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8th August 2013
Volume 255

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In this edition we cover the proposed further increase to the visa application charge (VAC) on top of the already increased fees post 1st July 2013.  

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Visa Application Charge (VAC) across all visa subclasses (except for Student and Tourist) have been raised and the increase will be effective 1st of September 2013.


Make sure you get your applications in beforehand if you can.


We have listed some of the popular visa subclasses below but you can view a complete list here


Please be advised that in the table below; D stands for dependent, +18y stands for adult dependent applicants and -18y stand for minor dependents.

Visa type/ subclass




VAC on 01.09.13


189, 190, 186 and 187 ie, General Skilled Independent and Sponsored, Employer Nominated Scheme, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme


Main: $3060

D +18y: $1530

D  -18y: $765





Partner Visa

Onshore 820/801


Main: $3975

D +18y: $1990

D  -18y: $995







Partner Visa

Off shore 309/100


Main: $2060

D +18y: $1030

D -18y: $515







Contributory Parent Visa, 143




2nd VAC


Main: $2060

D +18y: $1030

D -18y: $515










Skilled Temporary, 485


Main: $1250

D +18y: $625

D -18y: $315





Temporary Work (Skilled) 457

Main: $900

D +18y: $900

D -18y:  $225





When the official price list is released by the DIAC, we will provide a link to it in our future newsletter. 


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It would seem the Federal government has decided that potential migrants are going to bring the budget back to surplus, all on their own.


If any Australian citizens were slugged with such outrageous fee increases they would be on the steps of Parliament House parading naked just to get the public's attention.


Are we going to see any aspiring migrants taking such action? 


No, we are not. 


They would be too scared that the government may use such a protest against them in their residency applications.


Successive governments know aspiring migrants are potential cash cows. They have known this for international students for years now but have spread the net a further to increase the herd.


The Labour government seems particularly brutal lately in their fee increases but I can't see a Liberal government winding back the charges if they get power.


As I've said before, perhaps if these fee increases meant a better standard of servicing from DIAC people wouldn't mind. This is clearly not the case though as we see in the hundreds of cases we lodge each year.


We believe that application fees should simply cover the costs of a reasonable processing standard not to be adding to the budget pool of income.




Karl Konrad

Managing Director 

Karl Konrad  


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Executive Manager
Jee Eun Han





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