Thirsday the 14th May 2015
Volume 371

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Indian man paid more than $30,000 for Aussie 'wife'
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Immigration may come knocking on your door one night and invite themselves in for some tea 
Now many may argue that $30,000 is a cheap deal to find yourself a wife and a life in Australia but of course watch out if the relationship is not genuine.

According to The Australian newspaper one man may have got more than he bargained for when he allegedly paid money in return for visa sponsorship.

You can read the full story here 

Skilled Migration - full steam ahead
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By Karl Konrad


Up to 190,000 places will be provided for permanent migration in 2015-16 financial year this will ensure the skilled migration program will continue at full steam ahead.  


Mr. Dutton, the DIBP Minister, said "that will include approximately 128,550 places for skilled migration, 57,400 for family migration and 565 for migration under the Special Eligibility stream of the managed Migration Programme."


This will also be welcome news for the thousands of old 886 GSM files still to be allocated a case officer. Most have been waiting for over five years on Bridging visas in Australia. A sustained high skilled migration intake will give these poor souls a greater chance to have their visas finalised in the next twelve months.


According to this information the further good news is that we do not expect major changes to the skilled occupation list occupational quota's.


However the proposed increases to visa application fees is not welcome news. The recent increases over the past two years have not been matched by an increased efficiency. In most cases it is worse. While we can appreciate a user pays system, it is somewhat short sighted not to appreciate the financial benefit new skilled migrants bring to this country.


The government is aware that the demand for migration to Australia is high and thus at the moment they will get away with the increases with overall few complaints reaching the Ministers desk. However the worsening processing times is unacceptable considering the recent fee hikes and intended ones.


Overall if you are considering a permanent residency application we would have to suggest to lodge it before the 1st of July if you can, particularly any offshore Partner visa applications which may have the largest percentage increase.




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Karl Konrad

Managing Director 

Karl Konrad



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Executive Manager Jee Eun HAN


 For goodness sake, can we please have the last of the 886 GSM applicants processed and granted thier visas in these 190,000 places! 


5 years of waiting is long enough! 

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