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November 2014  
From the President:


It is with great sadness that I inform the membership of the loss of our Newf Tide Editor Maredith Reggie. Her passing was sudden and unexpected. The Newf Tide Policy Committee has temporarily taken on the duties of Newf Tide Editor at this time. They have been working very hard to get the 4th Quarter issue to the publisher and on to you. This 4th quarter issue will hopefully not be too late in coming but will be a smaller issue than normal.  


I would like to thank Lynne Anderson - 2nd Vice President and our committee liaison for getting the below information out to all the NCA committees and I have copied it for all of you.


Submission for Newf Tide 1st Quarter 2015

Deadline: January 2, 2015


Send all hard copy submissions with non-digital photos to:

Beth Sell

2605 West Lake Road

Cazenovia NY 13036-9816


Send all electronic submissions sent to:


If you submitted an item for the 4th Quarter issue and have not been contacted, please send an email to with a description of your submission.


The Newf Tide Policy Committee appreciates your patience as they work through this difficult time.  Please email them at with any additional concerns you may have.  



The NCA BOD and myself would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Newf Tide policy committee for working so hard during this difficult time to get Newf Tide to the publisher as soon as possible.  






November is Senior Pet Month
  13 year oldDo you share your life with a senior Newf? Here are some tips for making life easier for you and your oldster:

Shuffle. Those of us with multiple dogs never walk normally anyway, but old dogs will be underfoot more than you ever thought possible. They sleep more soundly and often can't hear you coming. You'll both be safer if you take extra care.

Train with hand signals while they can still hear well enough to learn easily. Trust me, it's harder once the hearing is gone.

Use a flashlight to call them in at night if their hearing goes. They catch on fast if a treat is also in your hand.

Carpet the stairs - old dogs have trouble on slippery slopes. old newf

Use rubber backed area rugs on slippery floors - especially at the bottom of the stairs. They're cheap and easy to clean.

Put a rug under the feeding area to help them keep their balance as they bend to eat. Raise the bowl if bending becomes difficult.

  old newfResources: Caring For Your Older Newfoundland,
  Facebook Forum: Senior Newfoundland Dogs

Rescue Stories
Some of the stories of Newfs entering the Rescue program are heartbreaking. Many are uplifting. Newfoundlands have a powerful influence on the lives they touch, for those who listen. Read their stories online.



The third annual Giving Tuesday will take place on December 2, 2014. Your Gift Will Save a Life! Your support helps NCA Charities work to ensure a safe and healthy future for every Newfoundland. 


If you spend on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, please consider kicking off your holiday giving season with an end-of-year charitable gift on Giving Tuesday. Thank you!


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Tree Pulls Gets into Full Swing as Holidays Approach
As the weather turns colder, Newfie thoughts turn to winter activities. While most of our Newfs are happy to wile away the hours snoozing, many Regional Clubs have harnessed the pulling power of these gentle giants in community Christmas Tree Pulls. Often run as a fundraiser for a club's rescue program or other charity, tree pulls are fun activities for dogs and people alike. Instructions for adapting a cart for tree pulling can be found here. Remember that given the weight of the trees, only mature (age 2+) dogs should be pulling full size trees. Younger dogs make great ambassadors and donation collectors at these events and it's a wonderful way to socialize.
The Newfoundland Christmas Tree Pull | The Weekly Special
The Newfoundland Christmas Tree Pull | The Weekly Special

Regional Specialty Shows
The Constitution of the Newfoundland Club of America's guidelines for Regional clubs urges that all members accept the AKC Standard of the Newfoundland breed as the standard of excellence. As such, we, as many clubs do, hold a yearly Regional Specialty to celebrate our breed and their natural qualities that allow our Newfoundlands to perform their work in the most efficient and tireless ways. Conformation shows are a means to hold our breed to the standard, to help preserve and protect the future of the breed.

This year, the Newfoundland Club of Southern California is hosting the 2015 Newfoundland Club of America Regional Specialty in Indio, California, along with Arizona's Mesquite Newfoundland Club, to have 2 full days of Regional Specialties and then 2 days of supported entries with the Kennel Club of Palm Springs. DOWNLOAD A PREMIUM LIST Entries close December 17, 2014.

Please join us in our celebration of the Newfoundland, where we hope to engage, educate, and embrace the breed we so love!  READ MORE
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What are you giving your Newfoundland for Christmas? What about identification. If your dog is not microchipped, make an appointment at your vet and have this done. Thousands of dogs are returned to their owners every year because of microchips. Do your dogs wear collars when not at home? Consider a collar with a cell phone number embroidered in the fabric. This method eliminates the worry of tags coming off and becoming lost. Read more about the importance of permanent identification in this Newf Know-How article from Jenny Zablotny, DVM.

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