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February 2010
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Safeguarding the health of the Newfoundland breed is a priority for the Newfoundland Club of America. Funding research, providing discounts for members for health testing costs, and promoting the use of open databases to share health testing results are just some of the ways that NCA works to insure a healthy future for all our Newfs.

This year at the National Specialty, health will again be in the spotlight. Health clinics will feature $10 blood draws for the CHIC DNA Repository, a cardiologist will be on site for
echocardiograms and cheek swabs will be available for cystinuria clearances.  Another specialty highlight will be 2 days of silent auction held ringside to benefit the NCA Health Challenge. The Newfoundland Club of Seattle and New-Pen-Del have graciously stepped up to host these events, but they can surely use your help - contact them today.

Finally, the Health Challenge will unveil the latest title by Consie Powell, Alphabetically Bodacious Canines (see sidebar)
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National Specialty Updates
VN Candidates
Top 20/10 Extravaganza
Junior Scholarship Applications Available
ROM Candidates
New Book Launched to benefit Health Challenge
National Specialty Update
2010logosmallThe Registrations are rolling in, and we are expecting another great turnout. We're especially pleased with the response from our International Guests.  NCA International Liaison Diane Price and Brenda Santiago have been working hard to ensure that their stay with us is especially memorable this year. Likewise, all the committees are dedicated to making the 2010 National Specialty truly "special".
Now is a good time to review the "Dates to Remember" There are several important deadlines coming up March 1st, including Honors Parade entries and catalog ads.  March 1st is also the first date of acceptance for draft test entries. Many other reservations and entries are coming due April 1st.  The Premium List will be out soon, and the deadline for show entries is April 14th.
Be sure to check the specialty website,, for the latest program offerings. There are many important and interesting presentations planned throughout the week.  Especially in light of the recent PETA incident at Westminster, you won't want to miss Cindy Cooke's program on Tuesday afternoon about what we all can do to protect the sport of dogs.  Important to our Newfs' health, there will be speakers on "Laryngeal Paralysis" and "Heart Problems", in addition to the health clinics.
We welcome all volunteers who can help out for a few hours at the show. Send in a volunteer form if you are willing to help --- it's fun to be involved!
The most important component to any successful National Specialty, of course, is YOU and your Newfs. We look forward to seeing you there! 
Versatile Newfoundlands Candidates Announced
Main Entry: ver·sa·tile 
1 : embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills; also : turning with ease from one thing to another
Many hours of hard work, training and dedication go into earning AKC championship and obedience titles and NCA Water Dog, Water Rescue Dog, and Draft Dog titles to earn the title of Versatile Newfoundland. The NCA is pleased to announce the following 2009 Versatile Newfoundlands. These dogs and handlers will be honored at this year's Annual Meeting and featured in the 2nd Quarter of Newf Tide.

Portside's Crystal Glacier  ·  Topshelf Glory At Allegiance  ·  Misty Mtn's As You Like It  
Longship's Tidal Wave  ·  Nautica's Snowy River  ·  Bright Star's Rigel Of Blkwt  
Brio's Life Of Riley  ·  Castanewfs How Dya Like Me Now  ·  Amorosa's Pocahontas
Fogbank's King Louie  ·  Nautica's Cross Of Rowanberry  ·  Nakiska's Have No Fear
Castanewf's The Big Hurt  ·  Bear N Mind's The Guardian  ·  Castanewf's Prince Of Gusto
Noela Vom Treiberg    ·  Our Rowdy Bearscamp Friend  ·  Kilyka's Riverwatch Stella
Cypress Bay's Crazy Eight  ·  Shadrack's American Top Model
Council Cup's Total Eclipse Of Culpepper  ·  Kloof Bear Over The Rainbow Timberknoll   

If your dog has earned the required titles to become a VN (American Championship, CD, NCA WRD and DD) and is not included in this list, please contact Bethany Karger as soon as possible.
Newfywood Top 20/10
2010logosmallThe Top 20/10 Committee of the 2010 NCA National Specialty would like to extend a personal invitation to all to participate in making this year's event to honor the top 20 Conformation Newfs and the Top 10 Obedience Newfs a truly memorable one.  Whether you will be able to attend the National in person or only in spirit, you can support the event by purchasing a ticket, an original Newfywood t-shirt or sweatshirt, an/or a Star on the Walk of Fame. Everyone purchasing a Star on the  Walk of Fame  will receive catalog recognition.  In addition, Stars at the $300 level and above may also place an advertisement in the Top 20/10 Catalog.
Why not contribute and let your advertisement show your support for your club, kennel or favorite Newf? Download a flyer here.
NCA Junior Scholarships Available
NCA Juniors, did you know that the NCA Trust is looking to award one or more scholarships to deserving NCA Junior Members who have been actively participating in the conformation ring and/or working events within the last two years.If you are currently a junior or senior in high school and you are planning on attending college, the NCA Trust may be able to help to achieve your goal by providing you with a scholarship. If you qualify for the scholarship you may even apply to receive additional scholarships during your future years of college.

Any Junior seeking additional information or who would like to receive an official scholarship application form should contact Steven McAdams, NCA Trust Junior Scholarship Committee Chair
2009 Register of Merit Candidates

The Newfoundland Club of America Registry of Merit (ROM) system was designed in 1986 to honor those Newfoundlands who have proven themselves to be exceptional producers of Champions and Working dogs. ROMs have been awarded retroactively to all Newfoundlands meeting the requirements and to date less than 500 Newfoundlands have earned this prestigious designation.

There are 14 candidates to be inducted into the Register of Merit based on 2009 titled get. These dogs and their owners will be honored at the 2010 Annual Meeting in Frankenmuth and featured in an article in the 2nd Quarter Newf Tide.

Sun Valleys Brenrich Ribbon       Timbermist's Midnight Special         
Top Shelfs Shot Of Rum        Darbydale's Pouch Cove Appeal         
Top Shelfs Rum Runner        Sunvalleys Something About Sophie         
Pouch Cove's I Am The Spirit             Top Shelf's On The Rocks         
Skipper's Eminence King Of Helluland           Pouch Cove's Too Close To Call         
Capriccio's Satin Doll            Tempest's Kilyka On Cloud Nine         
Newf Mermaid Diva            Avalon Bey's Ray Of Light         

If your dog has met the requirements to become part of the Registry of Merit and it is not listed above, please contact Barbara Finch as soon as possible.
This newest release by talented children's author and illustrator Consie Powell features her scratchboard art of
"Healthy Newfs from A-Z" which have been the centerpiece artwork for the NCA Health Challenge over the last
several years. This collection brings together all of the "Healthy Newf" images,
along with charming acrostic poems for each letter of the alphabet.
This book will go on sale during the 2010 National Specialty and is sure to sell out fast.
Don't delay, get your pre-orders in now to assure that all of the children (and book collectors) in your life
will have a chance to own this lovely volume. All proceeds go to the NCA Newfoundland Health Challenge.
Only $ 10.00 Shipping (USA): 1-3 books for $5.00 or 4-12 books for $11.00

Download an Order Form
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On March 24th Diane Lynch, assistant chair of the NCA National Rescue Network will participate in a 2 mile fundraising swim to benefit NCA Rescue and NCA Health Challenge.

Sponsorship level range from $14 and up

You can download a sponsorship form here

Congratulations to Mary Lou Cuddy, Roger Frey, Maredith Reggie and Pam Rubio for being re-elected to the NCA Board of Directors, and to Donna Thibault and John Cornell, newly elected Directors. These Directors will begin their term of service at the conclusion of the 2010 Annual Meeting. Full results of the election are available online.

Congratulations also go out to Karen Steinrock. Her breed column in the October AKC Gazette won a coveted "Arthur" Award from the Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers.  If you did not get a chance to see Karen's article you can read it online. If you want to see the news video that she discusses in the article it is available on the NCA website.


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America