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Thank you for visiting our eNews archive! Clarity Child Guidance Center sends parents, mental health professionals and donors an informative electronic newsletter that highlights important children's mental health matters and events.
Clarity Child Guidance Center is a nonprofit mental health treatment center providing programs designed specifically for kids ages 3-17. Our goal is to provide families throughout South Texas greater access to children's mental health care regardless of their ability to pay. Visit or call 1-877-676-KIDS for more information.
  • OCTOBER 2014
  • New video: modern conversations around death and dying  (10/29/2014)
  • Martha Atkins, PhD, LPC-S and chief executive officer of Atkinsosity, LLC, discusses how to work with adults and children when someone they love is dying in this 6-part video series
  • New video: bright kids who can't keep up  (10/17/2014)
  • Ellen B. Braaten, PhD., (APA, APS, Harvard Medical School Professor of General Child Psychology, Clinical Psychologist for Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and Director of the Child and Neuropsychology Internship Program at MGH/Harvard), provides a better understanding of emerging findings about brain development and its relationship to behavior problems in this 4-part video series
  • SEPTEMBER 2014
  • Free community presentation: the juvenile justice system  (9/30/2014)
  • Bexar County Judges Lisa Jarrett, 436th District Court, and Laura Parker, 386th District Court, explore the juvenile justice system from inception to outcome and discuss the alternatives
  • Free community presentation: soular eclipse  (9/2/2014)
  • Glenn Goree, M.A., M.Ed., LPC, CCMHC, mental health consultant for a global organization and director of counseling for Oak Hills Church will discuss a diagnostic and counseling model applying the concept of the human struggle between light and darkness
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