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Our newsletters announce artist showings, trunk shows and lectures being offered.  They also highlight honors, educational information and have loads of pictures about Hanson Galleries' offerings and happenings.
Volume VIl 2013
 Volume VI  2012
 Volume V  2011
  • Vol 5, Issue 13 Dec '11
  • Terry Evans wood show "Objects of Distinction," "Symbols of Faith"... menorah, angels, and crosses, Lampwork glass art objects, Jewelry under $50, Gifts for men, Trunk Shows, Crazy hats and scarves, New fine jewelry including rubies, Christmas jewelry.
  • Vol 5, Issue 12 Nov '11
  • Nutcracker Market booth, Symbols of Faith artwork, Mesquite boxes and crosses, Linen jewelry by Szanne Cornwell, Extra large sand sculptures, New Holly Yashi, Lightup kaleidoscopes, Cats,cats, cats, Jon Price crystalline, Classical artists inspire new jewelry
  • Vol 5, Issue 11, Oct '11
  • American Craft Week celebration with two juried shows opening: "Clay Transformed" and "Kaleidoscope of Color," Artist Cindi Rose creates silhouettes for customers and charity, Survivor Tree series from Michael Michaud, Opals for birthmonth, Richardson's one-of-a-kind handbags
  • Vol 5, Issue 10 Sept '11
  • Jan Phalens' aubergine series, Legacy artwork crosses, New handbag artist, Hanson Galleries participates in March-of-Dimes Fashion Show Luncheon, Spirit Horses, Hanson Galleries on TV for "Go Local Houston" card, wall dragonflies in demand
  • Vol 5, Issue 9 Aug '11
  • Lampwork frogs hop in, New Roman glass jewelry arrives, fun handbags, Niche Awards for 2011, Turned wood pieces by Neal DeVore, Fresh new crystalline
  • Vol 5, Issue 8 July '11
  • "Go Local Houston" card now accepted, Roger Dandridge jewelry back in, "Energy Webs" by DeBon, "Wallflowers" by Andrew Barwick
  • Vol 5, Issue 7 June '11
  • Platters in glass and paper, New kaleidoscopes, Pre-inventory sale starts, Nathaniel Scheflan joins Hanson Galleries family
  • Vol 5, Issue 6 May '11
  • Wedding gifts, Graduation gifts, Woven metal wall mirrors, Cesar Palma's butterfly wing jewelry
  • Vol 5, Issue 5 May '11
  • Mom's Day gifts, New jewelry artists, Enamel wall art by Cynthia Miller, Constant Contact award
  • Vol 5, Issue 4 Apr '11
  • Hummingbird feeders, Texas mesquite boxes and crosses with jeweled highlights, Flower plaques by Sue Chisholm, Contemporary Judaica, Real flower jewelry, Mother-of-pearl jewelry, Fishnet glass by Foster Holcomb, Fused glass by Courtney Coffman.
  • Vol 5, Issue 3 Mar '11
  • Inspirational jewelry by Monica Johnson, Jeweled raku, Horse wall art, Lundberg glass arriving.
  • Vol 5, Issue 2 Feb '11
  • Dennis LeBon's "Energy Webs", New Arrivals in Jewelry, Orient & Flume glass, Wood Artists juried, Larimar jewelry, Men's bracelets.
  • Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan '11
  • Hanson Galleries featured in Niche Magazine article, Wishnests by Alise Sheehan, Semi-annual inventory sale going on.
Volume IV  2010
  • Vol 4, Issue 13 Dec '10
  • Symbols of faith, Artist designed jewelry, Ornaments, What's new, Jewelry trunk shows, Handcrafted cards, Scrimshaw plaques, Valet parking.
  • Vol 4, Issue 12 Nov '10
  • Nutcracker Market Booth, Wrist Bag, Doe Cross twig jewelry, Stefans new to gallery, Jeweled nail files, Gaming chip jewelry, Roman glass jewelry, American Craft Week wrap-up.
  • Vol 4, Issue 11 Oct '10
  • American Craft Week celebrations, "Spotlight on Clay" juried show and sale opens, "Spotlight on Metal" juried show and sale opens.
  • Vol 4, Issue 10 Sept '10
  • Hanson Galleries receives "2010 Niche Retailer of the Year" Award, American Craft Week Invitation, Raku ocarinas, Pet portraits, Booth at March of Dimes benefit.
  • Vol 4, Issue 9 Aug '10
  • Murano glass show and sale, Dragon by Christy Dunn, Ikebanas, Sushi sets, Raku wall art by Joyce Furney.
  • Vol 4, Issue 8 Aug '10
  • "Murano Maestro" Sale, Prayer dolls, Wall pockets, Opal woven jewelry, Speaking engagements, new jewelry.
  • Vol 4, Issue 7 Jul '10
  • Summer safari items, Paper wall art, Dinosaur bone knives, Jacob's birthday, Birds on things.
  • Vol 4, Issue 6 Jun '10
  • Wedding gifts, Graduation Gifts, Outdoor art, Jewelry boxes and colorful boxes, designed jewelry including enamel.
  • Vol 4, Issue 5 May '10
  • Romanglass jewelry, Book boxes, Designer jewelry for Mom, Salt servers, Puppy nitelites, New glass, scarves, men's and graduation Gifts.
  • Vol 4, Issue 4 Apr '10
  • Copper cats, "Alice in Wonderland" theme, Josh Simpson glass, Woolly mammoth knives, Wedding and Mom's Day gifts, Newsletter award.
  • Vol 4, Issue 3 Mar '10
  • Whimsical clocks, Art turns 80, Bill Ooms ribbon sculptures, Desk pets, Wooden earrings, February freeze, Rodeo handbags.
  • Vol 4, Issue 2 Feb '10
  • Daniel Hawkins wall art, Rodeo handbags, Initial jewelry, Amethyst is February birthstone, Modular jewelry, Valentine cards.
  • Vol 4, Issue 1 Jan '10
  • Thank you customers! January clearance 50% off and more, Birthday Discount Coupon.
Volume III  2009
  • Vol 3, Issue 15 Dec '09
  • Murano glass show continues, Boxes, boxes, boxes, Stocking stuffers under $40, The season's favorites revisited, Hannukah gifts, Holly Yashi jewelry, Fine jewelry.
  • Vol 3, Issue 14 Dec '09
  • Murano Glass Show Opens, Mary Lowe Trunk Shows, Men's Gifts, Lampwork Glass Gifts, Artist Designed Jewelry, Animal Sculptures.
  • Vol 3, Issue 13 Nov '09
  • Callie Seymour Trunk Show, Symbols of Faith Nativities, Geoffrey Beetum Glass, Christmas Jewelry, Holiday Wall Art, Jeweled Nail Files, Holiday Greeting Cards, Nutcracker Market results.
  • Vol 3, Issue 12 Nov '09
  • Nutcracker Market Booth, Eco Jewelry, Boxes, Boxes, Boxes, Gaming Chip Jewelry, Windholtz Raku Cats and Dogs, Dave Rizzo's Bronze Sculptures, Vaughn Anderson's Turtles, Artist-designed Jewelry.
  • Vol 3, Issue 11 Oct '09
  • ClayHouston Show Photo's and Demos, Jewelry Salute to "Wizard of Oz", Sushi sets, Kathleen Maley Jewelry, McClelland's Scrimshaw Artwork, Holiday Shopping Card coming, Gift with purchase bag, Nutcracker Market update.
  • Invitation Clay Houston Opening Sept '09
  • "Spirit of Clay" Show opening festivities
  • Vol 3, Issue 10 Sept '09
  • Happy 32nd Birthday Hanson Galleries, "Spirit of Clay" Show opening, New Roger Dandridge, enamelist Houston Llew, What's New?
  • Vol 3, Issue 9 Aug '09
  • Honors Received, Foster Holcombe, Bill Tilson Obit, the 3/50 project, Crystalline Video, Newsletter Survey
  • Vol 3, Issue 8 Jul '09
  • Crystalline Show, New Work, Hanson Galleries' Grandkid, Merchandise Survey
  • Vol 3, Issue 7 Jun '09
  • Father's Day Ideas, New Work, Pre-inventory Sale Starts, Michael Nourot
  • Vol 3, Issue 6 May '09
  • Graduation Gifts, Josh Simpson, Robin Evans, Kitchen Fun, Ricky Frank Enamels, Book Signing
  • Vol 3, Issue 5 May '09
  • "Adornable Glass" Jewelry Show Opens, Book Signing by Susan Lieberman, Graduation Gifts, Personal Appearance by Glass Jewelry Artist Mary Lowe, Contemporary Handweavers Guild Lecture, Houston Wining "Top 25 Cities of Art" in American Style Magazine, the 3/50 Project
  • Volume 3, Issue 4 Apr '09
  • Orient & Flume New Large Delivery, Gallery owners visit, Bronze Sculptures by Rizzo, Wooden Jigsaws by Eldridge, Mobiles
  • Vol 3, Issue 3 Mar '09
  • New Artist Work by Mylynne, Michaud, Menashys, Morey, McDougle, O'Dell, Hopko and Dandridge, Artist and Student Niche Awards Ceremony
  • Vol 3, Issue 2 Feb '09
  • Valentine Cards, Gifts and Jewelry, Rodeo Boxes
  • Vol 3, Issue 1 Jan '09
  • January Sale Continues, Birthday Coupon
Volume II  2008
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