Sunday the 3rd of May 2015
Volume 370
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Accounting studies are still a good pathway to residency in Australia
Accountants almost full - what's the future? 

-By Karl Konrad
Managing Director
Australian Immigration Law Services

The Accounting occupations quota is now practically met. You may read the latest Skilled Select Report here.


This does not mean that international students studying Accounting should feel they leave their Accounting degrees for something else. When the new lower quota was announced last year it was expected that around May the ceiling of 5478 would be reached. It is only now less than a couple of months before invitations will flow again for this occupation.


There is no chance of this occupation being removed. Anybody who struts around saying Accounting will be removed from the SOL would have to be a complete idiot. Will the quota be reduced for the next financial year? Possibly. However we would expect any reduction would be moderate.


If such a reduction were to occur it would mean that obtaining an invitation to lodge an application would become a little harder, say needing 65 points instead of what it has been mostly this year, 60 points.


So for those international student's who are studying accounting, hold your course and don't be swayed by the rumour mill out there. However I would suggest that you concentrate on your English skills to gain more points by the time you finish your course.



David Bitel set to face trial for rape and assault charges following allegations of his clients
Can Parish Patience survive the negative publicity of its Managing Partner rape trial?

After what has been an extrodinary length of time since he was charged with rape under the NSW criminal code, David Bitel the Managing Partner of Parish Patience has been ordered by the court to stand trial.

It is reported the Local Magistrate stated "reasonable prospect that a jury, if properly informed, could convict the accused" and ordered Bitel face the charges at trial.

You can read read the full story in the
Sydney Morning Herald here
Eddie Kang's trial set for July
Kang appeared tired and stressed as he waited outside the court room on Friday (Photo by Jacinta Spies)

By Jacinta Spies



On Friday Mr Edward Kang, CEO of Singapore Oil, reappeared in Parramatta Local Court to face his charges of 22 offenses, mostly relating to criminal fraud issues and some involving consumer protection laws involving nine individual consumers.  


These charges have come about due to Kang promising visas and job placements to temporary residents, which it is alleged had no chance of being delivered. These international residents were mostly on student, working holiday and 485 visas have reportedly paid tens of thousands of dollars to Kang but received no jobs and no visas. 


Kang looked tired and under stress as he sat in Parramatta court reading over a large volume of paperwork. On the 20th March Mr Kang received an adjournment until the 1st of May, which he claimed would be sufficient time for matters to be consolidated and to prepare for the increasing number of cases being brought against him.


Last Friday, it was the crown prosecutors turn to seek an extension and he applied for a further period of seven weeks so that the service of briefing can be adequately prepared for the case against Mr Kang. The prosecutor is expected to file evidence by the 19th of June, 2015. Mr Kang's next appearance will be on the 10th of July at Parramatta Local Court.


On top of Kang's criminal proceedings he is now also facing multiple civil actions as a company Director, being sued by three different plaintiffs. Two weeks ago, on April the 24th, Amandeep Singh, Venkana Uduthalapally and Bidhan Adhikari have each filed a case against Mr Kang at Parammatta court. Consequently, he will be forced to appear before the court on Tuesday the 23rd of June.


Dozens of consumers have lodged complaints to Fair Trading about the alleged offenses of fraud by Edward Kang. Consequently, criminal charges have been laid by the Police. Consumer law is a national law of fair trading that protects consumers. Any individuals who feel they have lost money or been disadvantaged by Kang's actions are being urged by Fair Trading investigators to lodge online complaints and they will be then be personally contacted. 


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Jee Eun Han

   Executive Manager

           Jee Eun Han

Australian Immigration Law Services






Karl Konrad

    Managing Director

          Karl Konrad

Australian Immigration Law Services




Are we sorry to see Kang suffering so much stress as result of the criminal and civil actions he now must face?  


Not one bit.


I am sure this news will bring some satisfaction of the dozens of his alledged victims who have suffered psychologically and financially due to his actions.


IMMIGRATIONews will continue to report on this now epic saga.    

There are many more important details to be revealed before the court which may result in some embarrassing questions the DIBP need to answer. 


  As far as the trial of David Bitel is concerned, the details such a case will bring forward to the public's knowledge will no doubt be disturbing for the migration profession as a whole.



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