Tuesday 30th of December 2013
Volume 280

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On the the 24th December the NSW government closed its doors for the 190 visa sponsorship program. Read more below.


NSW SMP closes for 190 visa applicants until July 2014   
Such a bad taste in timing the day before Xmas

In what would have to be nominated for the years poorest timing award, on Xmas eve the NSW government released news that they have closed the door on receiving sponsorship applications for the 190 via.

Their information release implies that any application received after the 24th December will not be processed nor even returned it seems as they state;

"Effective 24 December 2013, applications for NSW nomination for the subclass 190 visa will close. Applications received after this date will not be processed or returned. NSW will reopen for the subclass 190 visa nomination in July 2014. Information regarding 2014/15 applications will be posted on this website in July 2014." 

 At this stage the NSW regional 489 visa sponsoring applications are continuing as per usual except for the fact the Orana region has suspended applications for Accountant and Cook on the 24th as well. This information is yet to be updated on the regions web site. 

Karl Konrad
Karl Konrad
I wonder if government employees really consider what poor taste the timing of this news really was?

Does being on a government payroll create a degree of insensitivity towards the community?

It would seem so at times.

When news that is no doubt going create a degree of stress in many of our international visitors, wouldn't it be more thoughtful to release it after the festive season? 

Those who were depending upon obtaining the NSW sponsorship so they could lodge their 190 visa application, we urge you not to be disheartened at this news.

On the 1st of July 2014 we are sure the NSW government will resume its sponsorship program and the occupation list, though yet to be determined, will probably be similar to what is was when this closure was announced.

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