Tuesday the 30th June 2015
Volume 377

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New SOL and CSOL lists released - 3 off and 2 new
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Typical Accounting graduate after reading the new SOL

By Karl Konrad

Managing Director  
Australian Immigration Law Services


Again all the rumor mongers have been proven incorrect. Accountants and other primary occupations used by international students to gain residency are still well and truly still on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL).


Those occupations removed from the list are;


Urban & Regional Planner 232611

Dental Specialist 252311

Dentist 252312


Those ocupations added to the list are;  


Panelbeater 324111

Cabinetmaker 394111


For those people who received their invitations to apply for the visas before the 1st July 2015 you will still be using the old SOL and the new list have no impact upon you.  


For example if you are a Dentist and you have already received your invitation to apply for a visa then this new list will have no impact upon you. 


More information on other changes will be published tomorrow. 

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