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June 2012  

All of us have been following the deadly wildfires that have struck the western states, especially in Colorado, and the flooding being caused in the south-east by tropical storm Debbie. There are many avenues available for those who wish to donate to help support the relief efforts of companion animals in these disaster zones, such as the AKC CAR fund.

In addition to supporting those currently in crisis, it is important that each of us prepare our own families for possible natural or personal disaster. The NCA has provided an great informative article on Squidoo - check it out today and share it with your friends.


Membership Renewals Due
small logoFor all NCA members, dues renewal forms have been mailed. Your renewals are due by July 1st. If you have not received your renewal form please contact Mary Lou Cuddy.  If you are interested in learning more about NCA membership, you can find out more, and download a membership application online.

Remember, each dues renewal form contains a section for donations. Please consider including a donation for the Health Challenge to help build the fund so that more deserving studies can obtain funding.
Special Birthday Wishes
13 year oldThis column is a tribute to every Newfoundland who has made it to that time of life when the body may be slowing down, while richer traits ripen and a dog develops special sort of dignity and a charm. Please join the NCA Board of Directors in sending best wishes to the following thirteen year old Newfoundlands and their owners:

Ch Welcove's Sea Tug of Espen, Date of Birth: Sept. 25, 1998, Call Name: Tug, Owner: Sherry Lane  

Ch.Kilyka's Katie Cachalot, ROM, TDI, Date of Birth: Feb.28, 1999, Call Name: Katie, Owners: Kathy McIver & Betty McDonnell
Ebb Tide's Gaelea UD, WRD, Date of Birth: April 10. 1999, Call Name: Angelika, Owner: Phyllis V. Wendell

Andromeda Of The Night Sky, Date of Birth: May 11, 1999, Call Name: Meda, Owners: Ginny & Ron Marechek 

Storhode's Denali, Date of Birth: June 6, 1999, Call Name: Denali, Owner: Jennifer Clarke

Storhode's Rusalka of Hyggelyg, Date of Birth: June  6, 1999, Call Name: Rusalka,         Owner: Jennifer Clarke                  

In order to give our wonderful older Newfoundlands the attention they deserve, the NCA Board of Directors has approved this monthly eNotes column to acknowledge Newfoundlands at least thirteen years of age or older. Any NCA member wishing to honor their grand older Newfoundland(s)  should provide the the date of birth, registered name, owner(s) and call name for each honoree submitted to Kathy McIver.
Newf Stories Benefit NCA Health Challenge
Ninety-Nine Newfies
by Pat Seawell by 1st Book Library
List Price: $20.95
Our Price: $17.98
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1999 began a journey into the literary world as Pat Seawell brought many Newf fanciers together under one roof that would benefit our breed... the Newfoundland.  By 2001 1st Books  had printed hundreds of books and Newf lovers everywhere were clamoring to purchase a copy.  And what a financial gift it has become for our NCA Newfoundland Health Challenge.

Ninety-Nine Newfies was published in 2004 and began contributing 90% of its profits (after expenses and taxes) to Newfoundland Health Challenge. The book is still available on

In 2011, 156 books were sold and a $259.88 contribution was made to Newf Health Challenge. Congratulations, 99 authors! Your gift keeps giving!

Total books sold 2004 - 2011: 3,041
Total contributions to Newf Health Challenge 2004 - 2011: $4,038.20

NCA Board Addresses R.I. Legislation
capitolDuring the June NCA Board of Directors teleconference, an amended letter to the Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee, was adopted. The letter opposes the signing into law of Rhode Island Senate bill 2035 and Rhode Island House bill 7663.  Reportedly, these proposed bills deal with the confinement of animals and if signed into law by Governor Chafee, would make it difficult for the NCA to hold its annual national specialty in Rhode Island; including the City of Warwick.  NCA Members residing in Rhode Island and other neighboring states or others persons who visit Rhode Island for dog shows and events are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the specifics of this legislation, and to communicate their opposition to the enactment of these laws with the Rhode Island governor and with other local Rhode Island officials. Read the letter from the NCA.
150th Anniversary of Civil War
Dogs were by far the most popular army mascots during the Civil War. Valued both for the companionship they provided and the fact that most dogs could be trained help their masters' forage for food, carry supplies, or even search for dead and wounded soldiers when the need arose. Man's best friend, indeed. Many Newfoundland Dogs served bravely with their human counterparts in the war between the states - learn more.

Test Committees and Entrants should review the current Water Test Regulations (amended 2/12). There are significant changes at all levels.
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In action at its meeting this month and at the urging of the NCA Legistlative Liaison Committee, the Newfoundland Club of America's Board of Directors adopted a motion endorsing the signing of the recent electronic petition, as presented in an email announcement authored by AKC Board Chairman, Alan Kalter.
The NCA Board of Directors advocates that all Newfoundland Club of America members sign the AKC online petition and by doing so, express their personal displeasure regarding the newly proposed USDA regulations that would have a negative impact on small hobby breeders.  Please sign the petition prior to July 16, 2012.
A link to Mr. Kalter's announcement
A link to the online petition

Pam Saunders,
NCA President

Newfoundland Club of America