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January 2014  

Do you know about the NCA Charities monthly giving program? Our Sustaining Donors are a small group of dedicated friends like you who are making a profound impact on the lives of needy Newfoundlands through regular monthly gifts. Become a NCA Charities Sustaining Donor.

Did you know that monthly giving is an incredibly efficient way to support NCA Charities?  NCA Charities monthly supporters are a group of dedicated friends like you who make monthly gifts that provide a consistent, reliable income stream, allowing us to focus more resources on our lifesaving programs, and less on raising the necessary funds. Members like it because it's easy to budget and it feels great to be making a difference for Newfoundlands every month of the year.

Looking for a resolution that's guaranteed to stick? Resolve to do more for Newfoundlands in 2015 by becoming an NCA Charities Sustaining Donor.

Take three minutes to become a monthly supporter today, and you'll make an impact that lasts all year long.
Ambassadors Share the Wealth
Is your favorite activity talking about Newfoundlands? Would you rather spend time playing with dogs than just about anything else? Share your enthusiasm and passion for our gentle giants with people new to the breed. Become a Newfoundland Ambassador! The Newf Ambassador Committee is looking for ambassadors in the northwest, southeast and central states. Join today and start sharing your love of the Newfoundland!
2015 Health Challenge Silent Auction Seeks Support
Support health studies for our breed!

Colonial Newfoundland Club will be hosting a ringside silent auction to benefit the Health Challenge at the National Specialty in Rhode Island. You can donate items, gift certificates or money that would be used to purchase items for the auction. Donations are tax deductible!
Email Kathy Hamilton   for questions or pledges. You can mail donations or deliver at the National.

Remember, this is an incredible opportunity to support health studies for our breed!! The silent auctions at the National are a big part of fundraising for the Health Challenge. Let's make it great!
2015-2016 Breeders List Application

pup12 Qualification for the NCA Breeders List:  

1.   Must have been a member in good standing of the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. for five consecutive years.

2.   Must be willing to serve as an educational resource for prospective Newfoundland owners.

3.   Must have no grievances, which the Arbitration Committee has found to have a basis in fact and were unresolved at the closing date for the list. (NCA members and non-members may file grievances.)

4.   Must always use a written Agreement/Contract in all Newfoundland transactions.

5.   Must have bred two (2) Newfoundland litters while a member of the NCA.

6.   Must have bred an AKC or CKC Champion Newfoundland. A copy of the Certificate of Title must be attached if not previously submitted.

7.   Must have one sponsor, who is a current member of the Breeders List.

8.   The NCA expects its members to make a life-long commitment to every Newfoundland they produce and to cooperate in the rescue of any Newfoundland dogs they produce.

9.   The NCA recommends that every person on the Breeders List be a member of an NCA regional club. If the member does not live in the United States, he or she should be a member of their national or regional club in the country in which they live.  


Download an Application - May 30, 2015 


The 2015 Nominating Committee is seeking persons willing to be considered for nomination to the 2016 NCA Board of Directors.  Anyone who is interested in serving should send a written resume to the chair, including the following information:
       Years of experience as a Newfoundland owner, breeder, and/or exhibitor.
       Contributions to the sport of dogs.
       Contributions to the Newfoundland breed and to the national or regional clubs by virtue of talent, education, training, and/or professional endeavor.
       Written assurance of willingness to run for office, attend meetings, serve on committees, and be a consistently active board member, if chosen.
Your letter of intent and resume must be received by June 1, 2015.  No extensions will be given.
NCA Nominating Committee                                                       
Cathy Hartke, Chair                                                                 
Committee Members: Lori Eldridge, Peggy Lange, Erin Murphy, Stacy Roderick
Alternates: John Affel, Lori Littleford                        

Looking for rescued Newfoundlands for the 2015 National!

We are looking for rescued Newfoundlands to be recognized at the upcoming 2015 National. This year's National is being held in Warwick, RI, May 4th - May 9th, 2015. For those of you who do not know, the National is basically a huge week long party for Newfoundlands and their owners. At the National, the Newfies come from all over the world to strut their stuff, show their working talents, attend recognition events and march in the Rescue Parade!


We want to be sure you are aware of the rescue parade so you can make plans to attend. All rescued Newfoundlands are encouraged to attend. The parade will be held on Friday, May 8th, during the lunch break. Check in will be at 11:00 AM Friday, May 8th near the entrance to the ring. The event is FREE to all that enter. All Rescues in the parade will receive a medallion


If you are not able to attend the event, please complete the form and send it in. We will

place your name on a banner that will be carried in the parade! We want to be sure all rescues receive the recognition they deserve!


You can obtain more information and download a form by visiting the2015 National web page.  Contact information for the Rescue Parade is:Cathy Derench, Lori Bryant  

We look forward to seeing you at the parade!

NCA Honors Longevity
old newf
 Each year the NCA recognizes the oldest living Newfoundland. This program will recognize any Newfoundland who has reached the age of 14, with a special honor and recognition at the Annual Meeting for the oldest dog during 2014.
If you would like to apply for this recognition the deadline is February 15, 2015. Please email nominations to Ingrid Lyden, Awards Chair.
You must include:
-copy of AKC registration
-letter from veterinarian stipulating that the dog is still alive or providing date of passing information
-all owners' names (at least one must be a NCA member)
Winner will be notified after via mail, and recognized at the Annual Meeting. All qualifying 14 year old Newfoundlands will receive a personalized commemorative certificate.
Looking for some tips on living with your living legend?  Check out Elizabeth Heath's article on the Hubpages Education Center.

Change to Working Event Entry Process
The NCA board voted that all NCA working events will set an opening date for NCA members to send their entries 10 days before the regular opening date. All entries received postmarked on the regular opening date or after that date will be handled equally whether the entrant is an NCA member or not. If a non-NCA member sends an entry with a postmark before the regular opening date they will have to send a new entry/envelope postmarked with a date after the regular opening date.

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Allow me to introduce myself...Janice Anderson, newly appointed Chairman of the Newfoundland Club of America Legislative Liaison Committee. The Legislative Liaison Committee is the link between the NCA and the American Kennel Club (AKC) for issues involving local, state and national legislation, which have the potential to impact our breed and our enjoyment of our breed in any way and serves as the liaison between the NCA and the American Dog Owners Association(ADOA).1 As a committee, we are the purveyors of information to the AKC, the ADOA and NCA club members. The NCA Legislative Committee currently consists of 4 members. We are a small group, with a lot of area to cover, and we need your help.

The Animal Rights (AR) Movement intends to eliminate animals from our lives, forever changing the way we live. And legislation is their current weapon of choice. Continuously attacking, pushing their agenda with onerous and restrictive legislation which is corroborated by HSUS President, Wayne Pacelle, "We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States ... We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped in California. Then we will take it state by state."2 Whether it is legislation in Pasadena, CA. seeking Mandatory Spay/Neuter (MSN) of dogs and cats, a cage ban for farm animals in Massachusetts, or the elimination of hunting in these United States, we are all in this together. We must fight for our very existence as breeders, as pet and animal owners, as farmers, ranchers, hunters, scientists and entertainers. AR groups are looking for a means to an end... of life as we know it.

I have three requests:

* Consider joining this committee.

* That every regional club considers joining the Federation of Dogs Clubs that serves your state. Federations are

composed of member clubs and individuals throughout the fancy, devoted to the promotion and welfare of

pure-bred dogs, including education, responsible ownership, monitoring legislative activities and much more.

* That every regional club consider appointing a Legislative Liaison, an individual or individuals that will keep apprised of animal related issues and potential legislation within the club area, at the local, regional and state level. The liaison would relay this information to their regional club and the NCA Legislative Liaison Committee in a timely fashion. The key to defeating legislation that will impact our lives and the lives of our animals is timeliness. If enough pressure is borne on legislators against a particular measure, then that measure may not come to fruition or can be defeated. If, on the other hand, legislation comes to bear in any community, and is not challenged, the results can be devastating. Everyone must be aware, be diligent, and get involved in your community and our community within the NCA. We are only as strong as our weakest link. That weak link is apathy. If you don't care, then who will? United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Please join us.


Janice Anderson

As always, we want to hear from you. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions.

Newfoundland Club of America
Your NCA Board of Directors recognizes the value and prevalence of social networking systems, such as Facebook™, email lists, and blogs. Sometimes the rise of this entirely new class of communication has been accompanied by what has come to be viewed as cyber-harassment. Those engaged in cyber-harassment post negative comments and half or fabricated truths, often in a sarcastic manner, about individuals who cannot defend themselves. Members of the Newfoundland Club of America should consider social networking communication as public and, as such, understand that their comments reflect on themselves and the NCA. Members should consider carefully what and how they write and are encouraged to stress positive aspects of education rather than negative or sarcastic comments about owners, breeders, and/or Newfoundland fanciers.