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Monday the 3rd June 2013
Volume 242

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Today we cover the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) which will take effect next month.

The new Skilled Occupation List starts 1st July 2013 
DIAC announced today details of the new SOL which will take effect from the 1st July. 
The new SOL will affect all applications lodged after 1.7.13


Five occupations will be removed from the list;

Hospital Pharmacist

Retail Pharmacist

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures) 

No new occupations have been added.


To view the details of the complete list on DIAC's web site click here

Potential GSM applicants need to remember that the SOL can change at anytime and this does not aways happen at the begining of the financial year as in this case. It is possible the SOL may change again before the end of the year.


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I can hear the communal sigh of relief of all the Accounting and IT students in Australia. 
There were so many rumours that Accounting may be taken off the SOL floating around during the last 6 months.
Nearly every Accounting students who saw me for advice was worried that they may have not have an occupation to nominate.
I always remind students in IT and Accounting streams that they may think there are many of them studying in Australia but in reality it is only a small proportion of those jobs out there in the work force.
Not to mention the huge investment in the Professional Year Programs that currently operate in these occupations. They would all go down the gurgler if these occupations were removed.
Karl Konrad

Managing Director 

Karl Konrad



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