For nearly ten years IMMIGRATIONews was published by Australian Immigration Law Services (AILS). Over 200 newsletter issues were developed covering stories which directly concerned international students studying in Australia. IMMIGRATIONews is set up independently of AILS now due to some of the people we expose in our investigative stories threatening legal actions.

Over the past fifteen years we have covered the dozens of law changes that affect the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas along with an in depth analysis of the guidelines that cover the points program.
We have not been scared to tackle educational institutions and business people head-on when we uncovered mistreatment of international students and publicly shame them by printing the facts of this treatment for community to read. Many of these reports have started investigation by the mainstream media such as Four Corners, Lateline, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC News, Channel 10 News and SBS and have led to the closure of many dodgy enterprises taking advantage of our international visitors.
You may find the older newsletters on the AILS web site and the newer versions using this Archive program.
Enjoy your reading but keep in mind that Immigration Law changes regularly and you have a responsibility to seek professional advice regarding your own application to ensure you are up to date in current laws. These archives are presented as a historical record of the laws and news as they existed at the time of publication. 
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