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2nd July 2013
Volume 244

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Accountants are BACK!
New ANZSCO version released
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Today we cover the recently re-opened NSW State Migration Plan and the occupations it covers. A new version of the ANZSCO has been released and we have included a link to it in this edition. 


Accountants are BACK!: NSW opens its door to State Sponsorship applications in various categories


In April '13 NSW closed its doors on the 190 and 489 applications; we joined many of you in the anxious wait for the new occupation list to be announced at the start of the financial year. NSW has opened its doors once again and we would like to elaborate on a few of the popular professions on the list.


Requirements for 190 and 489 are vastly different so please call us or check with NSW Trade and Investment whether you meet all the criteria or not. We would also like to let you know the occupations suspended on the list might be re-opened and we will update you as soon as we receive confirmations.  


Under the popular Business and Finance segment applications are welcomed from General Accountants for the 190 visa as well as Regional 489 visas from Northern and Southern Inland. Management accountant is still on the 190 list and only on the 489 list at Southern Inland.Taxation Accountants and Lawyers/ Solicitors are both on the 190 plus 489 at Orana; Actuary, Financial Investment Advisor, Insurance Brokers and External Auditors on the other hand are only eligible for 190 invites.


Information and Communication Technology sector occupations like Software Engineers, Analyst Programmer, Developer Programmer and Systems Administrators are all just on the 190 list. In this segment only Chief Information Officer occupation is on the 190 as well as 489 list at Southern Inland.


With the health care sector still short of skilled staff the maximum number of occupations in the state migration plan are listed in this section. Registered Nurse is a profession that continues to remain in high demand with sponsorship opportunities open for subclass 190 as well as 489 all across regional NSW namely Murray, Riverina, Northern and Southern Inland and Orana.


Engineering professionals form the next big chunk of the State Migration pie with Architects on the 190 as well as 489 lists at Murray and Southern Inland. Civil Engineers remain on the 190 as well as 489 list but only at Southern Inland. Electrical Engineering professionals are eligible to apply for 190 or 489 from Murray, Northern and Southern Inland.


Further down the list is the Tourism and Hospitality Section; in which invitations are extended to Degree holding Hotel or Motel Managers for 190 as well as 489 for Orana and Southern Inland. Chefs maintain a strong hold on this latest list on the 190 as well as across entire regional NSW but cooks have been restricted to applicants with atleast five years work experience or the option to apply only from Southern Inland in regional NSW.


We understand some of you may be interested in applying for NSW State Sponsorship for occupations not listed by us in this article; please view the list in its entirety here.  




New Version of ANZSCO   

The ABS and Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) have completed a review of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO); you can view the list here.
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We have been overwhelmed with phone calls regarding the NSW SMP and are glad to devote an issue of Immigration News to address some of the frequently asked questions and we remain on the look out for further developments.



However a part of us remains nervous about the SMP doors closing on our faces again and we have been urging prospective applicants to apply as soon as possible to take advantage of this opportunity.






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