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Monday the 4th of February 2013
Volume 233

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In This Issue
Crisis in Sponsorship Over?
Scams against International Students
DIAC pats its own back
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Today we are spreading the news that the DIAC caused Crisis in Sponsorship appears to be over! Good news indeed, read on.


We also cover other DIAC announcements regarding a clever scam targeting international students and the seemingly success of the 457 visa program.

Crisis in Sponsorship Over? 
DIAC has had to think long and hard about the harm caused to thousands of international students


DIAC released news regarding the backlog of old 475, 487, 176 and 886 applications. It seems they are going to give them Priority to Group 3 status if they are using the State Nomination criteria for these visas. There is no mention of those who are using the Relative sponsored variant of the these visa's such as the Designated Area Relative for the 487 visa and the Relative sponsorship for the 886 visa.

You can read the DIAC announcement here. 

Currently DIAC is only mentioning those who have approval from a State or Territory for the government sponsorship schemes in place back then. They are requesting applicants send some evidence that they are aware that the state has approved their sponsorship application by either;

Copy of completed Form 1100 by the State/Territory or,

Any written evidence of approval notification from the State.

Now usually applicants do not receive a copy of the Form 1100 that the State/Territory authorized body send to DIAC, that is an internal matter they themselves handle. However if you do have a copy then by all means send it to DIAC.

Most of you will have some letter of approval or even an email from the authorized body notifying you that you have been successful in your sponsorship application. In reality DIAC should already have that on your file but just to give them something to do, send it again to the email address provided.

Sponsorship Crisis raised in Volume 222 on the 17th July 2012

Does this mean that the sponsorship crisis as were the first to raise in the public arena is over? The good news that it would see that it is for two major reasons;

Firstly it was only those who had issues with their sponsorship nominations that were relegated to Priority Group 5 to give DIAC time to think about its policy. If our group of clients are any example, every other applicant who had their Form 1100 forward to DIAC promptly by the sponsoring authority, has already gained their 487 visa.

Secondly; DIAC is now confirming that as long as your occupation was on the Skilled Occupation List at the time you applied, then they will accept the nomination by the state/territory. This is reversal of DIAC's policy of not accepting the nominations because the new SMP SOL's did not include the old occupations nominated.

Now there is some resolution to this issue let us hope DIAC keeps to the promise this announcement holds on processes most of the old visa application before the 31st of March. Touch wood.



Internatioanl Students Targeted by Scams

Always ask to see identification badges when approched by DIAC officers or even the police.



DIAC has announced that there is a scam currently circulating targeting international students studying in Australia.

Apparently some people are passing themselves off as DIAC officers and demanding payments for fines somehow discovering visa holders have worked more than 40 hours in a fortnight.

This is a timely reminder that if you are approached by anyone in Australia claiming to be from any government agency, including the police, you have the right to demand their identification badges. Even the police in uniform are required to carry their ID at all time. If they do not show their identification on demand then you are under no obligation to follow any instruction they may give to you, which includes of course any money payments, answering questions or directions to go with them. Remember uniforms are easy to fake, genuine ID's are much harder.

Equally important is not to answer any questions any so called DAIC officer or any other government officer, asks you on the telephone. Most likely it will be your mobile phone but remember you never know who you are speaking to on the phone regardless of their claims. It is always best to not communicate on the phone and ask them to send an email address which they must have on their file.

Of course be polite and explain you need verification of their identity and that is why you do not answer questions on the telephone and the same for any uniformed or plain clothes officer. Any government official will recognise that you have that right, to be sure of who you are talking to, before discussing any private matter with them.

Don't be afraid to stand up for your rights, this is Australia after all and government officials are well aware of their accountability to the public, even if they don't like to acknowledge it.




You can read the full DIAC news release here.


DIAC pats it's own back 
A happy employer with their carefully selected 457 staff members

DIAC proudly announced today the success of the 457 temporary employer sponsored visa program. They claim the recent decline in 457 applications and grants are an accurate reflection of the slowing of the Australian economy and hence the program responds well to an employer demand driven system.


For their full story of patting themselves on the back read here.


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Just how does DIAC get away with stuffing up people's lives and then carry on as if nothing has happened?

Do they care that many students have gone home giving up hope of their visa will ever be granted?

Do they care about the thousands of dollars some applicants have wasted paying for review rights to files already rejected by DIAC on this issue?

Do they care about the pain and uncertainty caused to applicants who have been waiting years for their visas only to be told hang on we are probably going to reject you anyway?

Do the care about applicants having to relocate themselves in order to gain another state sponsorship and now this seems was unnecessary?

Do they care to the harm done to the many authorized state sponsorship bodies who bore the brunt of the complaints by hundreds of angry applicants?

There have been a number of monumental stuff ups in the GSM program but really there are none as bad as this. DIAC's arbitrary decision back early last year as we raised in July Volume 222 not to accept state/territory sponsorship nominations has had such an impact upon innocent applicants who did the right thing in their applications, it is impossible to quantify all the harm that has been done.

Is DIAC going to step up now and apologies for being the cause of this harm? Not likely.

For all those DIAC managers we argued with not to reject applicants on this basis, do the right thing now and hand in your resignations.




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