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October 2009

hallowweenAutumn is in full swing around the country and that brings the cool crisp air our Newfs love so much. Now that water training season is wrapping up- don't forget to complete the WRDX survey- even if you were just a spectator the Working Dog Committee would like to hear your thoughts. Even though your water gear is packed away, don't think the fun should stop for your Newf - carting, education, obedience and parties are great activities to fill a fall afternoon. Trick or treating with a Newf in costume is a sure way to make some new friends for you and your dog. Let us know what you and your Newf have been up to.

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In This Issue
Online Database Updates
JEC Presentation launched online
Gen Ed Developing PR Materials Program
REACt Launches New Buyer Program
AKC DNA Discounts
Database Update
duchessThe NCA Board and Technical Resources Committee regret the confusion during the introduction of the new NCA database.  We are grateful to Newfoundland fanciers for their patience in this matter.  Some of the major problems with the NCA database that have become evident since its introduction have relatively straightforward solutions and some of the major gaps in data have technical solutions that will be implemented.  The NCA database will remain online and you are invited to investigate it, and send comments on the user
interface.  We will keep you informed as updates, additions and
corrections are implemented.  However, please don't send data or try to document errors and omissions until the NCA database is updated further.

Phase 1 of the online NCA Database was developed to provide pedigree and title data for NCA Publications- Newf Tide, and the Annual of Titlists, to track titles for awarding ROMs & VNs, to provide back-end data for membership functions and to provide a place for NCA members to list health clearances such as Cardiac or Cystinuria, without listing with the OFA. When completed the NCA Database will include pedigree, owner, breeder, health and award data for all Newfoundland Dogs earning NCA or AKC titles and/or having clearances posted in OFA or submitted directly to the database. The NCA database is not intended to be a repository listing of all Newfoundland Dogs.

Tech Resources will be inputting data received from AKC and OFA and many of the holes in the current data will be filled, please watch future editions of e-Notes to get regular updates on the progress of this project. We appreciate everyone's patience during this time of transition and with your assistance we will have a database that will effectively meet the needs of the club into the future.

When exporting data from previous sources and breaking it down for import into the current database, some of the data was corrupted. The Tech Resources committee, utilizing data from the AKC and the OFA is working to restore much of this data. The Working Dog Committee is also assisting Tech Resources in compiling working award data to be imported. Global corrections have been made to color, etc. to correct those fields. The owner/breeder data is being handled from a different perspective than the original data and is being reviewed manually by a subcommittee working with person data, including membership. We may be contacting you to verify information if you have registered or bred dogs under multiple first/last names over the years - for example Jane Doe, Jane Doe-Smith, J. Smith and Mrs. Howard Smith all being the same individual.

We will be asking people to take a moment to look at their dogs and let us know if there is incorrect data listed for your dog.  The dogs most likely to show with errors are: 

Dogs with unusual capitalization - since much of the data was imported in all caps, a global fix was implemented to correct to capitalize the first letter of each word, if your dog's name has capitals in different configurations please let us know if it appears incorrectly.

Dogs who had health clearances submitted directly to NCA and not OFA

In cases where incorrect information appears, you can submit information via email (OFA or AKC reports), regular mail to PO Box 2335 Davidson, NC 28036-5335 (copies of AKC, NCA certificates or Health Clearances- cardiologist reports or cystinuria clearances) or fax to 360-598-6592 (copies of AKC, NCA or Health Clearances- cardiologist reports or cystinuria clearances)

When searching for dogs in the database the most effective way is to search for a fragment of the registered name, usually the parts immediately following the kennel name. Searches including kennel names are encumbered by possible variations in  the names including the presence of apostrophes - this will be corrected for in future versions of the database, but right now still exist.

Dogs are being corrected to show what is on their AKC registration. If there is a spelling error on the dog's registration with the owner/breeder or dog's name or the dog's color is incorrectly listed it should be corrected with the AKC first and then a corrected copy of the certificate sent to the NCA.
NCA Provides JEC Presentation to Membership
lucasThe NCA mailed a CD copy of the Judges Education Presentation on the breed to all NCA members in the 3rd Quarter issue of Newf Tide. This CD will also be included in the welcome packet to all new NCA members. The presentation is a Power Point™ file. If you are unable to open the file, a PDF version has been posted on the NCA website. Members are reminded that the information and images in the presentation are copyrighted by the NCA and should not be reproduced without permission. You can share the PDF by linking to the Judges Education Center on the NCA site. This will allow the NCA to keep the presentation current with any changes the JEC may add.
Gen ED Seeking PR Materials
small logoThe Gen Ed committee is gathering public relations materials with a goal of putting together a Care Package for all regional clubs. If NCA members could please send samples of what they personally provide or what their club provides, it would be most appreciated. Gen Ed will be requesting reprint permission for those items included in the final packet.

Items can include:
- Items for children: coloring sheets, crosswords, games, find a word, etc.
- Lewis & Clark information: facts about Seaman, historical sites, etc.
- Puppy Information: how to find, how to care for, grooming, training, etc.
- Breed Information
    - Images: posters, drawings, photos
    - Breed Facts
    - How-to's: training, grooming, general care, find a Newf
- Activities to do with your Newf: water work, draft work, obedience, tracking, etc
Files can be emailed to: Nicki Dobson  or mailed to: 8502 Dice Lane, Lenexa, KS 66215
REACt Launches New Buyer Project
puppy 8 In 2006, REACt surveyed the NCA membership to gain insights on members' experiences as owners and first-time buyers.  One of the things that we recognized after reviewing the responses was that, while most of us started under less than ideal circumstances, most of those new owners who are buying their dogs through the internet do not have the opportunity to make the connection to NCA or its regional clubs that the rest of us have had.  Making these resources available through NCA and its regional clubs will help them learn about the breed and develop into better newf owners.  Perhaps some will develop into breed enthusiasts and breed stewards and will help further other new owners.
One of the outcomes of this survey is a coupon that will be included in registration packets, offering those who register their Newfoundlands an issue of Newf Tide.  This will provide new owners with an opportunity to learn about issues affecting Newfoundlands, companion and working roles of Newfoundlands, what the NCA does, what show-winning Newfoundlands look like and what kind of activities occur at the nearest regional club.  A cover letter is included highlighting information available on the NCA web site, along with a list of regional clubs, including club contacts and Rescue contacts.  This project will run for six month study period.
AKC DNA Discount
To celebrate AKC's 125th anniversary the AKC Booth will be offering discounted DNA Profiling at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, CA December 12 and 13th. Come by the booth on Saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and on Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00pm. DNA Samples collected at the booth during this event will have a discounted price of $30.00 each. Drop by the AKC Booth to see what's new with the AKC and take advantage of this special DNA offer. Please note this is for AKC DNA Profiling and NOT the CHIC DNA Database.
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The NCA Board of Directors is gearing up for our Fall Face-to-Face meeting. This will be held November 6-8 at the Honors Haven Resort in Ellenville, NY. Our agenda is full of exciting opportunities and we invite all of the membership to join us at this open meeting. You can contact me for specifics of meeting times, etc.

Also, remember that nomination petitions for the 2010-2012 Board positions must be received by the Recording Secretary by November 1, 2009. Each candidate must submit a written acceptance statement along with a personal profile and also an election statement on any matter(s) pertaining to the NCA, the Newfoundland Breed , or purebred dogs.

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