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Sunday 25th September 2011
Volume 202

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Dear students, 


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Today we provide the news of the new future working visas and student visa criteria about to make a dramatic change in how applications are processed in the future.

New working visas ahead and  

changes for student visa criteria

On Friday DIAC announced sweeping changes to make it easier for international students to apply for their visas particularly for higher education studies, Bachelor Degree or higher.




Future Changes


There are a number of DIAC Fact sheets that provide information regarding all these and you may use this link to shuffle around in there to your heart's content.


In summary we can see these major benefits;


Those enrolling into Higher Education (Bachelor degree or higher) will be treated as if they are the current Level 1 criteria (or close to it) regardless of their country of origin. Those potential students from India can now jump for joy and hopefully the practice of making up fake bank accounts can come to an end.


A two- to four-year post-study work visa will also be available for university graduates depending on the level of study completed.

The Skilled Graduate Visa (485) will continue to be available to graduates which can also lead to the employer sponsored visas. No details yet if this new work visa can become available after the 485 visa.


Tafe and high quality vocational providers may also benefit from a less onerous evidence system for Level 3 countries such as India.


A new Genuine Temporary Entry (GTE) requirement. You think they were trying to sell sports cars or something. No information how you can obtain this sports badge.


A two year working visa for those who complete their bachelor degree in Australia and a 3-4 year working visa for those who complete their Ph.D. Unfortunately this will not be available to current students, only to those who begin their course after the GTE is implemented around the end of 2011. Sorry guys. They will have to nominate an occupation on the SOL to be eligible so it's not all good news.


40 hours work permission per fortnight. How generous. Well all this means that it is a little more flexible where you can work 30 hours one week but your limited to 10 hours the next instead of the 20 hours limitation now. Whoopee! Be careful though for this will not start till next year.


Allow all English language students to apply for a visa without first meeting minimum English skills requirements.


Extend the time a Ph.D. student can stay in Australia while their thesis is marked. This will help those students who's supervisor has taken a field trip to the Amazon highlands to blend with the locals.


Establish an Education Visa Consultative Committee to improve information flow between the Australian Government and the international education sector.


Repeal the automatic cancellation and mandatory cancellation provisions for student visas.


Vocational courses will benefit from the reduction in finances required as evidence for Assessment Level 3 an 4 applicants;

  1. evidence of funds for AL4 applicants will be reduced from 36 to 24 months and, if evidence is being presented as a cash deposit, their savings history reduced from six to three months
  2. evidence of funds for AL3 applicants would be reduced from 24 to 18 months.

This would reduce the financial requirements by around AUD36 000 for an AL4 applicant and around AUD18 000 for an AL3 applicant.


In processing student visa applications visas will be able to be granted 4 months in advance of the course beginning and there will be a stopping of the Pre-Visa Assessment policy.


More news about these changes as it comes to hand.


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Karl Konrad: Managing Director and

Jee Eun HAN, Executive Manager     

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Talk about a pack of Yo Yo's running this department. If it's going to go up and down any longer, let me off I'm going to be sick.


Does it really take the near death English and Vocational education sector to be carried in to the Ministers office by the weakened higher education lobbyists before Bowen can open his eyes to see what's happening on his watch?

Should we congratulate them in making these changes? No


Q: What do you can a legless blind dear?


A: Still no idea.


That about describes Bowen and Evan's even when they come together to announced these changes. You only have to ask all the poor thousands of GSM applicants waiting now for years for their visas. You can thank bright spark Evan's for this and Bowen has just kept the status quo. Sorry lads you are not going to get a pat on the back till you fix this problem first.


Doesn't anyone remember that it was Evans who crippled this education industry in the first place? I still remember the article in the paper describing the loss of jobs in Australian universities due to Evan's strict new polices aimed at Indian and Chinese international students.
The day he was dropped as Immigration Minister we celebrated in our office. The morning I read that he subsequently took over higher education, I nearly choked on my hash brownie.
Here was someone who has caused so much damage being reward with his own little pet puppy. The problem is that his pet portfolio means big money to Australia and plenty of jobs. Sure he may have corrected the wrongs of the past but he will need to do better than that to gain the sectors trust and respect.
Karl Konrad

Managing Director 

Karl Konrad



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Jee Eun HAN

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