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November 2012  

One of the biggest projects of the NCA Charitable Trust this year has been the creation and launch of a comprehensive, confidential breed health survey hosted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). To date over 2700 dogs have been entered in the survey. With a goal of reaching 10% of the breed population, the results of this survey will help shape the direction of health research funding in the breed for years to come. The survey will be closing on December 31, 2012 - don't delay - Please help by entering your Newfoundland's health information online now.

If you have already entered your dogs in the health survey, thank you! Please share this email with a friend and encourage them to enter their Newfoundland as well.


Membership Survey Coming Soon to Your In-Box
survey The Steering Committee has coordinated with other NCA committees and the Board of Directors to craft a membership survey. This tool will allow you to share your thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects important to the club and our breed. NCA Members will receive an invitation to take the survey during the first week in December - watch your email for this important message and please remember to complete the survey (approx. 15-20 minutes) before the holiday festivities take over your schedule.
OFA Commits $75,000 in new Canine Health Research Grant Funding
At its Annual Meeting the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) Board of Directors approved $75,000 in new canine health research grant sponsorships.  The funding will be directed through approved grants at the AKC Canine Health Foundation (AKC CHF) and the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF).  Specific research areas include genetic disease mapping studies for cardiomyopathy, subaortic stenosis, cruciate ligament rupture, osteochondritis dissecans, renal dysplasia, cataracts, and urinary stones. READ MORE

Information Cards Available
info card When you are grooming for a show, walking your dogs along a street, participating in an event with your Newfs, or at any time under any circumstance with your dogs, have you been approached by people who are interested in your Newfs?  The Rescue Prevention Committee, with artwork contributed by Cissy Sullivan, has developed an information card that will be made available to all NCA members.  At this time, the cards are being distributed through Regional clubs, at no charge.  Contact Donna Zink for information.
NCA Honors Longevity
13 year old Newfoundland In order to give our wonderful older Newfoundlands the attention they deserve, the NCA Board of Directors has approved a monthly e-Notes column to acknowledge Newfoundlands at least thirteen years of age or older. Any NCA member wishing to honor their grand older Newfoundland(s)  should provide the the date of birth, registered name, owner(s) and call name for each honoree to Kathy Mc Iver.
NCA on Pinterest Gathers Followers
pinterestFollow the NCA as we find the latest and greatest images of Newfoundland dogs from all around the web - Pinterest™is a social platform that uses "boards" to highlight and sort images from websites with great information for you! New boards this month include Newfs in the News, Jobs for Newfs, The Artistic Newfoundland and more!

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RPC Collecting Rescue Program Statistics
The Rescue Prevention Committee relies on data from NCA Rescue operations to monitor trends in Newfs relinquished from different parts of the country.  To improve accessibility of information and ease of recordkeeping, a secured web services site (Sharepoint) has been established for use by Rescue.  Rescue Chairs are given an account with administrative access to their web page.  And, to increase participation in data submitted, a Rescue grant has been established to benefit NCA Rescue operations.  The grant will be provided as follows:

1) $100 for the first complete report received after 12:00 PM Pacific (3 PM Eastern/2 PM Central) Jan. 1 based on the timestamp of upload into the Sharepoint folder.

2) $100 and $50 by drawing from the Rescue groups whose summarized data has been made available through Sharepoint between Jan. 1st and Feb. 15th for all Newfs received into the program in the preceding calendar year.

The first award (by timeline) would not preclude the possibility of the second award (by drawing), so that one regional Rescue group could win $200 or $150 total.  For questions about the grant or about the use of Sharepoint, please contact Chris Owen or Donna Zink.
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New Provisional Judges
Congratulations to Cindi Kursner of Michigan and Benita Edds of North Carolina. They have completed the requirements to become provisional NCA Water Test Judges and may now accept assignments.
Complete list of Water Test Judges


tree pull As the weather turns colder, Newfie thoughts turn to winter activities. While most of our Newfs are happy to wile away the hours snoozing, many Regional Clubs have harnessed the pulling power of these gentle giants in community Christmas Tree Pulls. Often run as a fundraiser for a club's rescue program or other charity, tree pulls are fun activities for dogs and people alike. Instructions for adapting a cart for tree pulling can be found here. Remember that given the weight of the trees, only mature (age 2+) dogs should be pulling full size trees. Younger dogs make great ambassadors and donation collectors at these events and it's a wonderful way to socialize.

Finally, keep in mind in this holiday season that in these tough economic times it is important to remember all of the charities in our lives. All purchase made from the Newfoundland Dog Library or through the via the links on the NCA websites (including the search boxes) will benefit the Health Challenge and Rescue.

Pam Saunders,
NCA President

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