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October 2010
Greetings! ,

Fall is a time that finds many Newfoundlands hard at work pulling pumpkins, Christmas Trees and carts full of children.
Remember that community events are always a good time for us to be ambassadors for the breed and provide us with opportunities to educate the public about our Newfoundlands.  If you are looking for resources to share for public education, you can download a number of informative brochures from the NCA website.

As always, we want to hear from you. Email us at any time with your comments and suggestions.

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Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas support NCA Charities
Watch the National Dog Show
Get Involved in the NCA Today
Attention Shutterbugs!
Listen Up- Good Nutrition Information
Holiday Giving Ideas from NCA Charities
abcnewfsAre you looking for the perfect gift for a young person in your life? NCA Charities is please to offer "Alphabetically Bodacious Canines". This newest release by talented children's author and illustrator and longtime NCA member Consie Powell features her scratchboard art of "Healthy Newfs from A-Z"which have been the centerpiece artwork for the NCA Health Challenge over the last several years.This collection brings together all of the"Healthy Newf"images, along with charming acrostic poems for each letter of the alphabet. Download an order
                                   form and get yours today!
National Dog Show Highlights Thanksgiving Festivities
National Dog ShowMove over Macy's parade- the National Dog Show is fast becoming "Must See TV" for dog lovers all over the country. Just remember as you sit down to watch some of the finest dogs in America strut their stuff, keep a tight lid on those leftovers. Some things to watch out for include: turkey skin (covered with oils and spices), cooked bones, gravy, buttery side dishes, aluminum foil and plastic wrap with food residue, chocolate desserts and well meaning guests who slip your pets "a little 
                                                      treat" that could result in a big digestive upset or worse.
Committee Openings
small logoWorking Dog Committee
There is an opening on the Working Dog Committee. This committee is charged with the responsibility of providing information and opportunities for Newfoundlands to continue their historical roles as working dogs. Since this committee advises the NCA Board in matters pertaining to the activities of working Newfoundlands,  knowledge of these activities is required.  Detailed information on the Working Dog Committee's history and current polices is available in the NCA Policy Manual, Vol.1, pages 186 - 194.

International Liaison Committee
The International Liaison Committee is seeking members. The duties and responsibilities of the committee include:
Serve as the liaison between the NCA and international Newfoundland clubs
Develop and maintain a roster of foreign clubs, with a contact person for each
Advise on international hospitality for the NCA National Specialty
Receive, research, and respond to inquiries regarding international activities
Solicit and submit articles on international activities for possible publication in Newf Tide and the NCA website
Receive and respond to foreign club requests for NCA trophies to be presented at foreign specialties.

If you are interested in being considered for appointment to either one of these very important and fun committees, please send  your resume to the Second Vice President, Kathy Mc Iver.

National Specialty Photo Contest Seeks Entries
An exciting NEW photo contest open to everyone. Photos submitted in 6 different categories, winners will be featured in a beautiful 2012 Calendar. All photos submitted will be on display at the 2011 National Specialty.
Entries open October 1 2010 - March 1 2011.
For all the details visit the 2011 National Specialty Website.

Genome Barks Podcast features
"Balanced Nutrition"
This week Genome Barks, welcomes back Dr. Joe Wakshlag, a veterinary nutritionist at Cornell University.  Dr. Wakshlag discusses the balanced nutrition that dogs require, how to read the labels on dog food bags and cans, and what nutrients to watch for when purchasing food for your dog.

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The Board of Directors is busy at work getting ready for our fall Face-to-face meeting in Chicago, November 19-21 at the Sheraton Gateway Suites - O'Hare, 6501 N. Mannheim Road, Rosemont, Il. Meeting times are: Friday 8pm to 11pm
Saturday 8am to 5pm  returning at 8pm to 11pm and Sunday 8am to 2pm. We hope that many area NCA Members will take time out over the weekend to join us. Watch your mailboxes for the NCA Ballot packets - they will arrive with plenty of time for you to read up on all the candidates.

We would like to take a moment to mention that the circulation of the NCA e-Notes has grown from one thousand to over two thousand two hundred readers every month. If you are a new subscriber and would like to catch up on any issues that you have missed, be sure to check out the newsletter archive online. While the Board is committed to working for our breed, ask yourself what YOU can do to help as well, whether you work with the NCA on a national level, with a Regional Club or a local training or all-breed club, there are many ways to get involved. Your Newfs will thank you!


Roger Frey
President, Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of America