Sunday the 23rd February 2014
Volume 288

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As promised, today we bring to you information on the speculations that come July 2014 various occupations will be removed from the SOL List. 


Group of industrial workers. Isolated on white background.
  Which of these occupations are
in Australia?

Two Deakin University academics; Jill Blackmore and Cate Gribble, of Deakin's Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation, said that their study has been taken out of context. 


Based on their research various agencies as well as news outlets have stated that Accounting and many ICT and Engineering occupations will be taken off of Skills Occupations List.


However they've said in their recent interview with the Australian "Shortages continue to exist in areas of accounting, engineering and nursing,"


"Our study was not an analysis of the accounting labour market in Australia or in other countries. It involved in-depth interviews with international graduates, employers, industry bodies, university staff and government." they said.


They said issues emerging from the interviews included the view that "credentials alone" were no guarantee of a job, and that the labour markets in specific fields within these professions were quite different.

The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) 

recently release a report that sent shivers down the spines of international students due to their so called, borderline list of occupations. This occupation list is flagged for discussion about their continued inclusion on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 


This report has led to many speculations that these occupations may be removed from the SOL list. 


The AWPA report along with the the 2012-13 Skill Shortage report from Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has created concern among international students studying certain occupations and many websites, forums and individuals are encouraging panic among applicants.


There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account before any occupation is removed from the SOL. The AWPA web site states; "These occupations may be removed in future years subject to monitoring of the labour market, education and migration data and evidence from stakeholders in relation to future oversupply issues, migration outcomes and areas of specific need."
According to the website these occupations are merely being monitored for significant changes in labour market conditions. Whether or not these occupations will be removed is not the focus of this report at all. As the Australian economy grows and changes the occupations that will be needed to support said growth will also differ but it is not one report that will the change things.


No one can predict what occupation will be removed or added to the SOL or CSOL list, these lists are made keeping in mind the current, emerging and predicted needs of the Australian economy. These trends do not change over night and unsubstantiated claims of occupations being removed from the list creates panic and insecurity amongst international students. chief in his recent interview published by the Australian Financial Review has stated the complete opposite of the

DEEWR Skills Shortages report "It's just so hard to find qualified software engineers - at all levels. It's an absolute national tragedy what is happening in technology. Basically, it's more expensive to me on a cash basis to hire a University of Sydney graduate than a Stanford graduate."


"We're trying to hire computer ­science graduates by the metric tonne. When we place a job ad, we get perhaps one or two applicants per day," he said in a World Economic Forum report. In contrast, he said, a job for an office manager got 350 applicants in two days.


Adam Redman, head of policy and external affairs at the ACS, said the ­government and universities must address the declining interest in IT to avoid a potential shortage of skills. "There just isn't enough to meet industry demand. That demand is increasing as other sectors turn to technology, as the old ways of doing business are being disrupted. Manufacturing and retail are clear examples of that."


You can read the full articles from the Australian Financial Review here and here. The industry players are stating the exact opposite of the reports however these reports have given rise to various businesses sending out emails and posting things like Is your occupation in danger? SOL list changes, Last chance for accountants? and Accountants maybe removed from Skilled Occupation List.


As the AWPA website mentions industry stakeholders have a major say in the final changes made to the SOL list and various spokes persons from peak professional bodies have spoken out about these speculations and rubbished them.


If one is eligible it is always better to lodge a visa application sooner rather than later however to make hasty decisions because of unsubstantiated claims can lead to hurdles later. So please make informed decisions based on actual options available to you and not urgency created by speculations.


           More Bullying claims against  ImmigrationBullying it s so not cool sign on white background
Following our Volume 288, another bullying claim has been directed towards the DIBP.

In a strongly worded piece, the often quoted political commentator and former diplomat, Bruce Haigh said, ""The Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, should resign. He is not a fit and proper person to be responsible for vulnerable lives." Mr Haigh goes on to say that "Bully is a gentle word for Morrison".

We've also been stressing in our previous newsletters that the in some cases Department officers have known to act like bullies. It's not surprising since the minister leading them chooses to listen to nothing and no one.

There is a difference between being firm and treating migrants and international students as complete rubbish. You can read the entire piece by Mr Haigh on Sydney Morning Herald here.



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Man using crowbar to remove rotten wood from leaky roof. After removing fascia boards he has...
Will we have the tradespeople available to maintain our houses in the future?
Since we're on the subject of occupations; what are your thoughts on the following occupations that are no where close to reaching their annual quotas?

According to this list, Police and medical assistance may in short supply to help when your house collapses around your ears due to the lack of Building trades. Then you may be unable to find another house since there won't be many Real Estate agents to help either!

And forget about taking advantage of the NBN roll out to watch internet movies for no ICT Support Technicians will be on hand to connect anyone.

Which will raise another problem since our kids will rely on Google to be educated as all the teachers will desert the public system and flock to the well paid private sector.

Occupation Ceiling Occupation NameNo of successful applications
3480Welfare Support Workers80
7740Program and Project Admin103
4920Real Estate Agents20
Drillers , Miners & Shot Firers                                                 
Metal Fitters & Machinists                                                       
Motor Mechanics                                                                     
ICT Support Technicians                                                           



Building and Survey Technicians                                             
Primary School Teachers                                                           
Secondary School Teachers                                                  
Karl Konrad
Karl Konrad
 I wish I had a dollar for every international student who has asked me over the years if Accounting or IT occupations will be removed from the SOL.
Students recently arriving in Australia or perhaps have been only a couple of years here studying will not have seen the pattern I have over the last decade.
Will Accounting, IT of Engineering come off the SOL? Unlikely.
Think about the consequences if they did.
Firstly, all these wonderful PYP programs would empty faster than a Kings Cross night club at the sight of a police sniffer dog.

Secondly half of Sydney's satellite campuses for interstate universities would have screaming international students at their door that would make a Myer Stock Take Sale look tame in comparison.
In short such a decision to remove Accounting, IT or Engineering occupations would have an impact on our economy that would even make Shorten and the Labour Party seem appealing.
Students must also keep in mind that the DIBP has already a powerful tool at their disposal without radically changing the SOL anymore. They simply have to reduce the quotas for an occupation that may have temporarily gone out of fashion.

By reducing the quota for a particular occupation, it effectively raises the passmark before applicants will receive their invitations after submitting their Expression Of Interest (EOI).

This year Accounting has a quota of 9720 and so far only about   4867 have been filled. Last year the figure was even less.

So will they come off the SOL? Not a chance in my opinion. Only a lunatic would make such a call and whilst Morrison may deserve the bully tag at the moment, he is certainly no dummy.

Will the quotas be reduced on some occupations to make it more difficult to get an Invitation? Most likely, yes.

Which occupations will be targeted?

Hmm, well hat's a hard one. Could it be, all the metal trades people as the car industry and its associated manufacturing parts companies follow the Titanic into history. Although I can predict, there will be no future movie of a brokenhearted Tony Abbot revisiting the GM Factory wasteland before he draws his last breath.

Of course there is also another factor that students need to be mindful off. Who will benefit the most if certain occupations like Accounting, IT and Engineering quota's are reduced and this raises the bar of the points applicants need?

Why the PYP providers of course!

No doubt recently they have been engaged in off the radar discussions with the DIBP to ensure their survival. After all they don't want their cash cows culled, they want an increased production of milk cartons.

cow and milk

Karl Konrad 



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"Firstly, all these wonderful PYP programs would empty faster than a Kings Cross night club at the sight of a police sniffer dog.




"Of course there is also another factor that students need to be mindful off. Who will benefit the most if certain occupations like Accounting, IT and Engineering quota's are reduced and this raises the bar of the points applicants need?





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