Jenni Lott
When most people think "dog agility," odds are they aren't thinking about the Newfoundland. Border Collies, Shelties, even Golden Retrievers come to mind, but certainly not Newfoundlands. That is one of the reasons that competing in agility with my Newfoundland  is so much fun, and also one of the reasons it can be so frustrating. READ MORE

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As the guardians of this wonderful breed, Newf fanciers often find themselves in a position of providing breed education to prospective puppy owners, and the general public. A great source to keep on hand is the Newfoundland Puppy Information Center - and the NCA Breeder Referral Hotline at 1-866-NCA-NEWF (1-866-622-6393). Both of these resources are great ways to steer new fanciers to a wealth of information available from the NCA.

Some people have already started their journey to Frankenmuth, Michigan to participate in this year's National Specialty, others are busy with packing and planning.  Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings in Michigan on the National Specialty website. The NCA Board will be meeting Monday of the Specialty week, as always our meetings are open to all NCA members and we encourage you to sit in. The Annual Membership Meeting will be held Tuesday evening, please make sure not to miss out.

Pam Saunders,
NCA President

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