Tuesday the 7th of October 2014
Volume 342

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NSW SMP Oct round guidelines
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Today we bring to you the updated guidelines for the October round of applications for the NSW State Migration Plan. An updated Occupation List has been released on the NSW Trade and Investment website

In news that may be unwelcome to Accounting and ICT candidates, a whole range of occupations in both these categories have been suspended for the second round of intake. 

Update: NSW SMP Occupation List 


Next round of NSW nomination will be open on 22 October 2014 at 10:00 Australian Eastern Standard time (UTC+10). This intake will be open for 1000 applications. However, accountants and IT professionals will be disappointed as NSW has suspended the following occupation for the next round intake:




Occupation group


Accountant (General)

Business & Finance


Management Accountant

Business & Finance


Taxation Accountant

Business & Finance


ICT Business Analyst



Systems Analyst



Analyst Programmer



Developer Programmer



Software Engineer



Systems Administrator



Computer Network & Systems Engineer



Telecommunications Engineer



Telecommunications Network Engineer



Will these occupations be back to the list?


NSW says it 'anticipates nominating up to 2000 eligible applicants through the remaining 2014-15 intakes to take place. If accountancy and ICT occupations needs to be filled, consideration will be given to allowing people from those occupations to apply. It should be noted that the decision to accept applications from any occupational group is based on what the NSW economy needs.'

Now readers should note that it would be worthwhile looking into the 

possibility of obtaining a skill assessment as External Auditor or Chief Information Officer. For those who cannot do this, take heart for we feel that this suspension is just temporary and it will be likely these occupations above will be on future lists.

Can parents be added as dependents on Visa Applications?

'Can I include my parents in my application as dependents?' This is a question we often get asked.

It would be great if the answer is yes all the time then applicants may save a fortune which otherwise would to be spent on the expensive parents visas. But unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is no, one cannot include their parents in their application.

For someone to be included in your application as a secondary applicant, he/she must be a 'member of the family unit' (MoFU) of yours.

Under migration law, the definition of MoFU varies according to visa types.

The standard definition of MoFU (for most visas) is as following:


...... a person is a member of the family unit of another person (in this subregulation called the family head) if the person is:

(a)      a spouse or de facto partner of the family head; or

(b)      a dependent child of the family head or of a spouse or de facto partner of the family head; or

(c)      a dependent child of a dependent child of the family head or of a spouse or de facto partner of the family head; or

 (e)      a relative of the family head or of a spouse or de facto partner of the family head who:

(i)      does not have a spouse or de facto partner; and

(ii)      is usually resident in the family head's household; and

(iii)      is dependent on the family head.


Here 'the family head' normally means the main visa applicant. This standard MoFU definition applies to all on-gong family relationships, except for Student visa cases. In student visa cases, only spouses/ de facto partners or dependent children can be MoFU of the main applicant.

By reading the definition it is not hard to tell why it is very unlikely that your parents can be included in your application. For a parent to meet the definition of MoFU of yours, he/she must be

  • living in your household;
  • financially dependent on you; and
  • not have a spouse!

Apparently for those who wish to include both parents in their applications, the door is shut. But for those whose parents are widowed or divorced or separated, there is still hope. Let's now come to the other two requirements: residency and dependency.

  • Residency requirement

This requires your parent to be currently 'living under the same roof' as you. Onshore applicants with offshore parents may find it hard to meet this requirement.

  • Dependency requirement

This requires your parent to be financially dependent on you. To be more specific, you need to prove that your parent is wholly or substantially reliant on you for basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing etc. 


With all the above said, a conclusion can easily be drawn that only in very rare circumstances can someone include their parents in their applications.

At the end of today's edition, we want to remind our readers that the Non-contributory Parent Visa (subclass 103) along with another 4 types of family visas which were previously repealed and close from 2 June 2014 are now reopen (Volume 338). Act quickly and don't miss out! 


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And while we were sleeping on the long weekend the NSW government sneaked out their update.


For those people who's occupations have been suspended do not loose heart for there is a good possibility, you will get another chance later in the year. 


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