Monday the 2nd of February 2015
Volume 359

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NSW revamps its SMP 
 eMedical Changes
By Jee Eun HAN
Australian Immigration law Services 


Today we bring to you the updated guidelines for the NSW State Migration Plan for February. 

The NSW government will commence a selection- based invitation process this time around, similar to QLD SMP and WA SMP proceedures. 


No occupation list has been released as yet but is expected by later this week.


Selection- based invitation process


NSW has announced that


"NSW will rank candidates based on core criteria which is: firstly, a candidate's DIBP points score, then their English ability, and then their skilled employment. Where candidates score the same on these core criteria at time of selection, they will be further ranked based on the date and time that their EOI was submitted in SkillSelect."


In general if you have more than 60 points, you have better chance to receive the invitation. 


However In reality if people could gain more than 60 points it would be unlikely they would be using state sponsorship 190 visa when they could use the 189 visa instead. Most applicants will be at the 60 point level, not higher.

These changes mean that NSW now prefers those with higher English abilities and real life work experience over those who perhaps have a lower English score and using a PYP program to reach 60.


An example


Scenario 1- Sam and Kelly both have a 60 point total. Sam is 21 years old with the proficient level of English. Kelly has competent English with completion of the professional year. Since Sam has higher English, Sam has more chance to receive the invitation than Kelly.


Scenario 2- Kim and Jane have 60 points each. Kim has 1 year Australian work experience and Jane has completed a PYP. Since Kim has the skilled employment, Kim has more chance to receive the invitation than Jane.


NSW's Key steps for candidates

The NSW government has released this information regarding how the new system is going to work.


To be considered for selection for NSW nomination, candidates simply need to submit an EOI in SkillSelect choosing NSW for 190 nomination. Between February and June 2015, NSW Trade & Investment will be selecting and inviting candidates to apply.


Candidates who are invited to apply for NSW nomination will receive an invitation by email and will have 14 days to apply for nomination. 

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)- Ensure that you meet 190 visa criteria
    - Submit an EOI in SkillSelect 
    - Indicate interest for NSW nomination for a 190 visa
  2. If selected, you will receive a NSW invitation to apply for nomination
    - Invitations will be sent by email
    - Candidates must submit an online application within 14 days of receiving the invitation to apply
  3. Apply for NSW nomination and wait for the outcome
    - NSW nomination applications usually take 12 weeks to process
  4. If nominated, you will receive a SkillSelect invitation to apply for the 190 visa
  5. Apply for the 190 visa to Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
    - Lodge a visa application within 60 days of being nominated by NSW
  6. DIBP will advise you of the decision on your visa application
  7. If your visa is granted, move to NSW and commence your two year commitment to live and work in NSW

Please read the further information provided by the NSW government.


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Any manager with a little sense would have heeded to warnings after the disastrous first SMP intake last year, not take a second shot at it only to stuff it up, again.


The saying once bitten twice shy doesn't seem to apply to governments with thick hides. They need to be clobbered over the head to get the message.


We spoke to one IT student who said the NSW web site was easy to infiltrate to ensure some people were able to log in and lodge their applications first go.


There is still some explaining to do from their department how the first and second intakes operated and failed so miserably.


Oh how we love FOI requests!

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