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Tuesday the 23rd October 2012
Volume 227

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In This Issue
New NSW SMP Released
DIAC to increase fees
EOI Invitations down to 60 points
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Today we discuss the release of the NSW State Migration Plan (SMP), the new DIAC application fee increases which begin on the 1st January 2013, and the EOI invitations issued to 60 point applicants.

The new NSW SMP released 
The new NSW SMP will be a benefit to international students


The NSW government has released its new list of occupations and requirements for their State Migration Plan. (read here)


It is encouraging to note that the requirements to be sponsored for state nomination under the 190 (PR) visa is considerably easier than before (read here). In fact it now it easier to apply for the PR 190 sponsorship approval than the local regional approvals required for the 489 visa. Together with a broader list of occupations to be sponsored it is likely that many former international students on the Graduate Skilled 485 will lodge many applications for sponsorship approval.


Those Accountants and the selected Engineers out there take note. There is no minimum English requirement (except 6.0 on each of course) and no necessity to have any work experience in order to apply. Yesterday we spoke to the NSW  government and they confirmed there is no minimum work experience requirement in order to apply. It should be noted however there is one exception to this allowance, Cook's need to have a minimum of 5 years work experience so that will just about rule out many former cooking students.


It should be noted that the skill assessments required for those former trade students in Australia will need to be the full TRA Job Ready Program which you can read about here. Remember also that VETASSESS skill assessment results need to the PR version which requires work experience to pass.



Increases in DIAC fees for the 1st Jan 13  


485 Visa $315 to $1260!

Spouse Visa (onshore) $3060 to $4000!

DIAC is about to outrageously increase the size of its piggy bank


Now one can appreciate the cost of living does increase from year to year in Australia and it was interesting to note in todays Sydney Morning Herald that Australia is one of the most expensive places on the planet (read here) however an increase of this magnitude to be able to lodge a 485 application is beyond a joke.


Clearly this increase is really about the government mentality of milking the international student cash cow for all its worth. And what will you get for this massive increase? Perhaps a world class service standard? Not likely. We are sure DIAC will in fact make no special improvement of their service standards. Keep in mind at one point it took 2 years for a 485 visa to be processed in the not so distant past. Now it takes about 8 months but let us see if you pay this extra fee whether it will be processed any quicker.

DIAC's Minister announcement on this issue stated it is a "fairer user pays" (read more). We couldn't find a more blatant example of government opportunism if we tried.


As for the spouse visa fee increase, without an application being decision ready current processing time in Sydney is about 13 months. As DIAC states on their web site;


The onshore Partner visa program is experiencing strong demand, and as a result, the current average processing time for subclass 820 applications is around 13 months from lodgement. This is an average processing time and the actual processing time for each application may vary significantly.


For this privilege they will soon demanding $4000. Simply amazing. To read the rest of that dribble regarding spouse processing (read here)

EOI Invitations down to 60 points! 

It is encouraging to see that invitations have been issued for those lucky applicants who lodged an EOI with just 60 points.


Is it possible that that relatively small number of residency applications has been due to a perception that one will never get an invitation using the EOI system.


Clearly invitations issued at 60 points is encouraging news for former international students who have completed their study in Australia. Hopefully this will be a trend that will continue well into next year.


However what we would like to see is more visas being granted for those students stuck in the Group 5 Priority Processing queue DIAC has artificially created.

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Price Increases?


A "fairer user pays" to justify the DIAC fee increases? What dribble. Clearly this is the largest increase we have ever seen. It is not justified so as to increase productivity, but to try and cash in on Australia's popularity as migration haven.


The problem is Senator Lundy, don't forget that those migrants who are being ripped off so they can obtain their residency will one day become citizens. I hope they well remember your outrageous fee increases and how they were exploited as cash cows with no better service standards delivered by DIAC.




It has been a long time coming to see a more moderate selection criteria being offered by the NSW government in order to attract the skilled migrants it is looking for. These changes will certainly open the door for many former international students who are struggling to find sponsorship approval without significant work experience.


My advice is get in quick while it lasts.


And on EOI's


Who would have thought that invitations would be issued so soon to those who lodged their EOI with only 60 points!


We were not expecting that to happen until towards the end of the financial year if they had run out of applicants. I am glad to say that I was happy to be wrong and happy those who have lodged with 60 points are getting the good news in their In boxes.

Karl Konrad

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