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Volume 290

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Today, we bring to you the story of a successful immigrant who spoke to us about his journey and his thoughts on what it takes to cross the bridge between being a foreign student and a successful professional. 


Climbing the ladder of success
 Subhuj Pradhan


Interviewed by: Tanaya Das


Thousands of international students come to Australian shores every year, many of them choose to stay on in Australia, gain their permanent residency and build their lives here.

Today we will focus on one such ex-international student who speaks to us about his journey from being a wide-eyed foreign student to now helping manage a multi-property hospitality business.


Subhuj Pradhan left Kathmandu; nestled in a picturesque valley in the Himalayas to land in Sydney one Sunny afternoon in 1995. He had initially enrolled for an advanced diploma of business and eventually completed his Bachelors in Computing.


A chance query while doing contract work for an IT company led join the hospitality industry as a casual employee. Ten years on, Subhuj has climbed the ranks and now is an Assistant General Manager at Cambridge Hotel in Sydney's vibrant Surry Hills neighbourhood. 


On choosing Australia out of the many foreign education destinations Subhuj says "I had the options to go to the US, Russia and Australia and being a cricket fanatic it was no brainer that Australia was chosen place to continue my further studies and I am sure I would not have been able to cope the cold weather in other places."


He has a refreshingly positive attitude towards the initial struggle to find one's footing in a new country and prefers to call it a learning experience and exciting rather than hard; "Coming to a different place where the culture is different I knew was going to be an interesting phase in my life and it did. There is so phases as best and worst memory however I was quite enjoying the independent lifestyle I had which was much different from back home. Juggling with studies and work was challenging however an education in itself. Meeting new people from various parts of the world was always exciting."


Eventually after finishing his studies Subhuj decided that he could comfortably live in what he calls a great country; "The people I met, the abundant variety of food, the weather were the key factors in my decision."

On being asked if he considers this home he replies decisively "Absolutely Sydney is my home especially after spending 19 years in this country. These 19 years have been educational, challenging, exciting and still every day is a different and I haven't stopped learning. Though Kathmandu and Nepal are still in my heart with my family there I have considered Sydney to be home as this country has bestowed upon me many opportunities. I do try to go visit Nepal at least once a year but I am happily living here with my lovely wife."


The dynamic hospitality business with its challenges is what Subhuj thrives on; he says "My official title is Assistant General Manager and it may sound like a cliché but I do enjoy meeting guests from different parts of the world and various walks of life as well as making their stay in this lovely city and great country as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

I have been on this role for about three years and started working in this position after various roles such as Director of Sales & Revenue, Revenue Manager, Assistant Manager etc. It was a natural progression to be on this role as I had been through few roles prior to this. I started from a Frontline position and eventually got to this current position after about seven years."


His stint in hospitality has had many highlights, he elaborates "We have won many prestigious awards nationally and internationally. It is pleasing to see that we have been able to obtain a fair share of the market. Personally I have won few awards ranging from Staff Member of Year, Manager of the Year , Hall of Fame in our Master franchise etc."


From being an international student to now a successful professional in Australia Subhuj believes it is not hard for foreign students to stand out personally and professionally, he says "I believe international students have the experience and knowledge of two worlds which they can put into practice in real life scenarios. Key attributes that make them stand out include self-belief, determination also have a vision and a goal of what you want to do."


When hiring new hiring team members Subhuj says he looks for; "Confidence, past experience, their genuine desire to progress and work with the team. In this industry personal grooming is very important. Training can always be provided to enhance and sharpen the skill sets."

He believes Sydney has lots of potential of women professionals as well "Judging alone by my wife's profession there are multitudes of opportunities out there. This is also evident with many other female colleagues, friends (both international students & locals alike) that I know who are successful in their chosen career."


He completely believes that there are great opportunities for keen, hardworking professional in Australia and states "This country doesn't judge you by your colour, sex, ethnic background etc. As long as you know you have a vision and you are on that path people respect you."


As a migrant to a new country many people face challenges but its people like Subhuj who persevere on and succeed and help make Australia a better, more multi-cultural nation with a wonderful prospects.


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Karl Konrad
Karl Konrad
I remember some time ago one reader wrote to us and asked if we ever printed any good news. I hope this qualifies.

What is often overlooked are the tens of thousands of former international students who arrive in this country with a dream in their hearts and the good fortune to make those dreams come true.

However it is more than just luck that makes the top professionals do so well, its their attitude and motivation that drives them to success.

Our story today reflects such an individual who has risen to heights of his profession simply by motivation and attitude. It is something many international students bring to this country which is why they are such a great asset to Australia.

They can turn a good education into success in many fields, not necessarily in the area the degree focused on.

All too often the government is focusing upon occupations in demand when really it should be about letting the educated finding their their own feet in their own time to contribute to this country.

It is such a narrow view in life that one has to necessarily work in the areas which you study. Getting a good education is more about forcing you to think outside the box, to see how knowledge and research can lead to many exciting advances.

Subhuj is a perfectly example of this and is why Australia should open its doors to the well educated and those who are hungry to take advantage of what this great country has to offer and not be so obsessed with occupation lists and ceilings.   


Karl Konrad 



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"Subhuj is a perfectly example of this and is why Australia should open its doors to the well educated and those who are hungry to take advantage of what this great country has to offer and not be so obsessed with occupation lists and ceilings."  









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