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January 2012  

The AKC Canine Health Foundation sponsored the 2011 National Parent Club Canine Health Conference in August of 2011. Both Clyde Dunphy, DVM and Jenny Zablotny, DVM attended representing the NCA and the NCA Charitable Trust. Their reports on the conference will be published in Newf Tide. Abstracts of the presentations are available online. The NCA is strongly committed to improving the health of our breed and one of the ways we can do that is by taking advantage of the wonderful educational opportunities provided by the AKC. Another great way to help the health of our breed is to complete the online OFA/NCA Health Survey. Over 1850 dogs have already been entered, sharing the health history of your dogs will help to shape the future of research funding for the breed for years to come.

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NCA Honors Longevity

old newfEach year the NCA recognizes the oldest living Newfoundland. This program will recognize any Newfoundland who has reached the age of 14, with a special honor and recognition at the Annual Meeting for the oldest dog during 2011.

If you would like to apply for this recognition the deadline is February 15, 2012. Please email nominations to Ingrid Lyden, Awards Chair.

You must include:
-copy of AKC registration
-letter from veterinarian stipulating that the dog is still alive or providing date of passing information
-all owners' names (at least one must be a NCA member)

Winner will be notified after 4/10 via mail, and recognized at the Annual Meeting. All qualifying 14 year old Newfoundlands will receive a personalized commemorative certificate. 


Looking for some tips on living with your living legend? Check out Elizabeth Heath's article on Squidoo

Winterize Your Newf
shovelWintertime can be great fun for you and your Newf. A couple of safety tips are all you need to keep in mind for a fun frolic.
1. Keep your Newf well groomed- long hair and mats will not keep your dog warm, it will just make it harder to get him completely dry which can lead to hot spots and mats. This includes ears and nail trims.
2. Keeping feathers and foot hair trimmed short will minimize the development of "snowballs" in furnishings- you can also put a light spray of cooking oil or conditioner to limit snow build up.
3. Watch out for anti-freeze and chemical ice-melt products, both are hazardous to pets. Rinse your dogs' feet after walking on roads that have been treated with chemical de-icer or salt.
4. Make sure your dog has access to fresh water- eating snow will not provide adequate hydration.
5. Remember that dogs spending lots of time out in the cold will burn more calories, check your dogs weight (rib-feel) and increase incrementally if needed.

Get Pulling- Free e-Book Download
reading newfTake advantage of the winter weather to read up on draft equipment, harness fitting and the ins and out of hitching your dog for draft work in the "Draft Equipment Guide" produced by the NCA Working Dog Committee and featuring the artwork of Consie Powell is now available for you to download as a free e-Book - get your copy today and start gearing up for spring and draft test season.
Westminster Shines Spotlight on Purebred Dogs
The 2004 Westminster Kennel Club - Josh the Newfoundland
The 2004 Westminster Kennel Club - Josh the Newfoundland
February always brings one of the highlights of the dog fanciers year, the annual broadcast of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  We always see a jump in visits to the NCA Website, along with an increase in phone calls and inquiries to breeders and Regional Clubs.  Are you prepared to answer the questions that will follow a TV appearance by a Newf?  The NCA has a number of brochures available to you to download. Flyers about health issues, along with brochures Introducing the Newfoundland, and The Most Commonly Asked Questions can help you promote responsible dog ownership and education about our breed. Remember too, that a quick referral to NewfPuppy.Com will connect prospective puppy owners with a wealth of information.

Board of Directors Elections
You can't complain if you don't vote!  Ballots are due Monday February 1. If you have not received your ballot and candidate statements, please contact Mary Lou Cuddy, recording secretary. Ballots MUST be received before Feb. 1st. Ballots received on or after Feb 1st will not be counted.

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The NCA has more than 40 committees that work hard for the welfare of our dogs. Their annual reports will be published in the upcoming 1st Quarter 2012 issue of NewfTide, so you'll have an opportunity to see what they've been up to for the past year and, in some cases, what their plans are for 2012.  

Also keep in mind that each year at the National Specialty, the NCA Board appoints the chairs of these committees and the members of all Board-appointed committees.  If you have an interest in serving the club and wish to be considered for a particular appointment, please contact Pam Saunders, NCA 2nd Vice President and Committee Liaison.  We'll definitely find a way to put you to work!

The National Specialty is fast approaching, don't forget to watch those deadlines!  Reservations are now open for: Hotel Rooms, Reserved Grooming, Prime Handler Parking and RV Parking.  Visit the National Specialty Website for more details.

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