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December 2010
Greetings! ,

shovelAs winter holds us in a chilly grip, many of our Newfoundlands are reveling in the cold and the snow. Those thick fur coats seem custom made for extended snow ball tossing games and making dog-shaped snow angels. Be sure to keep an eye out for winter dangers - antifreeze and some ice melting chemicals are toxic to dogs, and dogs can be subject to frostbite and hypothermia especially if they are young, old or have a chronic illness
. Winter can be a beautiful time of year. It can be a dangerous time as well, but it certainly doesn't have to be. If you take some precautions, you and your pet can have a fabulous time taking in the icicles, the snow banks, and the warm, glowing fire at the end of the day. Thanks to Kari Bundy for this great photo of her Oliver helping out in the snow.

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In This Issue
Working Achievement Awards Expands Opporrtunities for Recognition
Elizabeth Loring Powers Honored with Memorial Trophy
Charitable Trust Launches new Health Rebate Program
Meet the Breeds Ranks Group 1 Honors
National Specialty Deadlines Start Approaching
More Ways to Shine
draftIs your dog a workaholic? The Board has approved 2 new titles that will help qualify your Newfoundland for the NCA Working Achievement Award. Earning either of 2 of the new AKC performance titles, the Versatility Obedience Title and the Tracking Dog Urban title will both count towards the requirements of the Working Achievement Award. To see a full description of the award and its requirements, check out the Working Dog section of the NCA website.
New Named Trophy to Debut at 2011 National
WaseekaStarting in 2011, the winners of the Stud Dog and Brood Bitch classes at each National Specialty will be honored with a plaque in memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Loring Powers. Mrs. Powers was the owner and founder of Waseeka Kennels, one of the premier Newfoundland breeders of the early twentieth century. Many famous Newfoundlands trace their heritage back to Waseeka dogs. Read more about this instrumental woman and her breeding program in kennel histories on the NCA website.
For the Health of our Dogs & the Future of our Breed
nhc logoThe CTMB will offer a Doppler Rebate program to encourage our breeders to use this gold standard of heart evaluations for breeding stock.  The Doppler Rebate Program is for all breeding Newfoundlands owned by NCA members based on the following criteria:
The Newfoundland must be between one and seven years of age.
The Doppler must be performed by a Board Certified Cardiologist after 12 months of age
The Newfoundland must be intact.
Newfoundlands must be owned by NCA members.
The $100 rebate will be issued upon receipt of the signed cardiologist report. A $50.00 rebate will be issued upon receipt of the signed cardiologist report from a Doppler clinic held at a National Specialty. All requests for the rebate requests should be sent, along with a SASE to: Cissy Sullivan. Download a Rebate Application.

The program will begin on January 1, 2011 and will only be available to dogs dopplered after January 1, 2011. The Rebate Program has a cap of $5,000 and will be available on a first come, first served basis until the funds are exhausted.
Newfoundland Info Booth Scores Group 1
akceukanubaCongratulations to the Newfoundland Club of America booth at the Eukanuba 2010 show! The Joe Reinisch family did a GREAT job of depicting the Lewis and Clark expedition. There was one "Seaman" on Saturday, Bailee, owned by Michelle Alpern (Sacajewa). There were several on Sunday, Annie owned by Kathy McIver, Abbey owned by Jean and Fred Freuhs, Tucker owned by Carol Mead, and Brodie and Bailee (back for more) owned by Michelle Alpern. Great job everyone! These "Meet the Breed" opportunities are a great way to provide public education about our fantastic dogs and their history.
First Deadlines Approach for NCA National Specialty
January 10th is the opening date (postmark) for acceptance of:
Download the needed forms from the National Specialty Website.
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Help Wanted
There is an opening on the Working Dog Committee. This committee is charged with the responsibility of providing information and opportunities for Newfoundlands to continue their historical roles as working dogs.
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Election packets for the 2011 board elections  have been mailed to all NCA members. If you do not receive your packet by 12/30/10 please contact Mary Lou Cuddy, NCA Recording Secretary.  Any ballots received that do not use the official documents (ballot, inside envelope, outside envelope) in the manner specified in the Bylaws and the election package mailing (official ballot in the official inside envelope in the official outside envelope with label) will not be counted. Ballots must be legibly marked.
Please examine your election materials carefully upon receipt.  If you are missing any of the correct materials (one ballot for each voting member, an inside envelope, or an outside envelope pre-addressed to the NCA Recording Secretary with your name label affixed), please contact the Recording Secretary immediately to request the appropriate materials.  To be considered valid, ballots must be received by the Recording Secretary on or before February 1, 2010. Make sure your voice is heard - read your election packets, contact candidates with questions and vote!

I would like to join with the entire Board of the Newfoundland Club of America to wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season. Give all of your Newfs a hug from us!


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America