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Saturday the 30th June 2012
Volume 220

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The new SOL and CSOL
Increasing fees and monetary requirements
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Today the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and the new Combined Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) for the 457 visa and the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) has been released. These lists begin from the 1st July.


There has also been an increase in the minumum salary provisions for the 457.


Remember the new DIAC fees start from tomorrow and so do the finaincial requirements evidence in applying for student visas.

The new SOL and CSOL Lists released 
The new Consolidated 457 and ENS will be a benefit to employers


DIAC has released the new SOL for the GSM visas along with the new Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) for the 457 and ENS programs.

The SOL for the GSM program is the one we discussed in our Volume 217 which you can read by  clicking here .

The new list is too long to reproduce so you can read as a PDF by clicking on the link below;


Good News


The good news is that the consolidated 457 and ENS list is a bonus for businesses who wish to sponsor under the ENS program. The list is now much larger than the old ENS SOL.


In the past by having two different lists for the 457 and ENS visas, many occupations on the 457 list were not on the smaller ENS list and thus the pathway for many 457 holders to PR was very limited.


For example, Restaurant Manager is now on the new CSOL so businesses are now in a position to sponsor this occupation for permanent residence where as before this occupation was a dead end for the possibility of obtaining PR.


There will be many happy 457 visa holders today who now may have the opportunity of being sponsored for the ENS program whereas before they could not.


Bad News


Well not actually directly related to the new CSOL but remember to be able to be sponsored for the ENS program you must now have either three years of work experience or been on a 457 business visa in your nominated occupation (or closely related) for at least two years.


This will mean most former international students who complete their courses in Australia will need to find a sponsor for the 457 visa for two years before applying for the ENS program.


Of course if they are lucky enough to have three years experience back home before coming to Australia then the ENS is still a direct possibility. In our experience however, most students who study in Australia do not have 3 years of significant work experience back home.


Increases Regarding Money Requirements  

At the end of each financial year DIAC increases its fee structures

DIAC fee increasing tomorrow


The application visa fees increase from tomorrow. For more information

click here.


The actual Form 990i should be out on the DIAC web site by Monday.


457 Minimum Salary Level to increase


The minimum salary level to be paid to sponsored workers increases to $51,400 up from the current $49,330. It is a significant jump and makes it that much harder to find a 457 sponsor. Unfortunately this criteria is time of decision requirement so if you have already applied for the 457 and the nomination has not been approved then this higher salary level will apply.


For more information click here.


Student Visa Monetary Requirement increasing


If you need to demonstrate the amount of funds requires to obtain your student visa, these will also increase from tomorrow. To see these new levels click here.

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  The new Consolodated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) is about 10 years overdue.
For so long Migration Agents like myself have had to advise businesses regarding two occupation lists, one for the 457 visa and one for the ENS visa. It was such a stupid system where so many occupations for some strange reason would not be eligible for ENS sponsorship even if they worked years in Australia.
Now at least that has come to an end and what a relief.
I am sure today there will be a number of Customer Service Managers and Restaurant Managers who were denied entry to the ENS program will be jumping for joy for from tomorrow they will eligible for nomination.


And by the way DIAC, is see you have been kind enough to put Migration Agents as an occupation of the CSOL. Thank you, but last time I checked to be a Migration Agent you need to be an Australian Permanent Resident or an Australian Citizen.


Karl Konrad

Managing Director 

Karl Konrad



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